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Introduction of OFSAA Training:

OFSAA Training stands for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, this is jointly organized by CES Global and IBank Limited. The OFSAA which is mostly you know does the analytical application of the financial services industry as the name sort of implied within that portfolios. Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation Addresses banking and financial institutions need particular finance, marketing, and risk analytical applications keeping in mind the end goal to drive line of business control and execution. 

OFSAA Online Training helps you to get in-depth knowledge of the applications of Mobile devices. Global Online Trainings Provides best Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications corporate training with practical and real-time examples by experts.

Prerequisites of OFSAA Training:

Having basic knowledge of these streams can enroll in the OFSAA training

  • CoreJava,
  • EPM,
  • FTP,
  • LINUX,
  • SQL,
  • Excel,
  • Business Analyst.

Overview Of OFSAA Training:

OFSAA Training is the capability to handle billions of you knows the volume of transaction. this is very useful to really understand how the organization working and also would be able to sort of you know to do the analysis. The arrangement supports financial institutions cross-functional needs by leveraging bound together and adjusted reporting data model with proven coverage from real-world use in analytics. Global Online Trainings is offering OFSAA online and corporate training along with related courses like OFSAA 8.x, Finance Analytical, BI applications, fusion applications, and cloud application at flexible hours.

OFSAA training

Components of OFSAA Training:

  • OFSAAI – Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application Infrastructure
  • OFSPM – Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management
  • Oracle Financial Services Asset Liability Management
  • Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse
  • Oracle Financial Services Hedge Management
  • Oracle Insurance Data Warehouse
  • Oracle Financial Services Pricing Management
  • Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing

OFSAA Training Infrastructure is the main component where you will be able to install and input the infrastructure consideration for Oracle Financial Services and hierarchical applications. OFSAA infrastructure is a general purpose analytics applications infrastructure that gives the tooling stage important to quickly arrange and create the logical application for the financial service administration space. It is follows

  • Oracle cubes
  • Object Migration
  • SQL Rule
  • Data Quality Framework

The Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management enable to the underlying factor of the financial service industry for other profit. Our real-time senior most top trainers are always available for Oracle BI applications Online training, corporate training also remote access with latest updates.

Oracle Financial Services Asset Liability Management:

Oracle Financial Services Asset Liability Management will be called ALM. The Asset Liability Management is a great tool to understand the balance sheet of the bank.

Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse, Oracle Insurance Data Warehouse, Oracle Financial Services Hedge Management, Oracle Financial Services Pricing Management, Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing all these modules are components of such applications. It interesting that how this officer came about earlier they were using OFSAA but once they took over you Oracle Flexcube solutions and you flex solutions came up with effects cube as well as the robin is the genie. The OFSAA corporate Training is powered by the rebellious engine and also some of the Essbase applications and cube structure. This Oracle Financial services article reputation is working and the beautiful thing of this oracle financial services analytical application.


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Address BCBS 239 OFSAA Training:

  • Financial institutions require a strong consistency and comprehensive data management framework without it. they face severe consequences affecting individual banks and more importantly the stability of the financial system.
  • The global financial crisis brought to the fore the consequences of data managed in silos the importance of data risk management. The key decision-makers cannot access data when needed the quality of data they receive is often questionable showing different for the same matric.
  • To guard against another credit crisis the Basel committee issued a regulatory directive BCBS 239 principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting. GOT provides the Best Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications training With online and corporate training from India with all required aspects and along with reasonable price.
  • Comprised of 14 principles the BCBS 239 requirements provide financial institutions a strategic opportunity to make fundamental improvements in the areas of data governance and data management.
  • Built upon years of experience in the field of risk applications and data management. Oracle financial services analytical application or of some provides a comprehensive and unified platform for data governance, risk data aggregation, and reporting.
  • That serves as the foundation for your strategic response to evolving regulatory needs by leveraging offices unified data model integrated data architecture, pre-built reports, and dashboards.
  • The financial institutions can ensure enterprise-wide consistency in the capture storage and use of data. Power solution performs effective and contextual quality checks in a controlled environment financially reconciles data.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • And eliminates data silos to establish a single source of truth for risk data one that’s easily accessible, quickly achieved, Trusted and relied upon by the organization.
  • The platform is specifically designed to support banks efforts to increase the speed at which information is available. It’s established effective data governance and enhance the infrastructure used by your CXOs to identify, monitor, manage risks.
  • OFSAA Training implements adequate controls for determining who can access and modify data and systematically manage the self-assessment process around risk exposure.


Oracle Financial Analytics in OFSAA Training:

OFSAA Training will really be focused primarily but not exclusively on financial analytics. And some of the key subject areas within the spectrum of financial analytics include

  • General ledger and profitability analytics
  • Accounts Payables (Payables Analytics)
  • Accounts Receivables (Receivable Analytics)

And really giving you the ability to look at things like what are your account balances at a given point in time. you doing on cash flow giving you visibility into the status of payments which suppliers are delivering on time, paying on time, we should say which customers are paying time where you might be able to get trade discounts with suppliers etc.


Financial Analytics Components of OFSAA Training:

Each of these analytic applications including Oracle financial analytics starts with a pre-built warehouse. OFSAA Training is a dimensional star schema architecture that populates various areas. there are pre-built, extraction, transaction and load mappings that go directly to specific source systems again that could be the Oracle e-business suite. The Oracle Fusion Application, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and SAP also the ability to bring in data from other systems through what we call a Universal adapter. so pre-built ETL mappings that populate these star schemas. then there are pre-calculated and pre-built metadata with your definitions and business level logic, your metrics and your calculations.


OFSAA training

Best practices of OFSAA Training:
  • Focus on business drives, not only reports
  • Educate business on BI Apps capabilities
  • Don’t simply replicate operational reports
  • Start with proven winners of financial analytics
  • Oracle BI Apps Best Practices

In financial analytics, customers are leveraging what oracle provide but also then ensuring that you get the most out of the product and extend it and in the best possible way.

Focus on business drives, not only reports:

So one the things you know focus on business drivers and not only reports and how you do that we typically recommend a 2-day vision workshop with business. The IT to really establish the success criteria for your implementation, so whether it’s you know better budget variance reporting is it to help improve the closed process is it to provide better transparency of the business. Getting those things identified those success criteria identified in advance as critical.

Educate business on BI Apps capabilities:

The second thing is a lot of users are not familiar with BI tools are very Excel centric and so on. The Educating business users on BI apps capabilities really lets you leverage your Oracle investment.Don’t simply replicate operational reports:Another one is simply don’t simply replicate operational reports as an ERP customer of Oracle. You typically will have a range of reporting technologies available to you, so how do you best use those to give your seamless reporting and Scott will talk a little bit about that in terms some of the FSG reporting.

Start with proven winners of financial analytics:

Then start with proven winners so again some so the ones that Tobin showed you and also additional ones like the ability to fully drillable income statement. As well as drilling from ledger to sub-ledger those are the ones that our methodology incorporates some of those best practices.

Oracle BI Apps Best Practices:

The last one is what we really work with McDonald’s on is so if you’ve implemented financial analytics or any of the Oracle BI Apps. That you’ve actually implemented all the best practices.


OFSAA  Training Provides:

  • Risk Management Solution for Financial Sevices
  • Performance Management for Financial Services
  • Customer insight
  • Financial crime and compliance
Risk Management Solution for Financial Services:

Banking and financial services organizations have increasingly started to acknowledge enterprise credit risk management solution as a necessity for sustainable and profitable performance, not just as an added advantage.


Performance Management for Financial Services:

In a very aggressive BFS industry, it is basic for banks and financial institutions to perform a cross-functional analysis of the customary areas of management reporting that includes risk and performance measures.


Customer Insight for Financial Services:

It is a comprehensive solution. its enables BFS institutions to increase 360-degree view of finance, customers across, marketing and risk management for the extended and significant understanding of client behavior.


Financial Crime and Compliance Management:

It arrangements assume a key part in BFS institutions financial crimes management activities with enhanced risk identification and streamlined consistency. The managing financial crime and compliance remain a high need for banking and financial services institutions. Global online trainings have provided professional experts Trainers to guide you on OFSAA Corporate training at your flexible times.


Benefits of OFSAA Training:

  • OFSAA Training is used best practice processes and techniques
  • Measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives
  • Reduce uncertainty with pervasive analytics and business information across the enterprise
  • OFSAA Training is Manage and budget capital adequacy
  • Define and manage plans that cross risk and performance management
  • Incrementally add-on applications with minimal additional investment
  • interoperate with existing and legacy applications through Oracle’s open architecture
  • Actively incorporate risk into decision making
  • Integrated and reconcile risk and performance measures
  • Price products to reflect their actual cost of assets
  • Obtain immediate value from out of the box reports and dashboards covering clients, account, exchange, items, and association units
  • Gain insight into critical risk areas with role-based dashboards and drill down reporting
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