Oracle BICS Training

Introduction of Oracle BICS Training:

ORACLE BICS Training stans for Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service. It’s based on the proven BI technology already used by millions of users around the world. Oracle BICS Training integrated with the Oracle database cloud service utilizing database as a schema as well as database cloud service. There’s built-in mobile a simplified administration with data integration and it’s based on a low-cost monthly subscription instead of an annual license.

The built-in database components are based on Oracle 11gR2, Managed, Backup, Point-in-time Recovery, and Application Express. Business Intelligence Cloud Service Training is made up of four components load the data, prepare data, analyze the data and finally share analysis.


Prerequisites of Oracle BICS Training:

Having basic knowledge in these streams can enroll in the Oracle BICS training,

  • Oracle ADF,
  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • PL / SQL,
  • PMP,
  • Agile,
  • patient safety,
  • Fusion Middle-Ware.

Overview Of Oracle BICS Training:

Oracle BICS Training is loading the data consists of two options the first within the BI Cloud Service have the data loader data, data sync and then the use of REST API. With the database as a service have access through SQL developer and the advanced database cloud service data loading options including REST API and PL/SQL option. within the Oracle BICS Training data loader is a very simplified interface can either copy and paste data or it can upload files. For preparing data, given the option to change column names provide any kind of necessary transformation change data types. Then create the relationships with other tables utilizing a simplified join interface allowing us to join a factor table to the necessary dimension tables.When user sign on there’s a home page that provides several different quick links to resources, capabilities, and functionalities. The OBIEE architecture consists of three layers. The heart of the OBIEE structure the Metadata is lying. This connects the Front-end tools to the Sources. For example, you will some of the most recent reports and dashboards viewed over here along with the selection of favorites, links to create new analyses load data for additional analysis or data mashups a quick tour of product capabilities and functionality. GOT is offering best ORACLE BICS Training along with corporate training by real-time expert trainers at flexible hours. 

Includes the Market – Leading Oracle Database in Oracle BICS Training:

The built-in database components are based on Oracle 11gR2Oracle Managed Automated Backup Point-in-time RecoveryAdministrative Access Oracle Application ExpressSQL Developer

The Administrative users will access to the console for managing users and security managing the different data sets issue and sequel directly to the database managing snapshots and models, backup changing connection, settings, sessions and query cache, manage map data and etc. The user with data modeling permissions would have access to the model and capabilities where the fact tables are defined dimensions KPIs.The different types of data modeling requirements are taken care of here to create the dashboards and reports. With access to the catalog may be granted so people can the different reports from a more organized perspective on the catalog format create and manage analyses or at the different dashboards. We have a technical team of senior trainers for Business Intelligence Cloud Service Training with online and corporate training as well as job support from top faculty with latest updates.


BICS TrainingYou will note this particular dashboard has two pages both the top products page and a sales summary page.

Sales Summary Page:

The Sales Summary Page is the key KPIs, here some color-coding as well to highlight various different ones that you want to draw people’s attention to you’ll note that there is a set of prompts and selections over. Oracle Dashboards and reports are very dynamic. For example on the table you will that can highlight the pocket fun series of products and can drill down to the SKU level and at the various different details underneath that particular product line. The functionality is available from various different graphs and chats.

Top Products Page:

The Top Products dashboard where it uses a similar type set of prompts over. But now we’re looking at it my products and not by sales and profit revenue as plotted out here over. The bubble chart again quickly selecting one of the prompts will allow you to provide additional filters. You’ll note as well that again many different aspects of charts and graphs are available.


The Treemap is a very useful representation it shows a weighted average of all the different products with a continuous color fill type map. The simple example of a graph, charge, and grid that allows you to continue your drill down. The more details sometimes at a high level a number and you may want to find out more information about that number. The popular mechanism for drilling around is not to open up additional ones but to display these within a full hierarchy. You can continue to open up within the same report down to the SQL level again but using it from hierarchy perspective. You can close those backup, you can drill more, drill less and etc.Another very popular mechanism for interacting with the data sets. Oracle BICS Training is a starting high-level grid where we have information. Oracle BICS Training is getting more detail on the various pieces of components of information and make up each individual cell. Global Online Trainings providing the best Oracle OBIA online training at a reasonable price.

Control Access to Data using Oracle BICS Training:

How to create a source view with a filter?
  • That limits data selection to a specific customer segment, add the view to your data model as a dimension, change user roles and apply a filter to provide row-level security for the model object.

DATA Model: There are two ways to control what data is exposed through the model.

1. The first way is that create a filtered view of a database table.

2. The second way is that can set permissions and filters on dimensions to control who can access the dimension as well as restrict the rows of data.

  • Next, create a source view that only exposes data for the customer senior segment. you need to select at least one table to define the view. The source view is created from a table that contains both attribute and measure columns.
  • Oracle BICS Training starts building the table by selecting all relevant columns for the view and then adding them to the view. Here’s where you add a filter to limit the content to just the senior’s segment. It has to enclose seniors in single quotations. It’s important for me to review the data records to verify that my filter works correctly.
  • Next, you need to add the view to the model as a dimension table. Then you can continue by editing the new dimension table, making all the columns available, and then rename the column to make them more user-friendly. GOT is also providing best trainers for all aspects of Oracle OBIEE and ESB online and also corporate training with 24/7 support.
  • Oracle BICS Training can change who has access to an object such as a table, by editing the permission for the object. Right now, everyone has access to this table through the everyone role. You need to restrict access to the table so that only users who have the BI Advanced Content Author and BI Content Author roles can the table. You restrict access further by creating a data filter for the Oracle OBIA role.
  • The Expression builder enables to easily create the new data filter. You double-click the dimension object you want, select an operator, and enter a value. The validate the expression to make sure it’s properly formed. Now, users who have the BI content author role will only be able to revenue detail for the Americas region.
  • To use this new dimension table, you need to create a join to a fact table, just as you would for any other dimension. Oracle BICS Training also needs to validate and publish the model. This makes the new senior segmentation available for use in analyses, projects, and dashboards.


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