Open Ldap Administration Training

Open Ldap Administration-online-training


OPEN LDAP ADMINISTRATION TRAINING on OpenLDAP services to provide Centralized User Management across the enterprise. This course also teaches cross-platform integration of Open LDAP services to provide authentication for information services across the organization. After completing this course, students will be able to learn: Windows Domain Authentication and Linux clients and OpenLDAP Directory Server: Essential Configuration. 

OPEN LDAP ADMINISTRATION TRAINING main objectives are Comprehend the Linux Clients and Active Directory ,Comprehend the Windows Networking , Update the Directory and Plan for Directory Server Availability. Enroll or register yourself at the website to more details about the OPEN LDAP ADMINISTRATION TRAINING or you even call us directly at the help desk.


Open Ldap Administration Online Training Course Content

LDAP Theory Review
  • The LDAP Object Tree Structure
  • The  LDAP Features
LDAP Extending the Information (Data) Model
  • DIT Design & Organization]
  • Top Level Organization of DIT
  • The Attribute Characteristics
  • The ObjectClass Characteristics
  • The LDAP Operational Attributes and Objects
OpenLDAP Architecture
  • The OpenLDAP – Backends
  • The Overlays
  • The LDAP Proxies
Syncrepl Replication
  • The Master – Slave
  • The Multi-Master
OpenLDAP Operations
  • Real-time Configuration
  • Monitoring
Component Matching
  • The Basic Syntax
  • The Advanced Syntax
  • The X.509 Certificates Searching
Alternative the LDAP Implementations
  • Overview
  • ApacheDS  &Directory Studio
  • The LDAP trends
  • The LDAP Resources