Oracle ASM Training

Oracle ASM Training

Introduction to Oracle ASM Training:

Oracle ASM Training at Global Online Trainings-What is ASM? ASM is a automatic storage management provided by Oracle where your complete database storage will be managed by Oracle. So how is it going to work and how ii is going to automate the storage and how it is going to give the safety of your data. So in order to understand ASM.  ASM is to be configured on your server in order to use the  ASM storage for your database. So how does it work? So basically ASM provides you the two very major functionalities one is striping and the other one is mirroring.Global Online Trainings is best in providing Oracle ASM Online Training by industry experts at flexible timings.

Mode of Training: Oracle ASM Online Training/Oracle ASM Corporate Training/Oracle ASM Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Oracle ASM Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Overview of Oracle ASM Training:

  • What is striping? Let us say you are using normal Unix file system for your database storage rather than ASM. So what happens in normal storage is that you will have this single disk for your database. Let us say there is a table on your disk table A.
  • So it is having several blocks and extends okay. Let us say more than 2000 or 3000 blocks very huge table assume that it’s a huge table and someone is going to execute select command so what is going to happen here in case of normal file system in Oracle ASM Training.
  • Oracle ASM Training at Global Online Trainings-So your IO process is going to check all the blocks on this disks one after the other I am going to give you the results but there is  no striping here so in order to understand striping this would be the better example so in this case it is a normal file system where   you are trying to select a query where it is going to search each and every extent even though there is index. It has to take complete information from this disk. So if it is going to take 10 minutes let us say this operation is going to take you 10 minutes of time to provide you result in Oracle ASM Training.
  • So in Oracle ASM Training  what happens is that we will be having  two separate discs and the same table A some portion  of data will be reside on the disk one and the remaining portion of data will be resided on the second disk so this is called striping so some of the extends or blocks are stored in the disk A and the remaining extends or blocks of the same table resides on B disks when a user provides the same query select  statement . so it is going to  divide the task for your IO process. So simultaneously it is going to get data from these two disks.
  • So here if it is taking ten minutes time in this situation this is going to take half of the time five minutes because there are two IO processes simultaneously running  on two different disks for the same for the single table and provides you the good performance so this is called striping.
  • ASM is going to take care of the striping of the data on the multiple disks So how it is going to do we will discuss after sometime so from now if you are better you understand what is the striping so this is striping concept in Oracle ASM Training.

Features of Oracle ASM Training:                                                                             Major-Functionalities-of-Oracle-ASM-Training

  • What is mirroring in Oracle ASM Training? Mirroring is nothing but you have configured two discs for your database which are mirrored means whatever data you store in table A will get replicated or make copied in two different hard disks Hard disk 1 and Hard disk 2. So like this the mirroring concept is happening here so if any particular disk fails also you will be having the mirror copy to run your database.We provide certifications for Oracle RAC Training by real time experts.
  • So mirroring also taken care by ASM so how is it doing all these activities. So in ASM we have a concept called Disk and  Disk groups. Disk is nothing but a typical disk whether it is hard disk or ASM disk both the same thing.
Benefits of Oracle ASM Training:
  • We can make a separate disk group using this one in this hard disk and name it as disk group2 and one other disk group3 so what did we understand here. So disk is a individual disk and disk group is a combination of or a collection of disks where you can add one or more you can add 10 disks or whatever number of disk you want to add is down your storage requirements you can add to a disk group. But one disk cannot be part of multiple disk groups it can be only part of  one disk group.
  • In Oracle ASM Training, we use Oracle DBA Training for organised collection of information treated as a unique. Purpose of a database is to collect store and review  detail information for used by database applications.So every organisation  has information that it must store and manage to meet its requirements. For example a corporation must collect and maintain human research records for its employees. This information must be available to those who need it so this Oracle database all the databases maintains the vital information in the database.So this information is very important for decision makers.We provide certifications for Oracle RAC Training.
  • If you want to become a database administrator no programming skills are required and there is highly paid salaries for Oracle database administrators in the market.There are lot of oppurtunities for Oracle DBA why because most of the organisations are using the Oracle database for their organisations. World banks are using the Oracle database and there are lot of oppurtunities for the DBA.The career of Oracle Database Administrator is challenging and interesting and ready to upend with the latest technologies like Oracle cloud or Big data.We provide classroom training for Oracle ASM Training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon ,Hyderabad ,Mumbai ,Delhi  and Pune.
Conclusion of Oracle ASM Training:

Global Online Trainings is rich in providing Oracle ASM corporate training at flexible timings.There is a huge demand for Oracle ASM Online Training now a days.Disk group in ASM is a collection of disks. Let me  provide you an example. Let us say you have four different disks with same size let us say 10GB each. So we have 4 different disks now in ASM there is a concept called Disk group where you can add one or more disks to a disk group. Let us say I can be able to create one group and name it has disk group one.

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