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Oracle OBIA Training

 OBIA Training Introduction:

The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are pre-built BI solutions that are intuitive intelligence for everybody in the organization. So, OBIEE is the platform and OBIA Training is the solution. OBIEE is not with the prebuilt content it is like delivery mechanism. The OBIA Training product is everything for the organization. Here the oracle BI Applications, are the prepackaged applications are there to cover the several functional areas. These prepackaged bi systems bring out the data from the ERP systems and present the data in the Data warehouse. Here the previous versions of the Business applications are used OBIA Training as an ETL tool.

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Prerequisites for OBIA Training:

There are no specific prerequisites for learning the OBIA course. Anyone who is interested in learning this course can join this training.

OBIA Online Training outline:

  • Program Name: OBIA Training course.
  • Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of training: Online, Classroom, and corporate training.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type:  Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for OBIA Online Course. (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you

OBIA Training Course Content

OBIA Training Course content

Overview of OBIA Training:

  • The Oracle BI Applications 12g Corporate Training contains a pre built warehouse for financials and a metadata for calculations and metrics. It has many systems for reporting and analysis. There is ETL also for the extraction of the data from various sources.
  • Even from the non-support ERP sources it will give the flexibility to extract data. The Meta data for the business and the process logic, the new OBIA training has the new enhanced content for the financials and projects that has rebuilt with the oracle data integrator, for this the oracle GoldenGate is also a component that are GUI based.
  • There are some additional requirements The OBIA Training is with the set of batches that are compulsorily deployed, these all can be contact through the browser. This can be deployed with the weblogic server. And the conflict manager and the functional setup manager these are deployed in the domain of BI.         

About the repositories; including the BI Metadata repository, the repository for the master data and for the BI apps components basically for a conflict and functional setup manager any changes which are done are stored in the particular repository.  In the data warehouse, we have two types ETL and reporting. Informatica, Data stage, etc are under the ETL and OBIEE Cognos, etc are under the reporting.


Why is the Oracle having the OBIA product?

The main intention of the Oracle BI Applications 12g Corporate Training is, for example, any organization can use many applications, like Oracle e-business, PeopleSoft, CRM. Here few applications are owned by Oracle and few are not. If we completely divide our industry then that comes into two parts that are CRM and ERP parts. In ERP part we have many parts when it comes to the sale and other related applications then it comes under CRM part. Some prepackage software like PeopleSoft and Oracle e-business they provide the solution for the enterprise software. In the ERP part we have types like human resources, Financials, supply chain, auto management. These are the part of the ERP applications.


The cloud is the large storage trend; PeopleSoft also delivers the similar outcomes as the cloud delivers to the customer. This has a benefit that saves your time. PeopleSoft exactly investing more and fast into the PeopleSoft product line, so that it can deliver without any disruptions. As people look for the modern solution nowadays PeopleSoft helps you with the simple user experience. In PeopleSoft Training you learn the easier and more reliable way to manage online transactions and information. It is ERP software.

Oracle E-Business:

Oracle E-Business is one of the software’s from Oracle Corporation. These are also known as the Oracle applications. It is the ERP software. The Oracle E-Business Suite contains many modules that are in the form of groups. The Oracle is itself a suite.

The prepackaged software will provide the solution for enterprise software. If you are currently using two different source applications, then to integrate the data or see the CRM data along with the financial matrices and want to just combine the data and get the information and put that into an integrated data warehouse that is process of OBIA training.

  • The basic intention of OBIA Training is to gain the data from different applications; OBIA is having its own data model. That gains the data and put the data in the data warehouse. And then use the data for the reporting purpose.
  • There are certain tools available in the today, this ETL part is related to the Informatica. Some of them of OBIA are used as the Informatica as ETL. And some of them are used as the ETL. We have two types like OLTP and OLAP.
  • By using the Oracle is everything is normalized, and with the OBIA everything is denormalized. In the data warehouse also de-normalize. In the OLTP everything is normalized because prepackaged software.

In-depth knowledge about these goals will be shared by our experts in OBIA Training.OBIA Training

The architecture of the BI Application:

It contains all data sources by Oracle BI applications that are Oracle and Non Oracle based products.

  • There is a common Oracle enterprise information model that can combine the data from different data systems. Then, the application tier that provides the access to the BI needs. Then the client layer that provides the available information capabilities to the end-users.
  • ETL is the powerful tools that extract transform load, it also has architecture, and it also removes the transformation activities that are in the middle tier. The functional configuration in the OBIA training is performed in a direct format of oracle bi applications. The FSM provides the list of tasks.
  • The BI application will face so many challenges that are about the BI security that is interlinked with the sourced system. This will have the three different levels so security that is Object level security, which will control visualizing of the business logic objects, the second one is Data level security, this will visualize the data.
  • The third one is the user level security that will be an authentication of the user identity. 
  • The Oracle will exist in two areas that are in the EPR and in the CRM these are focused into the financial things. About the general ledger, in the presentation layer, you get see summary and everything like cash flow, operation cycle, and your current ratio, expense trend, etc…
  • The balance sheet contains the monthly summary of the organization, the graphical analysis is shown in the liquidity. You can also come across the accessibility of the organization and profit analysis. You can also have a look at the yearly based analysis in the P&L.
  • The Oracle BI Application delivers the analytical possibilities, it also builds reports. We can also load the SAP adapters in the OBIA; we have separate adapters for the SAP. The Oracle BI Application is built on the business intelligence suite so, we can also have the historical analysis. 

Brief information about OBIA training and OBIEE:- 

The OBIA Training is the combination of the ODI 11G and OBIEE products.  And there are some components that are the part of the OBIA; those are BIACM, FSM and ODI. The Oracle application and the OBIA are different. The Oracle is the ERP application and the OBIA is the Solution. In the client tier, there are OBIA and ODI students are there. They work with the ODI Studio. And OBIA training work with the administration tool.

OBIEE doesn’t gather the data  whereas OBIA collects the data from different applications and then there are certain prepackaged ETL maps, so it gets the data from the prepackaged software and exports the data from the data warehouse. Oracle Business Intelligence delivers the intelligence that the company will improve the organization performance. The Oracle BI provides the prebuilt data warehouse that is associated with the ETL that is to support the aggregation and transformation. It also provides the application and the industry role based analytics that are to be maximized the industry knowledge, in the Obia training you can know more and more than 60+ students are trained in this Obia training.

Advantages of OBIA training:

  • Here why the OBIA is choose is, if you go with the ETL the project will take more time to complete.
  • If we go with the OBIA training the time will be saved and the project will be completed within time, because it is a pre-built system, you will get best obia training by real time trainers.


Oracle Data Integrator is the ETL tool. It is used to transform the data from one database to another one. The latest approach is ELT this is efficient. The Oracle used to supply OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder) and now it took the ODI from the Sunopsis.  ODI has the advantages like it is transparency means the developer can see the changes and the transformations takes place on the particular databases only, in ODI training you can know more.  

  • For the transactional system, the Data Warehouse is required in a company. That can be in Oracle or Teradata or anything that you choose, it takes two to three months time. The purpose of GoldenGate is that can replicate the data from one database to another database.
  • The advantage of GoldenGate is it can replicate the data across the heterogeneous databases. There are less software’s that support these kinds of data replication technologies, OBIA Training will give you more information.
  • These are available in Windows based or Web based. In the second tier we have the Admin server, BI server and the ODI server.  And the last one is, third tier that is Repository Tier, we have the types in it those are, Master and work repository, BI platform and MDS and OBIA components repository, Obia training certification is also provided.
  • There is Database tier software is also available, discussed in OBIA training.

Also you can find Talend along with the obia training; it is an Open Source data application. It is an Open Studio. The advantage of talend is it is open source. It has connectors and components above 800. It is based on JAVA, people who know JAVA can also get into this field.  This will be discussed in the Talend Training.  Talend is the fully open source tool; where it is build in the java eclipse interface. There are many components in the talend that you will learn in the Talend training. The extract transformation is done by this talend, the vast amount of the data is stored in the data warehouse that will be shown through the different files. In this process, the data will be transferred and then stored and then it is stored in the file, few ETL tools are used for this process.


And about Tableau Training, is a data visualization tool that came out from the tableau software. The data that is visually shown, Tableau is a kind of tool that you can pick the data you wanted and put in the dashboard. People can understand the data quickly and easily. 

  • Tableau training it is a business application in that we can connect any number of applications of any kind data; this will help the business deals in making decisions and it resolves the questions in the easy way.
  • To any kind of the data sources tableau can connect this connection will be live connection, this can also save the connection or publish the connection. This tableau is used to create the workbooks. And in these workbooks we create the tables and charts, those you can view through the dashboard. These use the sql, mysql, etc servers to create a report.
  • By these we can create the primary data and that will be divided into the different dimensions and different measures. These dimensions are measured in the ETL process or the data warehouse process. The tableau is a visualization tool as well as it is known as the business tool i.e. Business Intelligence. It is a drag and drop tool.

you can also relate OBICS further to make better decisions,

OBICS: (Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service):

Oracle BI is helpful and to drive to new insights the oracle business intelligence cloud service provides more information that is based on the marketing leading platform it helps you to handle the entire analytics process like loading the data, preparing the data sharing the data quickly and easily with the OBICS training.

  • You load the data from the files cloud applications. BI cloud is easy to use interfaces for importing data. Oracle BI can also make your work easy by preparing the data accuracy and create relations between data sets that are in the different sources. 
  • Once you have an analysis, if you want to share the data to your colleagues where ever they are they can access on any device. This has security, and available wherever and whenever you want.
  • With the obia training, you learn about the BI services improve the Oracle’s market leading database and it is accessible to everyone. Utilization of the Oracle Golden Gate, it is also the prepackaged software now.
  • GoldenGate it can help the need that the ETL batch and minimizes production on the online transactions. The Golden Gate is used for the real time financial analytics and for real time supply chain analytics.
  • The BI ACM, Business Intelligence Applications Configuration manager this gives a centralized web based administrative user interface to make it simple to the Oracle business intelligence. Here we also have the Functional setup manager i.e. FSM this also works to track the manager implementation in process of functional setups steps.

Summary of Features OBIA Training:

It offers new visualization levitating OBI new tools API BI Apps contact manager and functional manager GoldenGate real-time loads us and the new Oracle data integrator tool for data integration.

New Application Content:


Basically consists of four financials fixed assets and commitment control for the public sector are the new additions to the financials modules.

Human Resources:

Transfer, time and labor (EBS & PSFT), global payroll (PSFT) for the new content for human resources.

Procurement and Spend:

Procurement and spend module view defined sourcing analytics, enhancements to change orders and agreement as a new content to report on sourcing.

Supply Chain and Order Management:

The contacts supply chain has new entries and new definitions there is new analysis providing on costing, an inventory cycle count.


In the project that has been the introduction of project management, cross charge, forecasting enhancements & commitments and GL reconciliation.


In CRM for service analytics they have the contracts peace has been enhanced and also pricing analytics has been introduced for the EBS business week source.
There are two new modules that have been introduced that are Student Information Analytics and Operational planning.

Student Information Analytics:

Student Information Analytics which helps you with admissions, recruiting, records, financials (PSFT) and the source for this is only for PeopleSoft right now.

Operational planning:

Then for Operational Planning, you have indirect spent planning which has additional requirements in terms of architectures and it leverages the basis for what-if analysis.
This metric shows the different applications and sources supported by OBIA A couple of quick points to note here are that within the EBS area under CRM modules only service and pricing analytics are supported for now and within manufacturing for EBS only process. The discrete manufacturing is only supported and not process manufacturing pieces are coded within the 796 via applications.


Conclusion of OBIA training:

Global Online Trainings is a primary online training, determined and it is also providing OBIA training. We are also providing Corporate Training by the best corporate training expert. We are here with online training with the best and most veteran industrial experts and they have complete knowledge on all phase. In the OBIA training you will come to know many things, it will help your career. People familiar with these courses can enrol for Oracle BI Applications 12g Corporate Training like BI Apps 11g, OBIEE 11g, Informatica, Unix, Oracle PL / SQL, ODI, DAC and we provide many other courses, please visit our website global online trainings.



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