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Oracle BRM Training helps you learn Oracle Billing and Revenue Management. It is the telcos industry leading solution intended for communications service providers. The Oracle BRM can bill and manage all communications service including wire line, wireless, broadband, cable, and voice over IP and IPTV, video and music. In 2006 oracle acquired portal software and the solution was renamed as Oracle BRM Corporate Training.

The Oracle communications Billing and revenue management empowers service provides to embrace innovation, significantly improve time to market of new products and services, build stronger brands and lower operational costs. The BRM revenue analysis enables to audit processes for generate business intelligence report high availability. Collecting revenue analysis data helps to adjust your service plans for maximum revenue generation.

Prerequisites of Oracle BRM training:

To enlist in Oracle brm training, you must have some idea on these modules,

  • Billing and Revenue Management Version 7 Technical Essential
  • Knowledge of basic programming constructs and logic
  • Proficiency with text editors, vi for UNIX users, WordPad
  • Familiarity with C or C++ programming, UNIX basic commands

Oracle BRM Training Course Outline:

Course Name: Oracle BRM Training/ Oracle BRM Corporate Training / Oracle BRM Online training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Oracle BRM Online Course.

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Oracle BRM Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Oracle BRM Training Course Content

Oracle BRM Training Course Content

Overview of Oracle BRM online Course:

Oracle Digital Solutions for Revenue Management is intended to remove the multifaceted nature from benefit. The present specialist must explore many charging applications, client data frameworks, and financial applications to get the ideal perspective on the client. This complexity originates from a scope which is utilized for various administrations, installment strategies and client gatherings. In this condition, it is hard for a specialist to get a decent image of the worth and productivity that clients bring to the organization. Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management Solution gives a solitary merged stage to oversee income progressively in any client type, organize, administration, topography and installment technique.

There are different types of extensions:
  • Multi-database (Multi-DB) Manager
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Web Services Manager
  • JCA Adaptor
  • Deployment Tools such as
  • Pipeline Configuration Manager
  • Conversion Manager
  • Development Tools such as
  • Developer Center
  • BRM Software Development Kit
  • Data Dictionary
  • Localization Software Development Kit

Architecture of Oracle BRM Training:

The Oracle BRM training by global online trainings will provide you an overview on the Oracle BRM architecture and the different components it have. It is three-tier architecture where then front-end requests to the connection manager then the managers talks to the data manager. The application tier calls the connection manager which is also called a business tier the manager will send the request to the data manager. Then the data mangers will interact with the oracle database which stores the different types of information.

  • For example, there is a process of customer creation in BRM in which the application tier is going to make the request to the connection manager then the manager will validate the request data and perform the business logic needed for customer creation.
  • Since the data structure which is understandable by the CM is f-list so the f-list needs to be converted into database understandable language.
  • Then this f-list of input payload sends to the data manager which then converts into equal understandable language and updates commit those queries in the database.
  • So the same way response is sent back to developer. When there is a pipeline implemented in the BRM architecture then there are different pipeline servers so the architecture and the components are different for the pipeline.
  • The pipeline is going to receive files from mediation for usage records basically. So you can see the records are being sent from the mediation which are typically called as CDR and called as detailed records.

The pipeline server will be there to process the file by performing validation, rating and discounting process. Then it refers to a cache within a data and this cache is loaded from the database. Then once the rating will be done with the help of this cache then the rated files and the out files are send to the database which is having the component called the rated event loader which takes the out files and loads that into the database, best ORACLE BRM Training by real time trainers. Oracle BRM enables to audit processes for generate business intelligence report high availability. Global online trainings provides best Oracle BRM training and we also provide job support for Oracle BRM. Global online Trainings provides best Oracle BRM job support by experienced team, we do our best to help you out and solve your technical problems. 

What is Oracle BRM?

Oracle helps service providers adapt  the traditional billing systems, designed as batch systems with a rigid architectural structure, lack the flexibility to meet the changing market conditions and the rigorous network requirements of real-time transaction processing. Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management provides performance and high availability through an open and flexible structure that allows service providers to provide multiple services through different network and protocols, further enhancing customer value and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Who should take this Oracle BRM Training?

  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Functional Implementer
  • J2EE Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant

What are the learning outcomes of Oracle BRM Corporate Training?

  • Understand the key features & developed, after that you will be able to develop& work on OBRM tool
  • By learning Oracle Revenue Management & billing (OBRM) course at Global online Trainings.
  • Understand the technical capabilities of the product for
  • Configure, extend and integrate the product
  • Understand the product architecture.
  • Understand how the application can be developed and configured or extended to meet a customer’s business requirements

Oracle BRM – Portal pricing and rating:Modules of Oracle BRM Training

The explanation of portal pricing and rating of Oracle BRM training will be start by identifying different components that make up the portal pricing model. Then the introduction for some of the key pricing terminologies and basic price planning that will enable you to better understand the portal. This training program will also help you to review the business cycle, concentrating more closely on the registration process.

When a customer calls and speaks to a CRS regarding potential plans then the CSR can inquire as to the customer’s requirements and suggest potential plans.
Once the plan is purchased and the account created then the customer can use any services that are part of the plan, ORACLE BRM Training certification is also provided. The best Oracle BRM online course job support with my best Oracle BRM team.

Portal pricing model hierarchy:

The portal model hierarchy consists of several components such as plan, deal, product, discount
and so on.

  • The discounts are used to reduce the charges associated with events and to grant or consume non-monetary resources. So you can discount events rated in real time and by pipeline batch rating.
  • The portal product defines a set of events and the balanced impacts that are applied when those events occur.
  • Deals are comprised of products and discounts and the same products and discounts can be included in multiple deals.
  • In addition to the discount objects that are added to the deals additional percentage base discounts can be applied to either the purchase cycle or the usage fees at the deal level.
  • The plans contain one or more deals and used to offer your services to customers so this is why the customer is actually buying.
Portal Rating Process:

When an event comes in for rating then it carries with it basic information which is used to find the appropriate rate plan in the portal database.

  • For example the rate plan has been located and it calls for some charge with some discounts then the information is passed to the rating engine to get the result.
  • The call was then discounted by the discounting pipeline and the balanced impact is updated in the customer’s account in the database.

There is also another block in the OBI System Components that is OPMN (Oracle Process Manager and Notification) it is a server. The BI Server provides the access capabilities and Query. The BI Schedulers take the reports and analyses that delivered to the users at the time or not. OPMN is a process management tool that manages OBI System Components. OPMN is responsible for getting the various system components. You will know more about OPMN in OBIEE training. The third one provides the information of the framework for the presentation of business intelligence data web clients. Also, we are providing job support, if you want to join just go through with my help desk our team helps to you.

Billing and Revenue Management:

The finance organizations have the daunting tasks for interpreting the new and complex recognition standard, assess its impact and implement the rules. To make matters even more challenging the retrospective adoption mandate requires organizations to apply the rules to pass and current contracts.

  • The standard is a significant departure from the current way of deferring revenue at fair market because it requires companies to accrue performance obligation with its liabilities.
  • The Oracle revenue management cloud works with your existing ERP system for accelerating the transition to the new standard by performing iterative what-if studies.
  • So you can analyze previously reported sales using the rules you configure. Another advantage is that you can use the result of your analysis for updating your sales forecast models, more than 60+ students are trained in this ORACLE MAF Training.
  • In the Job support academy understands your needs and taken initiative to create a pool of well qualified, certified & real time experienced professionals with expertise in various technologies and also domains in Oracle BRM job support.

Conclusion to Oracle BRM Training:

The Oracle BRM Training app provides a complete end-to-end solution to support the key business processes for managing revenue, incorporating production, capture, collection and revenue assurance. BRM Customer Management Tools allow you to generate revenue from existing customers by maintaining a positive and active relationship. BRM Revenue Capture enables you to rate service usage with a high degree of control and responsiveness.Get ORACLE BRM corporate training  classroom training at hyderabad, mumbai, bangalore, noida, delhi, chennai with certification.

Global Online Trainings is a leading online training firm and it is also providing Oracle BRM Course. We are providing online training with the most experienced industry experts and they have complete knowledge of all aspects of Oracle BRM Online Training. In this training, you will understand the complete knowledge in Oracle BRM with many new features. For more details and contact information goes through our official website thank you.   



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