OpenText StreamServe training

OpenText StreamServe training

Introduction to OpenText StreamServe training:

OpenText StreamServe training  at Global online trainings – Users can monitor, track, review, approve and archive each and every exchange for more than 15 years, Thousands of enterprises from global 100 to mid-sized companies have generated billions of documents every day via OpenText StreamServe .What if each of your customers felt every communication with you was not well-managed but meaningful. What if every employee engaging with your customers could generate communications that only informed but engaged. Global online trainings is best in providing OpenText StreamServe Corporate training by real time experts at flexible timings.

Basic prerequisites for learning OpenText StreamServe Training?

Essential information on Java and Python is required to learn OpenText StreamServe Corporate Training. The accompanying activity jobs will get profited by taking up this course:

  • Information director.
  • Sys admin.
  • Framework director.
  • Programming engineer.

OpenText StreamServe Online Training outline:

Program Name: OpenText StreamServe Corporate Training.

Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).

Mode of training: Online, Class room and corporate training.

Timings: According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for OpenText StreamServe training. (We will get the soft copy material).

Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

OpenText StreamServe Online Training Course Content

opentext streamserve training course content

Overview of OpenText StreamServe training:                                                                      OpenText StreamServe training

Imagine using your customer communications to turn documents into dialogues, bills into Billboard’s, communications into conversations effective customer communications once meant reducing cost by more efficiently producing and delivering your bills, statements or invoices. But in today’s aggressive economic climate every touch point is an opportunity.

  • Do I have your attention? Customer communications management or CCM from OpenText has the tools to seize those opportunities. Simple bills statements, contracts or receipts are turned into powerful marketing tools.
  • The core of CCM whether you are providing services like banking, insurance utilities or telecommunications or you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer. OpenText ScreenServe not only manages all your document generation. But seamlessly links your existing business communication and marketing processes to fill customer information needs in ways that benefit your company and your customers.
  •  You might be wondering, Service departments quickly respond to customer concerns reviewing live documents taking corrective action and generating adjusted invoices in minutes not days. Automated service alerts are issued via SMS resulting in significantly greater customer satisfaction.
  • Line of business owners initiate timely and targeted sales and marketing campaigns, utilizing pre-designed templates with drag and drop content logos pictures and even video for maximum impact and competitive advantage.
  • Marketers use OpenText StreamServe as the communications engine behind your customer loyalty programs to automatically generate personalized statements, Text message offers in web reports.
  • Imagine how customer communications management from OpenText can help you surprise and delight your customers with each and every touch.

Who should attend OpenText StreamServe Corporate training?

  • Application Developer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Programming Developer
  • Competitors who are willing to fabricate their vocation in the field of software engineering are eligible to do this course.

What will you understand in this StreamServe course?

Upon the part of the arrangement, you will surpass desires in :

  • OpenText StreamServe Concepts and Functionalities.
  • OpenText StreamServe Installation.
  • OpenText StreamServe System Administration.
  • Control Center.
  • Correspondence Management.
  • Post-processor store.

Learn Successfactors Integration with StreamServe in our OpenText StreamServe training:

Integration engine is written in Java as a web application, it runs on Tomcat so it will sit aside next to the adhoc  and reviewer web applications that are provided by StreamServe. This integration engine runs in a successful access tile and it reads a data from successfactors using the OData API which convert that into an XML file which is then sent to StreamServe using the StreamServe integrated web services. As you will see the tile allows you to drill down through employees and select which document you want to use and view and get sent out via streamserve.

  • The second scenario is integrating into the workflow that successfactors has built in and when you on events such as approval you can get successfactors to send an email and you will see that StreamServe can receive that email and ask the integration engine to extract all of the relevant information it needs to build up a document then finally StreamServe will send that document out to the employee.
  • We have home screen of SuccessFactors what you can see here is the tile containing the integration engine we have a few options to choose from we can view the employees to create a document so we can drill down a very narrow employees and once you selected an employee we can view various different documents and generate them automatically with a click of mouse.
  • Second option is Documents pending approval. So if there are any documents have been created some streams of documents that require approval from this manager with this link will take us into the StreamServer reviewer application where all of the documents generated by StreamServer awaiting approval as shown and third is my document so maybe there is documents that a manager has created and it requires approval from the employee. Our consultants are highly skilled at OpenText StreamServe Certification training.
  • This link would then take you to the reviewer screen based around documents that not created but someone else has created on behalf of someone. So first thing we will select AE employee to create a document. So here we have got the list of employees that has been extracted from SuccessFactors using our data and presented in a list.
  • So we can now select a particular employee to generate a document. We are presented with a list of documents that have been extracted from StreamServe using the StreamServe web services and presented in a list to allow the manager to select which document to generate for a particular employee.
  • Now you could even change the list as well. So certain managers depending on their level can generate certain documents. So here we are going to generate a unpaid leave letter. The custom screen is where we can add in extra of form elements and the bottom half screen is actually StreamServe  adhoc embedded within your web page.

Features of OpenText StreamServe  Corporate training:

  • We have got the details of the employee automatically extracted from SuccessFactors using their OData API pass to StreamServe. So we can then go and put these on our document there are some bits that you may not be able to get from SuccessFactors.
  • In this example I have choosen that in fact that there is a start and end date to this unpaid leave that may not be in SuccessFactors but obviously you want this document to be as automatic as possible so you can actually put in the start date here on this web form. There we click on refresh documents the StreamServe goes off adds those the integration engine.Are you passionate in doing certifications? We provide best OpenText StreamServe certification training by real time experts.
  • Since those two extra fields to stream serve as well as the document ID entered in and StreamServer can pick up the original document and place these two dates that we entered in there automatically. Once we are happy with the document we can then submit the document.
  • This document will then go off to StreamServe and it will be added to the reviewer stage. We could actually have this automatically sent out via email with no approval. So we are accepting the document to be delivered and now we can go back to SuccessFactors and here in SuccessFactors we can see. We will go to documents pending approval.

So the approval screen is again mixture of custom web application with a StreamServe reviewer embedded within it using an iframe. We can see here that we have created ad hoc letter, it’s being submitted and the manager was the sea grant and the employee ID and we can preview the document and we can see just about that the dates are rights. We can zoom in this this is just a PDF. If we are happy with it we can then approve it. Once we approve it, it will be sent to StreamServe and StreamServe for this instance is set to email the employee with an email of the PDF and again all automatic.


Objectives of OpenText StreamServe Corporate Training:

Before the piece of the OpenText StreamServe Training, you will have the choice to:

  • Make dynamic, redid, content-driven web game plans.
  • Make sense of how to use the convenience of a dynamic adaptable module.
  • Get data on vignette content organization and vignette entrance.

Conclusion of Features of OpenText StreamServe training:

Want to know the best part? We now check our inbox but hopefully get a paid leave document, so you can view it again StreamServe have been put in HTML5 training emails. We have got an attached PDF, if we open that up we can see this is our email with the dates that we added for Microsoft and so that ends the first scenario. This time we are dealing with the SuccessFactors workflow. So we are going to be using their tiles and here we are going to actually choose employee and we are going to change the location that he lives in.  There are lots of opportunities in the market for OpenText StreamServe Online training. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best OpenText StreamServe Online training with live projects by experts.Get OpenText StreamServe corporate training also online & classroom training at hyderabad, mumbai, bangalore, noida, delhi, chennai with certification.


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