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OKTA Training Introduction:

OKTA is Identity management and Access management based service. It has both capabilities on identity and access management but Oracle Identity management and SAIL Point has lots of work to do but in OKAT, it is very simple to use and it is template based, that is OKTA’s advantage.

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  • Mode of training : OKTA online training / OKTA Corporate Training
  • Duration of Course : 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period)
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best OKTA online training.
  • Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Okta Training Online Course Content:


Overview of OKTA Training:

  • OKTA is not a tool:
    In this Okta training you will know about OKTA and it’s uses. These all are the on-premise tools, we need to install it. OKTA is not a tool it is a service. Because it is cloud based. It is called as IDES (Identity as a Service). OKTA is hosted in cloud, you can just subscribe it and activate and then you can access all the features of OKTA. If pay more to get higher license your features will be added. So, you can build your Identity manager very easily.
  • It also has access management capabilities like you can integrate different applications with OKTA, based on SAML that is federation and also you can use WS-federation. And then for other application you can use normal authentication. Access management can protect servers or resources. In this case you can also use integrated windows authentication that is your desktop SSO.
    The desktop SSO can be used by OKTA as well.
  • There are also other third party tools like Radius agents that are used to protect servers using BPM connectivity. You can use the Radius agent with OKTA then should do the authentication and then let you access those servers which are protected radius agents. These are the access management services. OKTA is easy to use and it has its own service. You have OKTA’s Google authenticators, SMS and Email. Then you can use third party’s as well like OKTA Yubico, Yubikey and RSA Tokens that kind of things. So, OKTA has both Identity and Access management capabilities.
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In the OKTA’s Admin console:

Customization in OKTA Training: OKTA-an-IDM-Service

In the banding customization, or UI customization or any customization we need to build a java code to connect the customization. There are User Interface and coding customization. When it comes to User Interface customization in this you can customize the login page, authentication page, password reset page, cod question page otherwise you can’t customize any page. This is the User Interface based customization in OKTA Training.


Is OKTA a cloud based?

  • You can find out is OKTA a cloud based or not, in this OKTA Training. In the coding part this is a cloud service. Earlier we have many versions like 3.4.2, 3.4.3, and so on. Now Global Online Trainings is with the latest version. In the cloud you don’t have all the privileges to access then you can’t customize it. In Identity manager, you will be using the connector for provisioning and de-provisioning, in this case you need OKTA SCIM implementation.
  • OKTA provides a SCIM agent you will have to write SCIM connector using a java code. If you give any user access to any application which is connected to SCIM connector OKTA will connect to the SCIM agent and then it will verify that and convert it to an object type which is connected to your application then gives you direct access to your database.
    In this case the SCIM connector can directly create or update the user or delete the user directly. In this way you can do the customization. Here you need to write the coding. The SCIM is a protocol through which you need to write the code. So, you need to connect to your application. The applications are of different types so to match those you need to write the coding. The code or scripting language can be in JAVA or Python, mostly in JAVA.Virtual job support provides best OKTA online job support by expert trainers. 
One important thing in OKTA: 

OKTA is a Template based; there is lot of templates in on-board applications. In on-board application if you don’t have a template then you have a Protocol template, like SAML, or normal integrated authentication and all. So, you just use that template and provide all the information, like what is the login URL, Redirecting URL, or in case of SAML what is the entity ID etc.
In the OKTA training, the OKTA application network there are 5483 templates and it is increasing every day. Using this template you can connect to any of the application. If you don’t have the template you can use the connectors beside. No installation is required.
It is only required when you try to on-board an Ad, in that case you will install an Ad agent, in case of SCIM connector you will use the SCIM agent, that is the only installation required. Virtual job support gives OKTA project support from india.


Import Results in OKTA:

Here in OKTA there is no role present, There is only group, based on some criteria like Users Attribute Value you can assign users to different groups. You can provision to any Ad or any targeted applications. For Ad you have Ad agent that can provision users to target application, there is one service account required to install the Ad agent, which binds the agent to the Ad.


SCIM Connector: (OKTA training)

If you use the SCIM connector, you can provision users to the target applications. There are some applications like Salesforce for these OKTA has templates and that template has already provisioning connector created to the users. You just need to login through your account.
In the organizations, you will come across custom applications in this OKTA training for them OKTA would have no template, in that case you will have to go with the protocol template and you have to implement HCM connector for provisioning.



Is OKTA only for Salesforce application or other applications?

It can be used for any kind of applications. OKTA is not a Privileged Access Management and not for privileged users. It is simply for Identity and Access Management. OKTA is improving day by day. The fast way to learn OKTA, can be found in this OKTA training.


Compare OKTA with other applications:

Like in SailPoint identity now it is emerging not stable like OKTA and centrify another one these are the competitors. OKTA is a cloud service and is a way to work. OKTA ha a developer addition which is free but has some restrictions like should only have 20 applications and 1000 users. Then you have the production instance where the much you pay the more the facilities and users you can have. In the OKTA training you will be learning about an option in OKTA training, that in OKTA you can be as a admin and a developer also. As well as the other applications, Splunk makes machine data reachable, utilizable & helpful to everyone. We also provide Splunk Training too.


About SAML: (Security Assertion Markup Language)

This is free security offers authentication and integration by integrating different protocols like LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), SAML, OAuth (Open Authorization), JaaS integration and testing is also included. SAML protocol based work on the service; in OKTA training;

The service works on the basis of identity provider and provides web single sign on facility. You can also learn the examples of security SAML configuration in the course. Here we can learn about the Spring Security testing Framework and then you will then have method security and integrate spring security with a Spring Frameworks. You can also configuration over Single Sign-in for PaloAlto Networks using SAML.

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Okta can engage you to be critical the benefits of your hypothesis in SharePoint Server to the majority of your clients. When you arrange Okta to SharePoint, you can empower access to SharePoint from various, autonomous business lines, or different social events of outside customers, with extensive flexibility in how those clients affirm.

  • In extension, Okta can give an all out character layer to sites or entryways that depend on SharePoint, or use SharePoint as one of numerous applications. Okta can unite the customer experience and give single sign-on over all external facing applications. This gives clients of your site or passageway with an organized experience, while as yet empowering you to pick best of breed parts for each piece of your external site.


LDAP: (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

It is a protocol separately designed for accessing the directory services which can store the information of the entire organization into a central repository. It is also accessible from anywhere over the network. LDAP protocols work with spring security application to access the LDAP and first connect and authenticate as well and embedded with LDAP server. Then in Active Directory Lightweight Services should connect and authorize. Then this will retain Apache Directory and this server will install and configure. Further we will update the spring security application, to connect with Apache Directory server, the best Okta training by global online trainings.


What is OAuth? (OKTA Training)

OAuth essentially is an open standard framework that can securely access tokens for internet services. And it will allow access tokens to be issued to third party clients by authorization server with the approval of the user. There are some limitations for access tokens;
Who will be the participants and what are the roles?
Is the resource or user owns the data.
What is the access to the Client Applications and the authorization server issues?

We provide the best OKTA training, Access to the client application. Examples like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn etc…
We have the resource servers, if the owner authorizes resource server then it retrieves the user’s data. Example like Drop box, Google Drive, etc…


What and Why to use OAuth?

When we are accessing the secure web applications, we need to login and then only it ensures that we authorized one. This allows the application to gain the access to the user’s data to another application without displaying the user’s ID and passwords for the second applications. There will be a process of logging and getting the authorized in these applications comes under OAuth standard, and this best okta training by real time trainers .
If you are an end-user instead of sharing your password details with the other website, in this Delegate Authorization your details will be redirected by OAuth it will redirect you to Google login page and after entering the details the application will be able to access your Google drive through Google’s security token (That doesn’t access your Google mail).

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Present a solitary, well-incorporated web application to all clients and accomplices.

  • Automate client enrollment and consequent provisioning and de-provisioning for the objective applications behind an entry.
  • Provide clients and accomplices with a solitary greeting page for login and with route to permitted applications with no extra obstacles.
  • Eliminate isolated, unsynchronized client stores. With Okta, associations can rapidly and effectively computerize all gateway client the board needs with a 100-percent on-request, secure, and exceedingly accessible administration.
  • Summit needs to empower access to these using a single username and mystery key. Customers should enroll once and be surrendered access to the correct goals reliant on their profile. Customer profiles consolidate customers with assistance contracts, customers without significant assistance contracts, and trade accessories. Customers with assistance gain permission to the download and reinforce goals; unsupported customers gain induction to the download website page just; and associates gain induction to all of the three regions. Maintained and unsupported customers self-register by filling out a structure encouraged on an unauthenticated section of the assistance site. Associates are enlisted by assistant boss through a structure encouraged on the accessory passage.

Like in SailPoint character now it is rising not unfaltering like OKTA and centrify another these are the contenders. OKTA is a cloud organization and is a way to deal with work. OKTA a specialist development which is free yet has a couple of confinements like should simply have applications and customers. By then you have the creation model where the much you pay the more the workplaces and customers you can have. In the OKTA setting you up will get some answers concerning a decision in OKTA setting up, that in OKTA you can be as an overseer and a creator as well. Similarly as various applications, Splunk makes machine data reachable, utilizable and pleasing to everyone.

  • A single blend among Okta and a present character the board course of action can allow Okta to give both SSO and customer the board to all applications successfully joined with that character the officials’ game plan. Additional cloud and on-premises applications would then have the option to be composed direct with Okta, and the whole amassing managed inside a singular enduring structure.

Okta Mobility Management depends on a bleeding edge EMM designing reliant on open working structure measures as opposed to select shipper advancement. United with Okta’s top level lifestyle as an organization arrange, including its extraordinarily available cloud structure, Okta Mobility Management is the contraption the board course of action IT needs to address the challenges of moving to the cloud and engaging convenient access to huge business applications and data.


Global Online Trainings provide OKTA training; here we provide the essential things to do your work correctly. And you will have suggestions on how to do the work fast and in the easiest way with OKTA. Our trainers will help you to gain knowledge, more than 60+ students are trained in this Okta training.


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