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Oracle CPQ Training


Introduction of Oracle CPQ Training:

Oracle CPQ Training is the Oracle Configure, Price and Quote tool. It is completely quotation tool for every business they need to sell more and the first, they need the particular tool. Oracle CPQ will help a lot to sell more and the first to close more complex quotations easily using this tool. The Oracle CPQ Training is a very flexible and it easily integrates with the other ERP tools also.That is the reason many entertainers in many business organizations using this tool. For more quotations and it is very accessible to globally with the proper good internet connection. Because it is a complete cloud. Oracle CPQ Online Training is provided by leading online training cloud Global Online Trainings from India. We are having the best trainers and they have years of experience in training on all modules and also provide Configure Price and Quote corporate training.

Overview of Oracle CPQ Training:

Oracle CPQ Training is a SAS platform, so service has a cloud you can access it anywhere and no need to install any software or any particular requirements to use this software. It’s like any e-commerce site its generally way that you can log in at anywhere and you can configure the products and you can create the quotations using the CPQ tool. Web service calls soap API and Rest API it will support all that functionality in the CPQ Tool. CPQ is a quick definition of the CPU and the scope of the CPU in the real-time business. GOT is offering best Oracle CPQ Cloud Training along with corporate training by real-time expert trainers at flexible hours.

ERP Tools in CPQ Training:

ERP tools is an Enterprise Relationship Management tools. In ERP have so many categories like finance, human manufacturing, supply chain management and Customer relationship management. In this have several categories and there is to run the successful business they need to be sync, for example, the salesperson wanted to buy a particular item to the customer. So before placing the salesperson the order has to get knowledge on the product whether the product is available to not in their organization. The need to contact the manufacturing department. Manufacturing Department has to update their data in the centralized data system. The salesperson get know the detail from the centralized system and the product is available and it can configure the particular product and they can sell their product to the customer. They need to maintain the data in the centralized that is the data ERP. We have a technical team of senior trainers for Oracle CPQ Cloud Administration 2017, Oracle CPQ online training as well as job support from top faculty with latest updates.

CPQ fits in the Oracle CPQ Training:

Oracle CPQ Training means under the CRM because our Oracle CPQ Training is a completely configurational tool. The salesperson ultimately the end user of the CPQ tool is the sales represented tool.

Who are the sales representatives – Any business, any organizations, a group of people who will market their products and they will contact the customers. They will consider as and sales representatives.

Oracle CPQ Training for the media industry:

The Oracle sales cloud from the account details screens the user is able to click on create quote which will take us seamlessly into Oracle CPQ Cloud. This opens up a new quote in CPQ cloud which can now be updated with the required fields. And now you add a new line item Screen you can search for an add either an inventory or a non-inventory product. Oracle CPQ Training using the drop-down in freeform text fields we are able to select the appropriate product, license quantity, and add a new line item to the transaction. Another nice feature we have added is the ability to search for inventory using geolocation capabilities such as state county city and zip code to verify the inventory available for that specific location or area. Within the search, the table lists the available inventory for the location including any zip code clusters. Additional filtering and sorting capabilities to refine search results are also available. Once determined you can enter the desired quality we wish to add from the inventory against the desired ZIP code.

Salesforce CRM in Oracle CPQ Training:Oracle CPQ Online Training

Generally is not the term neurologist. Oracle CPQ Training is follows

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunity
  • Oracle CPQ

Leads: The leads are the prospective store the customers who are the interest rate in the products but they are not ultimately the leads. After the leads who are showing interest in the products, they will convert it into the accounts. Accounts: The company is maintaining the all the business deals in the systems using this under the accounts category. Accounts in the content in the particular company. Contacts: They have the multiple contacts like managers, the sub-department, and who are going to shipping. All the contacts will maintain in the under one account. Opportunity: They will create one opportunity, it is nothing but then transaction in the CRM technology. After creating the opportunity the particular salesperson will create a CPQ quotation like they will place an order using this stuff for Oracle CPQ. Before that, you have to integrate our Oracle CPQ to CRM. Oracle CPQ: This CPQ tool is the separate category tool and the CRM is separate, so before you need as a developers need to do a set up between theOracle CPQ Training in the any CRM tool. Global Online Trainings providing the best Oracle Configure, Price and Quote online training at a reasonable price.

Oracle CPQ Training for CRM Solution:

Generally, the salesperson will log in into the CRM tool and they will create an opportunity. From the opportunity will integrate our CPQ tool this is a quotation. The quotation is nothing but in one transaction the CPQ technology. The salespersons and create the multiple quotations so the customer satisfies with the which quotation will find less and they will place the order. And after landing in the quotation the customer, the salesperson needs to the configure the products. For example, the particular companies the selling their hardware session like hardware components will count need to configure the hardware components and they need to show the price of the particular products. The proposal document is nothing but like our invoice bill in the Amazon or the Flipkart websites. GOT is also providing best trainers for all aspects in Configure Price and Quote corporate Training and also online training with 24/7 support.

Oracle sales cloud to Oracle CPQ cloud:

The Oracle integration cloud service (ICS) as their strategic platform for integration. It will be used for bi-directional data synchronization between Oracle sales cloud, CPQ, and EBS. The opportunity can be converted into a quote, then an order with just a few clicks using ICS. You enter information for the opportunity and adds the associated products to complete the opportunity configuration.