Oracle ATG Training

Oracle ATG Training

Oracle ATG Training Introduction:

Oracle ATG commerce offers open, server-aspect environments for constructing and executing dynamic, personalized programs for the web and other communication channels, along with electronic mail and wi-fi gadgets. Oracle ATG Web Commerce programs put into effect an issue development version based totally on JavaBeans and JSPs. builders carry together packages out of element beans (based on famous Oracle ATG net commerce commands or custom Java education) with the aid of way of linking them collectively through configuration documents in Nucleus, Oracle ATG web commerce’s open item framework.web page designers build the front-give up an interface for the application out of JSPs that use Oracle ATG web trade’s DSP tag library.

The DSP tag library makes it possible to embed Nucleus components in JSPs and use those components for rendering dynamic content material. Enrol for Oracle ATG Training at Global Online Trainings and boost your career as a certified Oracle ATG professional by gaining in-demand skills and expertise in data virtualization.  For more information please contact our helpdesk, we always get in touch with you.

Prerequisites of Oracle ATG Corporate Training:

  • ATG requires the know-how of the intermediate degree of Java/J2EE and item-orientated standards. If you are strange with Java programming/JSPs/Servlet, I would suggest trying your hand at simple java before beginning with the tutorials.
  • Fundamental expertise of database and SQL is also required.


Oracle ATG Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle ATG Corporate Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom Training)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, Our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15+ years

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Oracle ATG Training Course Content

Oracle ATG Training Course Content

Overview of Oracle ATG Training:

Oracle Commerce (formerly ATG) empowers selling encounters that drive snaps and transformations for the world’s greatest and best brands. The arrangement empowers organizations offering on the web to convey a reliable, pertinent, and customized cross-channel purchasing knowledge for purchasers.

The Oracle Commerce Solution incorporates the Oracle Commerce Platform and Oracle web Commerce  training Merchandising abilities for making and characterizing the locales and substance that drives client encounters. These capacities incorporate making and overseeing multi-web page and multichannel foundations, the board of the item inventory, web content creation, gathering of session information, estimating and advancements, handling of exchanges, the executives of client profiles and portions, and the formation of personalization techniques.

Once these facts and content are defined, the solution leverages Oracle trade Guided seek and Oracle trade revel in manager for the location, contextual shipping, and optimization of move-channel customer experiences. These abilities cognizance on leveraging information and content material from the commerce repositories and other supply systems to scale dynamic go-channel reports controlled via the commercial enterprise user. Page management and format, content material placement, and the dynamic transport of products, content material, personalization techniques, and contextual merchandising takes vicinity at this revel in the control layer.


But before going to learn Oracle ATG Training we take a look at what Oracle ATG is? 


What is Oracle ATG Training?

ATG is one beast eCommerce solution which presents wonderful client familiarity with very powerful capabilities. With a growing field of on-line shopping, ATG has emerged as one of the pinnacle eCommerce solution inside the marketplace. With the first-rate structure and more advantageous object-orientated ideas, it clearly is a piece of art.

The ATG framework gives a good-sized API and gear to convey real-life buying experience online. The APIs encompass pre-constructed implementations of a number of capabilities like add/dispose of products to cart, checking-out the order, potential for business customers to alter product attributes and many others. At the same time as additionally presenting the flexibility for personalization. Something is pre-build in ATG is called Out-Of-The-box (OOB or OOTB).

This is the brief information about Oracle ATG. If you want to know more about Oracle ATG please join in Oracle ATG Corporate Training at Global Online Trainings. You will get everything with advanced concepts. Come and Join Immediately.

Before we jump right into the sea of ATG eCommerce, we have to first apprehend what eCommerce is and how it works. You are probably unaware of much slang used in the international of eCommerce, so it isn’t always an excellent idea to bypass this.

What is eCommerce in Oracle ATG Training?                                                                                                                                                   Oracle ATG TrainingE Commerce

So, as we recognize eCommerce is buying and promoting of products online, but that’s no longer the case of it. ECommerce can be broken into many categories, amongst which, the most typically used are listed underneath.

B2B (Business-to-Business):

The buying and promoting of products between business companies are B2B. That is generally a situation wherein manufacturers promote to vendors or wholesalers sell to shops. The amount bought is quite large, and the rate is regularly negotiable on the basis of quantity.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer):

A business agency promoting goods to most of the people is typically the scenario in B2C trade. Its miles like a shop wherein you can go and buy stuff. We are rich in providing Oracle ATG training by real time experts from India.

C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer):

The entire classifieds stuff is C2C trade. You are a client, and desire to sell a car to any other patron is C2C trade. There are numerous web sites in recent times for on-line classifieds.

As we mentioned in advance, ATG is an eCommerce solution which gives tools and API framework to construct an eCommerce website. The functions in API are typically known as Out-Of-The-container (OOB or OOTB).

ATG has many programs, some of which can be optional. Those packages may be installed and configured as consistent with the business requirements. Considering that Oracle ATG’s model 11 has been launched currently, we can be discussing the power of ATG-11!!

Learn about some ATG Applications in Oracle ATG Training:
Oracle ATG Web Commerce (a.k.a Oracle Commerce Platform):

This utility offers with the primary client-going through lower back-cease capability. Fundamental eCommerce talents like cart, profile and so forth. Are included in this utility. This feature is obligatory to install.

Oracle ATG Business Control Center (a.k.a. BCC):

This software gives a huge variety of the capability to the business customers to manage content material and catalogue on the web site. We provide the best Oracle ATG Online Training by high Professionals from various states like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore etc. Global Online Trainings offers Oracle ATG Training with Oracle ATG Tutorial,with live projects by real-time experts at flexible timings.

Oracle ATG Control Center (a.k.a ACC):

This is a developer’s device which presents a UI-based totally interface to edit some cool ATG capabilities like Workflows, Pipelines etc.

Oracle ATG Customer Service Center (a.k.a CSC):

This software affords a capability for purchaser executives to view and clears up purchaser problems. This software normally involves order and profile control. A purchaser executive has to have access to this software for viewing (and in some case enhancing) order/profile info. As an instance, a client complains that his/her order has no longer been delivered. He calls-up the call centre, where a purchaser govt asks for the order-id. The government can look for the order inside the CSC application, and fetch the order information, and communicate the delivery popularity. It presents an extensive variety of different powerful functions that specialize in client care.

Oracle ATG Commerce Reference Store (a.k.a. CRS):

That is a sample reference utility, which uses ATG out-of-the-container capability and API, with a few customizations. Code for this software can also be found on the oracle website. There is a lot of implementation which may be used as a reference for actual implementation on ATG. We will also provide job support for Oracle ATG eCommerce Online Training Our Trainers will help you to clear the Oracle ATG certification exam. Feel free to contact anytime, our coordinators will help you to explain course details. Don’t miss this opportunity. Enroll Now!

What you are going to learn in this course?

The ATG Commerce preparing from Global Online Trainings encourages you to gain skill in the accompanying regions:

  • ATG Commerce Platform and its functionalities
  • Fundamental APG Personalization Concepts
  • Outline of unmistakable parts like Purchase, Pricing, and Form Handlers
  • Actualizing ATG Commerce utilizing Real-life Scenarios and Case Studies
  • New patterns, methods and most recent ATG Commerce functionalities
 Who is the Right person to learn this course?

The ATG Commerce course is essentially for

  • Technical Integrator/system administrators
  • Architects carried to work with the ATG platform.
Why should you learn Oracle ATG Training?
  • Prophet ATG Commerce is among the basic IT abilities in the business with incredible profession scope and with various open doors in the field.
  • Most driving associations are inclining toward experts who are affirmed in ATG Commerce instead of other IT aptitudes.
  • The present market demand for Certified ATG Commerce experts is soaring.
What are the Oracle ATG Training  Objectives?

The Oracle ATG Commerce is a perfect course encourages you to comprehend, acknowledge and utilize the more extensive highlights of this potential multi-platform trade apparatus. Our exhaustive internet preparing utilizing a lot of genuine situations that gives on the truly necessary introduction towards utilizing this in a genuine situation. The essential objectives of the course:

  • Understanding total commerce modules including index plan, personalization, and checkout stream.
  • Creating modules and altering ATG OOTB segments.
  • Recognize outsider frameworks to connect payment gateways, shipping, gift voucher, and order fulfillment.

Conclusion of Oracle ATG Training:

What’s the bottom line? Learn Oracle ATG Training at Global Online Trainings! By the end of this Oracle ATG Online Training developing modules, identifying third-party systems etc. In our training, you will learn Oracle latest versions 11.3 and 11.3.1.  Our Global Online Trainings Oracle ATG Certified Professional Program offers a comprehensive certification program for ATG OOTB components. Are you worried about how to learn the Oracle ATG Course? You are at the right place to reach to learn Oracle ATG Online Course. Global Online Training will give real-time projects to explain Oracle ATG Training. Our Trainers will explain each and every concept in Oracle ATG Online Training and Classroom Training for the fresher level to experienced level. We also provide Oracle ATG Videos. 


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