Introduction to OBIEE Training:

OBIEE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. It is developed by the NQS tool that is later taken by the Siebel analytics. After that they have integrated with the versions as 10g and 11g. That 11g resolved many features and resolved many bugs. Our OBIEE training will help you learn standalone reporting tool that is used for the presentation of the data to the end users or customers.

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Mode of training : OBIEE online training / OBIEE Corporate Training
Duration of Course : 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period)
Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best OBIEE online training.
Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.
Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


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Prerequisites of OBIEE training:

  • Basic SQL language is enough to learn OBIEE training.

Overview of OBIEE Training:

  • There are some tools that are useful for the OBIEE, Oracle BI Interactive dashboard, Answers, Delivers and Oracle Web admin. It includes the Ad-Hoc analysis, Interactive Dashboards and many.
  • The BI server is related to the OBIEE. The OBIEE has many things to help you business like it provides scalable and analysis server. It provides many integration sources; it calculates and integrates the engine.
  • In the OBIEE training, you will learn about the three layers, the data sources that are managed in the business modeling and mapping, in the presentation layer that is clear to the end user, there will be categories easier to measure the dimensions and hierarchies. For the web user the front end user is the OBIEE.
  • This is known as the analysis or Ad-Hoc. This Ad-Hoc can be saved and shared, it gets the sources from the OBI Server, it allows the users to set the filters and then can apply the column properties, and calculations are analyzed and then used into the OBIEE Dashboard.
  • In the OBIEE training, You will get to know some recommended visualizations that are based on the data you can choose, like the waterfall visualization that is the contribution chart. This chart allows the user to see the details and how that is affects. There are the varieties of the of the chart options in the OBIEE, this also allows for the quick review and for the comparison also.
  • There are the Gauges and dials that help us to see the details in the dashboard. Finally all these analysis can be put in one Dashboard. We can also receive the notifications through agents. If you want to learn advance topics on OBIEE training, register at Global online trainings.

There is Mobile Application Designer (MAD) interface for small business purposes; it will have the separate HTML5 coding, so no plug-in required. There is another option is there in the OBIEE that is the Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management system (OSSM). In the OBIEE training, you can see the factors the related to the customer service and for the customer satisfaction you can change them accordingly. There are different views in this OSSM. These are managed in the watch list, that the developer would set the targets, join OBIEE training for more subject.


obiee training

What is OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence) in OBIEE Training:

The OBI is divided into two parts that is JAVA components and the non JAVA components or OBI system components.

  • In the JAVA components we have the Admin Server and the Managed Server. Here these components have internal types again. The Admin Server has two major components, on is Admin console and another one is Fusion Middleware Control. It allows you to enable the Web Logic server and other servers to configure like LDAP servers you can use for setting up the users for accessing OBIEE.
  • In this system interface you can manage all the system components in the server.
    In the Managed server we have the BI publisher, BI composer and BI Office.
  • The BI publisher is the reporting tool that allows you to create highly formatted reports. In OBIEE , BI composer allows you to create the reports and analyses and BI Office helps to integrate the OBIEE and the Microsoft office products. In the manager server itself we have Node manager that initiates the access to the admin server and manager server processes. In the OBI System components we have the BI Server, BI Scheduler, BI Presentation Services and BI JavaHost.
  • The BI Server provides the access capabilities and Query. The BI Schedulers take the reports and analyses that delivered to the users at the time or not. The third one provides the information of the framework for the presentation of business intelligence data web clients.
  • There is also another block in the OBI System Components that is OPMN (Oracle Process Manager and Notification) it is a server. OPMN is a process management tool that manages OBI System Components. OPMN is responsible for getting the various system components. You will know more about OPMN in OBIEE training.

Learn Process After the report is generated in OBIEE training:

When the client accesses the report, the presentation server creates the logical sequel that is sent to the BI server via ODBC connection over a tcp/ip protocol to the RPD and the Oracle BI Server. The RPD is a called Metadata or Repository after the process is done the data is uploaded to the BI server.

  • The BI server translates the request into the physical sequel and sends it to the Data sources this is based on the metadata layer that has been defined in the repository. After the data is collected from the various sources the Data Sources again sends it back to the BI Server for further processing in OBIEE.
  • And the BI Server sends back to the Presentation Server. This will be send to the user in the form of the report and dashboard.

Learn How OBIEE differs from Tableau in OBIEE training?

  • OBIEE is generally a Reporting tool. Whereas the Tableau is purely a Data visualization tool. Tableau is trending in the market, and it has many visualizing tools. Comparing OBIEE and big data analytics, oracle certification is also provided.
  • Cost is based on the tool but not how many users are using the system. We are rich in provinding best OBIEE training by real time experts.
  • Tableau is mainly based on the User. The cost is based per user. The Tableau cost is very less for small business enterprises and more than high as Oracle for larger enterprises. OBIEE uses the robust model by the RPD model; it can handle the huge volume of the data.
  • Tableau has the limitations because it can’t handle more number of tables and columns. For the visualization information only the Tableau is used. So for that purpose it may not require many numbers of rows. That would be the advantage for the Tableau. In the Global online Trainings you can learn about Tableau along with the OBIEE training.
  • In obiee training, it has the advanced search view. If you logged in as the user there is administration rights you should which is linked to the administration view, where you can view all the settings.
  • There is a help screen where Oracle Business Intelligence helps you out.In the Catalogs you can use the reports and the dashboards in OBIEE 12c training. You can use the web logic to update easily your account information.
OBIEE functional Architecture:

The catalog is the main for viewing and reporting the saved reports. There will be multiple report folders. You can see in OBIEE training the columns and measures for a particular thing in the Subject Area. Oracle rac 11g Training is a manageable bunch management solution that is incorporated with Oracle Database. Oracle Cluster ware be as well a required module for using Oracle. The best subject experts and the class prepared by these professional diligence allied tutors are made with latest business updates. Global Online Trainings provide online training classes along with OBIEE training, which are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches.

  • Oracle 11g is an Oracle product and consists of two parts which are SQL and PL/SQL. Oracle is generally used as the repository to store information and the information can be employee information or customer information.
  • With obiee training, it covers the most of the area in the IT market means most of the organizations are using Oracle as the database. It has the language known as SQL that supports various operations like inserting the data, deleting the data and updating the data etc.
  • The term Relational defines that the data is stored in the form of a relation called as tabular structure in which the data is arranged in row and column formats. The PL/SQL is basically designed to add programming language concepts to the SQL.
  • In the terms of Infrastructure grids, the grid technology of oracle enables pooling of low cost servers and storage to form the systems that deliver the highest quality of services in terms of manageability, high availability and performance.
  • Oracle 11g consolidates and accents the benefit of the grid infrastructure. Apart from taking full advantage of grid computing Oracle 11g has unique change assurance which is to manage change in control and cost manner.
  • When it comes to information management, it extends the existing information management capabilities and content management such as information integration and information lifecycle management area.
  • The content management is used for advanced data types such as XML, multimedia, medical imaging and semantic technology etc in obiee training.
  • In the organization we will definitely have different BI tools for building dashboards and there are different tools for Ad- Hoc analysis also. For the business intelligence all the tools are used. The data is taken from the sources. It is attached using the Excel. This business model is easier to understand.

What is OBIEE Repository in OBIEE 12c training:

  • The OBIEE architecture consists of three layers. The heart of the OBIEE structure the Metadata is lying. This connects the Front end tools to the Sources.
  • This involves the abstraction layer in between that contains the dimensional business model in the business terms over all the sources. This Metadata is stored somewhere, and this is called repository.
  • The Metadata is also called as the Common Enterprise information model, because it is the Open Source Organization. Even it is called as the Business Model, Semantic Layer, Virtual Data warehouse and repository too in OBIEE 12c training.
Learn OBIEE Security in OBIEE training:
  • The security configurations are the containers that Security Realms are placed. The security for the web logic depended on how good you will be using the WebLogic that takes the default realms.
  • All the Fusion Middleware Applications are supported by the WebLogic itself. In India the metadata is the centralized place in this architecture.
  • This deals with the security issues. The Front-end tools combine data with all the sources in the organization. The OBIA Training invention is everything for the business. Now the oracle BI Applications, are the prepackaged applications be there to cover up the quite a few functional areas. These prepackaged bi systems convey out the data from the ERP structure and there the data inside the Data warehouse.
  • Here the before versions of the Business functions are used OBIA Training as an ETL tool. Global online trainings provides best training for this OBIA Training, obiee training and many other courses.
  • The OBIA can be defined as the combination of both the product ODI and OBIEE. The OBIA also include with some other components of Oracle Corporation such as BIACM, FSM and ODI. The OBIA comes with the warehouse which is pre-built and consists of various systems for reporting with analysis used for financial calculation as well as for metadata metrics.
  • OBIA with obiee training supports ETL method which helps for extraction of the data from various sources and even from the non-support ERP sources gives the flexibility to extract datain OBIEE 12c training.
  • The OBIA required some additional requirements with the set of batches that are forcibly deployed and can be accessed through the browser.
  • The factor which makes the oracle application different from the OBIA is that the oracle can be defined as the ERP application whereas the OBIA is known as the Solution.
  • The Meta data used for the business and the process logic and comes with the new enhanced content for the financially developed projects that has rebuilt with the oracle data integrator.
  • To manage this process the oracle has a GUI based component which is known as Oracle GoldenGate and it can be deployed with the weblogic server. In obiee training, The BI domain has the capability to deploy the setup managers which could be conflict and functional managers.
  • The OBIA with obiee training has the ability for collecting the data from various applications, from the prepackaged software and exporting the data from the many data warehouses.
  • The OBIA acts as prepackaged software so everything is denormalized with it whereas with Oracle everything is normalized.

Conclusion of OBIEE training:

The OBIEE user interface and the dashboard will have many options that give the access to all your applications. You can have a look of the global header that is the home, in the menu bar that allows you to navigate around the application. Global Online Trainings is a primary online training, determined and it is also providing OBIEE training. We are also providing Corporate Training by the best corporate training expert. We are here with online training with the best and most veteran industrial experts and they have complete knowledge on all phase. In the OBIEE training you will come to know many things, it will help your career. People familiar with these courses can enrol for OBIEE training, basic knowledge of ETL, DBA, OBIEE 11g, Oracle 10g, OBIEE 12c implementation, Oracle 11g and we provide many other courses, please visit our website global online trainings.

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