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Introduction of Oracle Apps Technical Training:

Oracle apps technical training R12 is the e-business product suite developed by Oracle Corporation and it has the following product suites, it has back office functions like the financials manufacturing and distribution HRMS and also has the CRM (customer relationship management) products or the front office solutions. Global online trainings application sharing, remote desktop support, chat to clear doubts, virtual white board sharing and question/answer sessions are some of our prominent features that truly sets us apart from other online training provider. We provide Oracle apps technical training by professionals and also provides oracle apps R12 online training, just register for more information. At Global Online Trainings you can get the practical knowledge and with practical knowledge only you can gain the job easily. Join Today!

Prerequisites for Oracle Apps Technical training:

To learn Oracle Apps Technical training, you must have basic knowledge on,

  • Interfaces and Oracle Forms,
  • Oracle OAF and Oracle Reports,
  • p2p and R12
  • Workflow, xml publisher and Oracle Reports.
Oracle Apps Technical Training Course Details:

Name of the Course: Oracle Apps Technical Training.

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Oracle Apps Technical Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agents will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Timings: According to Student feasibility.


Overview of Oracle Apps Technical Training:

  • ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is software solution that takes the process view to meet organizational goals, integrating all functions of the enterprise.
  • So, it’s all functions such as at a finance department their human resources manufacturing their relationships.
  • These are the different business verticals that the company has, and we will try to use this software to meet all different requirements that is necessary for a company.
  • ERP facilities integration of company wide information systems with potential to go across companies.
  • You can share information of one company across a different company if we have the specific set ups and then definitely we can just as enter the information once and access it across the different verticals.
  • ERP is integrating information and business processes to enable information entered once to be shared throughout the organization.

 What are the benefits of ERP?

  • Enterprise Resource Planning is the independent of the nature of the industry like Google, so software company Amazon is the online shipping company.
  • These two companies are different line of business and still they all use oracle e-business and that clearly indicates that this product oracle e-business suite or oracle ERP is designed to meet the business needs of a company needs of an irrespective of the nature of business.
  • ERP provides easy access to information and it helps in the integration of the cross functional business processes.
  • It has very efficient reporting facility it improves workflow and efficiency employ.
Some of the ERP packages are
  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • BAAN
  • Oracle Applications.
Details of Oracle Apps Technical Training:

Oracle apps technical training R12 is the e-business product suite developed by Oracle Corporation and it has the following product suites, it has back office functions like the financials manufacturing and distribution HRMS and also has the CRM (customer relationship management) products or the front office solutions. Including call center management, internet sales and marketing e-commerce. Oracle apps technical training has also come up with a lot of the internet modules then the procurement sales and recruitment.


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What are the building blocks of oracle apps technical training?
  • Oracle 10g which is the oracle the databases that are collapse uses.
  • PL/SQL is the main programming language used to build scripts and other API calls.
  • Forms 10g as the screens the reports 10g is also used by oracle to have all the standard reports that world provides with the ERP suites they also have other reporting formats.
  • Reports 10g had problems with the building the layouts it was very tough for a developer and to generate the layouts so with the introduction of XML publisher, it become a lot simpler by using the Microsoft word as designing the templates.
  • The pro C also used by oracle and it’s rarely used by a developer building some applications using pro c.
  • Java again oracle is trying to bring or migrate most of their screens using now the application development framework and that requires a lot of java knowledge.
  • Application development framework primarily uses developer to build the screens.

Get the detailed knowledge on Oracle SQL/PLSQL along with Oracle Apps Technical Training:

  • PLSQL is the basic SQL along with the features of programming language.
  • PLSQL is a significant member of oracle programming tool set.
  • Which is extensively used to code server-side programming.
  • Like SQL language PL/SQL s also a case insensitive programming language.
  • Generally, a program written in PL/SQL language is divided into blocks.
  • Blocks are basic programming units in PL/SQL programming language there are two types of blocks in PL/SQL, anonymous block and named block.
  • Block is nothing but a basic unit in PLSQL program, so a block is a single entity.
  • Every block has three sections, one is declaration section, so a declaration section is where we declare all variables, constants, recalls, courses etc.
  • Both type of PL/SQL blocks are further divided into three different sections they are declaration section, the execution section and the exception handling section.
  • The exception section is the only mandatory section of block whereas declaration and exception handling sections are optional.
  • The PL/SQL Training is also provided by Global Online Trainings, here you can get the detailed knowledge.
Internet Computing Architecture:

Internet computing architecture in oracle apps technical training used by oracle ERP, this is a very common architecture with most software and a client server mode two tier or sometime multi tier. So on oracle we have multi tiered.

Let a desktop tier, application tier and database tier. The desktop tier is the place, where a user is logging in to create some transactions, so it opens some app screens you can browse for different information that you are trying to enter or update or delete.

Now you are trying to open a form where to enter some data that form server is residing on the application tier and now trying to modify some data which resides in the database tier.

Along with Oracle Apps Technical Training learn Oracle EBS:
  • Oracle EBS provides an E-business solution which is useful to manage and automate the business systems of many large organizations.
  • Oracle EBS is an E-business suite that customizes and stored the databases in the cloud and provides many services to manage those databases such as security, implementation of the database etc.
  • The ERP model of Oracle EBS also helps in various fields such as manufacturing, finance, projects etc.
  • To maintain better customer management and to increase the efficiency of a product.
  • Oracle EBS Training by Global Online Trainings will give you the ability to understand all the ERP components that comes under the Oracle foundation.
Report entities in Oracle apps technical training:
  • We have a report entity in that it has business groups, organization, operating units, employee location and set of books. and the responsibilities linked to these reporting entities.
  • The oracle apps technical training organization models define organizations and the relationships among them in an arbitrary complex enterprise.
  • This organization model serves as a corner stone for all the oracle application products, so this setting up the organizational structure or the hierarchy model are collapse is very crucial.
  • It dictates how transactions flow through different organizations and how these organizations interact with each other.
  • So, the way you design your organization hierarchy that will dictate how the information is going to flow across the organizations.
  • Generally, a complex enterprise has several organization structures such as internal accounting and human resources and that’s simple.
  • Single installation of oracle applications product to support any number of organizations even if these organizations are using different set of books.
  • So, you can be a huge global Corporate giant having offices all over the world and you just need to have one oracle applications product for your entire company.
  • And set all these organizations specific to each country or locations within single installation. Define different organizational models and support multiple legal entities.
  • You can also achieve security of data among users, so based on the securities assigned in to the responsibility you can prevent the users from accessing certain information.

Global Online Trainings provide Oracle Apps Technical online training by professionals, and also in this oracle apps technical training covers all the detail description about  oracle r12 apps technical training, oracle DBA apps technical training.


Conclusion of Oracle Apps Technical Training:

Oracle Applications are used to run enterprise businesses like Accounting, Human Resource and Financials. Oracle Application server is also used to install on the server and it integrates other software to  work together.Global online trainings provides the best Oracle apps technical training by corporate trainer. Our Oracle apps technical training helps you to gain all the basics of ERP and also helps you to learn the execution of business application concepts. We can see three roles in the oracle applications field. They are DBA, functional consultant, technical consultant. We knew that Oracle is also one of the biggest ERP customer base in the market. There is a wide scope of opportunities in oracle apps. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.


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