online autocad trainig

online autocad trainig Course Content

  • AutoCAD Settings required for these 3D CAD instructions.
  • The VPOINT command.
  • Saving & restoring views.
  • UCS manipulation & creating an AutoCAD 3D model.
  • Creating 2D orthographic projection views from the 3D CAD model so far.
  • Formal drawing preparation from an AutoCAD 3D model.
  • Aligning projection views.
  • Freezing the Mview borders for formal drawings.
  • Setting layers & colors.
  • Adding the second 3D component.
  • An alternative VPOINT method.
  • Hiding 3D components.
  • Saving a UCS & saving view projections (Naming conventions for views & UCS’s.)
  • Add more 3D components.
  • An alternative method for the cylinders.
  • Change the projection directions.
  • Preparing several drawings.
  • Isolating 3D components from 3D assemblies for detailing.
  • Layer management for complex 3D designs.
  • Applying the 3D CAD methods to different engineering disciplines.
  • Creating the component blocks.
  • Create an auxiliary view.
  • Create an assembly block.
  • Understanding blocks & component visibility.
  • 3D methods & detailing.
  • Dimensioning to a View scales.
  • The DIMFLAC command.
  • Managing the issue levels.