Octopus Deploy training


Introduction of Octopus Deploy Training:

Octopus Deploy training is provided by Global online training. We are providing the best quality Octopus deploy training at a reasonable cost. Before going to the details of Octopus Deploy training course, Lets see the basics of Octopus deploy training.

Octopus is the deployment system for the dot net system, there will be the ways of deployment in the applications as well to the service and for the Windows Azure also. There are benefits with this octopus deployment, basically while deployment process using the word is difficult. If even a single word goes wrong it may lead to many problems.

Overview of Octopus Deploy Training:

The octopus will allow you to do the process automatically it works in the same deployment process based on your environment. The octopus dashboard will be very realistic, it represents the projects and every thin is clearly displayed in the dashboard.

  • There will be kinds of environments like production, tests and developments. We can set up the deployment in your way. In this we can see that the results clearly which one has been deployed, like you can see whether still the older versions are in the productions or not, these deployments will trigger automatically no need to set manually.
  • Here the selenium tests will be changing the configuration to run more integration and then to deploy, like that we can do lot of processes in the octopus deploy.
  • If any mistakes happen you can even notify those, and through the email notifications you can get the notifications.
  • This deployment is nothing but it works with your web applications in the fast way and reliable method. 

Deployment with Windows Azure – The Windows Azure resolve the in sort out about the windows azure, they will be paying only when we use, need not pay while we are not using it, so as to you can accumulate more. The applications that are off building that be supposed to huge number online and nearby are some like on premises that is restricted.

  • What happens, in the SAS is, software is delivered by other means and it is hosted on your system and accessed online. To diminish these troubles, the virtualization is here this will set everything that is desired for the related application and it will run from anyplace.
  • The servers are collective by the related applications and so as to be cleaned out in many singular servers, that will be launched to the cloud and then you can get as you need or you can use it as you need in the way. There will be a little like; you just pay for what you use.
  • Then about the Microsoft Visual Studio, it is just like creating the web applications. For the dot net and further developers they use windows azure, the technology that is during the windows azure is it has virtualized server.
  • You can even do work with the java and PHP also, if you need then you can host a virtual machine which is applicable to your application in the way you like. The reliability and the scalability will be of the cloud is the best way.
  • This will put together your present platform and also shows the repayment of the cloud on the terms you have.
  • For on-premises data centers, like several of the companies have on-premises or cloud but in the Windows Azure, here you will get on premises and cloud together. So you will not have the problem with the staff also.

Deploying to Cloud Service Windows azure- 

Windows Azure is assemble like, still if your infrastructure is built with some of the OSS databases, you are able to yet run a few types of the languages similar to Java or .Net. Windows azure is the trusted cloud by Microsoft, so cloud is the better preference and it has bunch of options.

  • At the same time as discussing regarding the technical earnings of this application is, at this time you will only pay meant for what you use so you can accumulate money.
  • By means of the windows Azure TCO along with the ROI calculator, in a minute takes few minutes to set up and to calculate the ROI; resources of Windows Azure Training will be provided in the global online trainings.
  • Within the Firewall, RAM, CPU, and NW. in addition to the platform examine we have the things like, OS, Framework, Web server. During the Software service we have, Invoices, Yahoo, Gmail, accounting, and so on.
  • Here the infrastructure we describe the things similar to IAAS, in the policy we say those as PAAS and in the software we identify as the SAAS. Every hardware is useful with the OS itself i.e. like platform service.
  • Into the Cloud there will be existing a number of few things like on demand and the second thing is the delegated. And there are some on-premises data sources like, oracle, SQL server and Excel.


Dot Net will stand for network ease technology in addition, it is a simply a Microsoft product. It is to some extent dependent since it can work on extra than two functions association and it will have with any single of the operating system. .NET will work on every operating system apart from MAC .other than Microsoft has a great record of initially late but easily spread up quickly. This is accurate in case of .NET as well. Microsoft put their best men at work for a separate project identified as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS).

  • The conclusion of the development project will be what we know about the present .NET. Still although.
  • .NET has taken the bulk of its ideas as of Sun’s J2EE; it has really outperformed their competitors. Microsoft accepted these aspects and they bring in the .NET allowing for all these factors.
  • Every unwanted difficulty is reduced and a pure object oriented programming model was brought in. This builds programmer’s being extremely simple.
  • .NET is supposed to be Microsoft development form in which software becomes platform and device independent and data turn out to be accessible more than the internet.
  • By this vision Microsoft .NET is as well called Microsoft strategy for connecting systems, information and devices from end to end web services so group can collaborate and work together and converse in point of fact.

Overview of  Octopus Deploy Training:

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