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Openvpn Training


Openvpn Training Course Introduction:

Openvpn Training at Global Online Trainings will provide the complete knowledge on how to implement , manage , design and maintain the vpn Solutions. Here at Openvpn Training we will cover the most important topics such as Access server Deployment topology and terminology operation of OpenVPN under the openVPN access server.

During the Openvpn Training we will make you understand easily the complete picture regarding the Openvpn from the introduction. Installation to the Implementation. We mainly focus on the installing on windows and linux, Advance installation using the source code, Troubleshooting and monitoring concepts related to the OpenVPN Acess server. Join Openvpn Training course through online for the best result.

Openvpn Online Training Course Content

Introduction to VPN
  • VPN working and uses
  • Networking Protocols &  Layers
  • VPN security Mechenisms
  • Understanding the SSL/TLS certificates
  • Trusted & Self-signed certificates
  • Generating certificates & keys
Open VPN
  • Advantage of OpenVPN
  • OpenVPN  & IPsec VPN differences
Open VPN Installation
  • Downloading & Installing OpenVPN
  • Installing on windows &  linux
  • Advance Installation using the source code
OpenVPN with X.509 Certificates
  • Building certificate authority
  • Distributing the  files using secure copy
  • Troubleshooting
  • OpenVPN command line parameters
  • Standard configuration file for a static key & X.509 certificates
  • Configuring Windows & Linux firewall for OpenVPN
OpenVPN GUI Tools
  • OpenVPN Plugin – Webmin’s
  • Client GUIs Linux
OpenVPN Access Server
  • Access server Deployment topology
  • Terminology Operation of OpenVPN
Access server TCP/UDP ports & services Typical Network Configuration
  • User Authentication & Management
  • The Virtual VPN Subnet configuration
Installation of the OpenVPN Access Server
  • Prepare the server & obtaining the licence key
  • Installing the OpenVPN Access Server RPN/DEB Package
  • Configuring Access server
  • Admin WebUI references
  • Connecting the  Client
  • configuring RADIUS authentication & accounting attributes
  • LDAP authentication
  • Active Directory Authentication
Troubleshooting & Monitoring
  • Testing the network connectivity
  • Checking interfaces, routing, & connectivity
  • Scanning server

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