Oracle CRM Training

Oracle CRM Training

Oracle CRM Training Introduction:

Oracle provides a wide and deep portfolio of CRM solutions, providing great functionality to support specific business needs for companies of every size to provide all customer touch-points and great customer experience. Oracle marketing, sales, trade, service, social, and configuration, provides a complete and integrated Oracle CRM solution that breaks patches to provide a seamless user experience across price and quote (CPQ). Oracle CRM Training with Global Online Trainings is coordinated by the best industry experts and Oracle CRM is tailored with the best industry updates, providing the best professional insight to participants on tutorial modules. Training is available for personal and corporate batches. To know more about this Oracle CRM Training course contact with today’s Global Online Training.


  • There is no prior knowledge of HR business processes or Oracle applications
  • Basic computer knowledge

Oracle CRM Training Course Outline:

Course Name: Oracle CRM Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, the materials will be provided by us.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Oracle CRM Training Course Content

Oracle CRM Training Course Content

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Oracle CRM Overview:

Oracle CRM is incredibly powerful and versatile applications. Oracle CRM is a (Saas) Software as a Service based application which performs a set of functions to meet a business need. It is simple to put in and simple to administer and conjointly Oracle provides a comprehensive set of body tools which needs coaching for business users to become skiOracle CRM Over viewllful within the setup and maintenance of the application.

With Oracle CRM Training every step or expansion, a company is likely to access large web-based courses. They are conveniently supported by the support center and training values. This training can be obtained when the right time arrives. Role-based courses are available to you without any extra charges. These role-oriented courses help organizations to achieve all marks and good results in complex processes. Through Oracle CRM online training demonstrations these courses are likely to provide you with step by step process. We were glad to cite the best practices, and immediately used people to stay away from the system.


 What is Oracle CRM?

The Oracle CRM Training is a customer relationship management application developed by Oracle Corporation. It is widely known as the world’s most complete customer relationship management (CRM), providing for business intelligence that has been socially enabled from sales automation. Oracle CRM provides great customer experience by providing a wide and deep portfolio of CRM solutions for all customer touch-points, a wide and deep portfolio, and provides great functionality to support larger business’s specific business needs for large companies.


Who will learn this course?

  • Software Engineer
  • Oracle CRM Developer
  • Oracle CRM Business Analyst

Such well-known Oracle-based CRM training courses are intended for certain individuals. Project Manager from Technical Consultants, are loaded with options that are waiting for you. On the other hand, we have a few different courses for business analysts and loyal, functional implementation services.


What will you learn?

  • Customize the application that is available to meet the company’s specified business needs.
  • Define the default settings and password policies for the organization.
  • Marketing practices related to the application of expertise.
  • Set up users in the specified application field and access them with appropriate attraction and some value-added information.
  • Doing the function to expand and perform complex tasks.
  • Identify tools and resources that can be helpful for managers.

Oracle CRM Service Fundamentals:

  • Understand a store’s shopping cart and order functionality and other important features
  • Understand the characteristics of Oracle’s sales applications
  • Create leads and make them prosperous
  • Create opportunities and make them quotes
  • Describe campaign streams, schedules, and target groups
  • Terrestrial terrain was established in the territory of the landlord and landscapes
  • Describe Basic Sales Flow
  • Set up regular parts, such as notes, tasks, and calendars
  • Describe Lead to the order process
  • Create users and contacts using the Oracle Trade Association architecture model
  • Create employers and customers, import resources, and assign roles and responsibilities to customers
  • Understand the necessary steps to establish marketing products
  • Describe the integration points between Oracle Sales and Oracle marketing applications
  • Understand Global Address Formatting
  • Understanding the personalization features of Oracle Sales available at the OA Framework
  • Create proposals for leads, opportunities or quotes

Oracle Siebel CRM training:

Siebel CRM Service Request Manage Fastest customer request results in fast customer loyalty and enhanced agent efficiency call centers One of the client’s touch focus centers and its implementation is imperative. Oracle Siebel Sales is fully integrated into the family of the Sibel elements, CRM on Demand  Accruable and Organized Arrangements for Continuous Changing and Developing Companies. Oracle’s Siebel Contact Center and Service Factory help organizations offer snappier, good and only iceberg skill is the tip of client administration.


Siebel CRM benefits:

  • The best advantages of Oracle Siebel CRM do not mean you need to get a complicated installation process or purchase additional software.
  • Oracle Siebel CRM’s Most Useful Profit This product identifies your development environment and accesses your business logic and service related data and uses wide set APIs and synchronize everything you need to access and modify it easily.
  • At the same time, Oracle Siebel CRM most beneficial purpose, the tool created endless integrated opportunities, and all the information spaces and inequalities formed by human deficiencies.
  • This program creates highly fast realistic coordinates for you to connect with your other applications in your multiple software systems, and to get a secure, complete preview in contextual data.
  • As a result, you can navigate all of your systems without using or improving additional IT resources.

Oracle CRM on-demand training:

Oracle CRM on-demand training specialization for sales and execution of customer relationship management, sales, service, marketing, and contact center operations on-demand solutions with subscription-based CRM. Data Access and Visualization, Book of Business, Product Administration, Extended Application, Administration to Administrator Roll, User Setup, Forecast Administration, Company Administration, Assignment Rules, Team Sharing, Workflow Creating, Customizing Fields, Customizing Pages, Web Services on Demand Guide , Information Transfer (TOI) Web Services, Information (TOI) Web Services Integration.


Oracle CRM Benefits and Features:

Oracle CRM features can be explained by using the CRM tool. It is possible to regulate and maintain customer relationships, mainly a set of potential historical analysis for classification of qualification and tracking/management, optimization of estimates, analytics & reporting and intelligent business decisions at this time. The specific features of Oracle CRM’s data are properly maintained and easily accessible to everyone’s team on any device. On top of that, Oracle CRM features power management with major, integrated marketing campaign management, major breeding, and ROI measurement tools. This marketing tool will help you stand out from today’s competitors from the CRM market and build the best and most memorable Oracle CRM Benifits & featuresrelationships with your customers. Thank you for the initiative and user-friendly technology used to develop the special features of Oracle CRM, you can solve more complex CRM problems in a fast and efficient manner and increase productivity rather than any other CRM program.


  • In each conversation, gather more and more valuable information through progressive details and distribute high-quality sales.
  • Increase the main volume and conversions with automated lead breeding campaigns.
  • Creates a comprehensive future database with a strong response management system.
  • Maximize marketing ROI by analyzing a unified revenue tunnel in marketing and sales.
  • Low cost of maintaining retirees and errors.
  • Collect and analyze performance data.
  • Reduce maintenance and configuration costs.
  • The simulation features before testing business rules expand.
  • Competitiveness benefit in both the cost and the cost of customer service.
  • Provide instant access to critical information at any time, anytime.
  • Start Employees to work smoothly between desktop productivity applications and Oracle CRM applications.
  • Make more informed decisions with a full view of all customer communications.
  • Reduces navigational complexity, automatically runs design logic.
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of both functional and load or performance testing
  • Automation of marketing processes, your salesperson is more efficient, focusing on customers and ending more contracts.
  • Provide entrepreneurs with the flexibility to work with the choice of interfaces anytime and anywhere easily, with full use.
  • Improve interaction with customers by providing the company’s unique source of truth via customer repository.
  • Start sales and managers to improve pipeline visibility and access advanced analytics to more accurately predict


For quicker and higher customer reception, companies now attract CRM services demanding customers. These courses of Oracle CRM are professionally trained in accurate guidance while dealing with technologies. In accordance with your company’s needs, you will be advised to take advantage of a wide range of training options that are conveniently trained. Depending on the specialty of your business, we packed various Oracle CRM Online training sessions and all CRM values.

              Global Online Trainings is specialized in delivering the advanced course to the freshers and experienced or the working professionals who want to learn the advanced subject and who are interested to initiate their career or exaggerate the existing testing career in any field. We are ready to serve you in various application testing courses interested candidates as we have scheduled the online and corporate classes. To earn more information from your side reach us on global online training.


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