Ont-642-845 Training


ONT-642-845 TRAINING Course Introduction:

ONT-642-845 Training includes the topics such as VOIP network, implementing QoS on converged networks, specific IP QoS mechanisms for implementing the Different Server QoS model, AutoQoS, wireless security and basic wireless management. For the ONT-642-845 Training should have the knowledge and skills in optimizing and providing effective QOS techniques for converged networks.

ONT-642-845 Training at Global Online Trainings will provide the perfect training on CCNP ONT 642-845 which will help you out in clearing the exam by providing you the complete knowledge related to the Cisco VOIP, network requirements, Quantization, encapsulation voice packets for transport Register today or call us at the help desk.


Ont-642-845 Online Training Course Content

Network Requirements
  • IIN & Cisco SONA Framework
  • The Intelligent Information Network
  • Cisco SONA Framework & Layers
  • Cisco Network Models & Enterprise Architecture & Hierarchical Network Model
  • Traffic Conditions in the  Converged Network
  • Network Traffic Mix & Requirements
  • Integrated Services
Describe Cisco VoIP
  • The Implementations
  • VoIP Implementations
  • Benefits of the  Packet Telephony Networks & Components
  • Methods for Voice over IP
  • Analog & Digital Interfaces
  • Stages of a Phone Call
  • Distributed vs. Centralized Call Control
  • Digitizing & Packetizing Voice
  • Converting Analog to Digital & viseversa
  • Nyquist Theorem
  • Sampling of Voice
  • Quantization Techniques
  • Quantization of Voice
  • Digital Voice Encoding
  • Compression Bandwidth Requirements
  • Voice Codec Characteristics
  • Mean Opinion Score
  • DSP
  • DSP Used for Conferencing & Transcoding
Encapsulating Voice Packets for Transport
  • Voice Transport in Circuit-Based Networks &  IP Networks
  • Protocols Used in Voice Encapsulation
  • Protocols to Use for VoIP
  • Voice Encapsulation
  • Reducing Header & Voice Encapsulation Overhead
  • RTP Header Compression
  • Calculating the Bandwidth Requirements
  • Factors Influencing the Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Implications of Codes