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Introduction of Oracle Cloud ERP Training:

The Oracle ERP cloud training is one of the SAS product from Oracle. The developers who are not aware of technologies or like cloud platforms so in general they are different market vendors if you observed there are generally like around four offerings  but generally there are three offerings from most of the vendors like if you consider Microsoft if you considered Google and even IBM and their lot of numbers of vendors who have different solutions in different cloud offering from Oracle point of view if you consider here the first offering is SAS is called software as a service from the oracle the SAS offering the product which it is offering like a  SAS or the model is oracle fusion APPs  and within the SAS model there are other  ERP stream the oracle also like our  net suit and EPM cloud Hyperion toward the lot number of cloud SAS models are there from the oracle

And the developers who are not aware what exactly SAS is all about is nothing but you Know it’s like software service available over the internet it doesn’t need to install anything just you will have an URL and just you access the software. Lets  for example if you like to sign up an account for Gmail so we doesn’t need to install any hardware I mean to say we doesn’t need any additional hardware for it doesn’t need any hardware or any software application to be installed in our system right we just required any URL you just required credentials to log-in and just for your Functionalities

Oracle Cloud ERP Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name: Oracle Cloud ERP Training/Oracle Cloud ERP Corporate Training/Oracle Cloud ERP Online virtual classes
  • Course Duration:  35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • System Access: will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

Learn About Cloud Platform and Service in Oracle Cloud ERP Training

The Oracle Cloud ERP Training is one the cloud platform and service oriented and now we are going to discuss about PAAS that means platform as a service now lets us say if you are from java background if you want to develop same java enterprise application you require an application server so until unless you have on an enterprise application server I mean to say unless your application server you cannot run your application.

  • Now you have to install application on your machine and then you run it but come into the past model what  you do is your particular application server will be available on the cloud and that particular instance will have its own URL and its all have its set of like a credentials to which you deploy to which your customer pick shell deployed in that particular provided platform and then you just run it so that’s how you access them that’s how you access application
  • Infrastructure service is nothing but you know like it just you ’re subscribing to an hardware on the cloud for example if you’re running a startup and you just looking for particular functionality for trial for one month of time.
  • The data as a service if you have aware there is something called yellow pages so let’s take and what they will do they just provided data for your search engine and it is a local search engine hit data the services nothing but Oracle provides a valid information for a particular set of customer 

          for example 

  • if you want a particular vendor for a particular product in a particular area or who provided them on a paid based model.
  • Previously we talk about SAAS base model there are an oracle fusion apps it is also called as Oracle cloud ERP but generally, developers are in the community they call it as fusion app and it is started in 2005 where oracle thought of reinventing a  new application and thing but a
  • New ERP based on the learning which it had brought from different what you say like from the market and buying set of ERP in 2005 what  Oracle has done and it has brought around a larger set of ERPs like PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards and before that Oracle EBS was the predominant major application from Oracle.

Learn about Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Training

The oracle fusion application built on best processes of a function either technical are the way that we consume the fusion applications in all the aspects what Oracle has done and Oracle brought all the best in standard a process is coming to technical standards wise are coming to business processes wise in the left side it was saying that will turn oracle open standards-based platform where whatever technical components are mentioned here they are combined together from multiple of sectors

For example

  • Oracle SOA suite so why it is very much popular services oriented architecture is very much popular and  what Oracle will do oracle brought that functionality for that functionality and used it very easy to build the fusion middle way and the WebLogic server is very much popular previously before fusion in the oracle before java was there originally Oracle EBS is always on top of d2k.
  • The architecture is completely different but whatever once Oracle bought the java and oracle understood the easy way of Java applications are distributed are scalable across all kind of platforms
  • they understood the importance and what they developed all the applications all the front end development applications of fusion in java and that they identified the WebLogic server is a place where they can deploy the java applications and they got the WebLogic server into the fusion middleware.
Learn functionalities of Oracle Cloud ERP Training

 The set of functionalities if we consider EBS was famous for financials, PeopleSoft was famous for the HRMS and Siebel was famous for CRM, JD Edwards famous for a manufacturing so each particular enterprise application which Oracle had a different set and each particular ERP was having its major  functionalities so what Oracle thought of doing like a rather than having each particular application was famous for one set of module and why  don’t they reinvent a new application having good functionalities from all the other things and building something with a new technology within the fusion apps it is not  just a functionality but it totally implemented on new technology by using a server services using web pages of BPM  the lot number of technologies which were using the fusion apps

The developers who may be generally they have conviction between what does fusion technology what is fusion arms what is fusion ventilator all these things and fusion ABS is an ERP fusion technology is nothing  but  fusion middleware and it is used for building fusion applications , fusion middleware is not even independent  I mean to say it is building some particular application and also you can go with fusion middleware and its independent  platform  provided by the building that non-oracle products also.

Learn about fusion Architecture in Oracle Cloud ERP Training

The fusion architecture if you observe generally and of them in any web applications whatever any developer can design generally they will have three layers right front end, middleware and backend of thing so here you observe in a yard be generally you’ll have a module right we generally call it as applications or modules.

There are the set of technologies which are used in the fusion applications and one is SOA one for the purpose of business services it can be soap services or rest services  and application integration services and  business process monitoring like a workflow purpose or women work through notifications JDeveloper  is one of the platform of designing the front end web pages ADF is the one which it uses  BI publisher is one of the famous  reporting technology  which fusion like efficient apps used and content management the lot number of others technology which is used in the one predominantly the famous one are like for business services it used OVA for frontend and it used ADF and for the reporting it uses OBIEE

If your developer is from EBay’s background how it is correlated with the fusion apps it’s nothing but if  you want to correlate let us says if you Know like if you are trying to learn a new programming language it is very big it becomes very easy to understand something based on your own understanding and if you want to compare developers  who are from the hippies background if they want to compare fusion apps what exactly is the difference all apart the PC  difference is the front-end part in the Ebiz is based on either  ADF pages or oracle forms but coming into fusion apps it is totally based on ADF                                 

Overview of Oracle Cloud ERP Training

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