Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training

Introduction of Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training (CC&B) is a total charging and client mind application to utilities serving business mechanical and private clients. The CC&B intended for providing food for utilities that may have a little couple of thousand clients to those that have a large number of clients. Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training handle each part of the client life-cycle from benefit association, meter perusing, rating, charging, installments handling, accumulations to handle work. It consolidates client relationship highlights, for example, through contact focus ability, arranges passage, protection program administration, contract administration and like programs. Global online trainings provide best Oracle CC&B 2.x online training and also available corporate batches from our top trainers with latest updates.

Overview of Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training are looked at with a quickly changing industry and expanding desires of their clients. It likewise bolsters the administration of new items and administrations that a utility may wish to market and pitch to all or a characterized fragment of their client base. Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training is a developer, adaptable, maintain the Customer Information System. That is intended to meet the requirements of electric, gas, and water utilities. Adjusting to these variables with existing client data frameworks likely requires huge change or substitution. It enables utilities to make strides client benefit, improve money related execution, and adjust to a changing industry.

Oracle Customer Care and Billing online TrainingLikewise, Oracle CC&B 2.x online training has incorporated an entrance that gives a 360 degree perspective of the client. Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training give a firm establishment to the contact focus as it shows an assortment of client/account data of most worry to client benefit staff. The entry enhances efficiency by giving access to ordinarily required data and in this way diminishes clicks and unnecessary route to see client/account points of interest. We provide best online and corporate training for Oracle customer care and billing functionality with reasonable price from our top expert trainers. 

Key Features in Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

  • Backings electric, gas and water utilities
  • Handles each part of the client lifecycle
  • Provides a 360 degree perspective of the client
  • Scales from a couple of thousand to numerous a huge number of clients
  • Specific modules can be actualized after some time to meet a utilities’ particular business needs.

Enabling Flexible Business Processes in Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training have a solid spotlight on execution and ease of use. Oracle Utilities CC&B enables utilities to meet changing business needs rapidly, growing their administration furthermore, item contributions, making rate alterations, mechanizing business handling to meet their particular business necessities, and etc., without implementing heavy and costly coding changes to the framework. Global online trainings provide best Oracle CC&B modules with corporate batches by smart expert trainers at 24/7 support.

Optimize Cashflow in Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training must save the time and it takes to transform client use into charging Statements, also, charging statements into cash. Clients pay all the more immediately when they get simple to-peruse, pay bills that are planned to arrange with the accessibility of money related assets. The CC&B 2.x online training enables utilities to do this notwithstanding observing obligation levels, changing gathering strategies to the particular money related circumstance of personal clients and better-overseeing stores to accelerate installments and decrease uncollected obligation.

Benefits of Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

  • Enables client benefit staff to convey prevalent client benefit
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Minimizes time to change over client utilization into charging articulations into getting installment
  • Configures effectively to meet one of a kind needs limiting customizations
  • Upgrade rapidly, bringing down hazard and add up to cost of possession
  • Supports prebuilt incorporations in the Oracle utility suite which incorporates metering, framework, work and resource and investigation arrangements

Oracle CC&B comprehensive Customer Solution:

Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training is a part of Oracle Utilities’ far-reaching Customer Arrangement, which incorporates rich usefulness outlined and worked to help utilities of all sizes including a portion of the biggest utilities on the planet. It gives a wide cluster of integral item contributions to meet necessities today and tomorrow and it is also offering the following

  • Oracle CC&B 2.x online training has a completely coordinated Customer Self Service stage for the client request, charge seeing/installment and client installment through the web, cell phone, and portable application
  • It enables to demonstrate practically any evaluating situation to give retailers a Competitive advantage.
  • Oracle CC&B training and Oracle Mobile Workforce Management enable utilities to design, calendar, dispatch and give versatile correspondences for all work composes, including client started work, through the pre-bundled productized mix.
  • Oracle CC&B and Oracle Meter Data Management permits utilities to accumulate, process, and bundle huge volumes of interim information, produced by keen gadgets, to make usable billable data through prepackaged productized joining
  • Oracle Analytics Dashboards – Prebuilt investigation dashboards for execution following and revealing. Particular modules for Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training cover client, income, special case, and credit and accumulations.
  • Oracle Utilities Advanced Analytics Cloud Service – For utilities looking for a cloud-based arrangement with a short lead time from incorporation to the organization, utilities can offload the weight of discovering answers to complex inquiries onto a group of Oracle specialists. We provide best online, corporate and job support from India by top most faculty. 

Control Central of Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training:

Oracle CCB Online TrainingThe Control central screen is usually the default screen when a user logs on to CC and B. This is basically the search screen used by the user to search almost any object within Oracle Customer Care and Billing. The one search using single or multiple parameters including wildcards. The control central window is divided into three sections

  • Search criteria screen section
  • Result pane
  • Dashboard

The search screen located at the top allows the user to input multiple search criteria. It based on the parameters passed the results are displayed in the result pane the result pane is located at the bottom half the screen. On the right side of the window, you will see the dashboard which is visible throughout the application. Oracle CC&B online training is not part of the control center. The dashboard is a dynamic sub-window which display relevant data depending on the screen the user has navigated to. Oracle Customer Care & Billing Online Training will not concentrate on the dashboard as you will intuitively understand the usefulness of the dashboard during the course of the training when a search returns only one result. The user is directly taken to the account information screen, if more than one result is returned, they are listed in the result pane. The user would need to manually select the account or premise of interest to view more information. This screen provides the user with is no fan of the account chosen. The information returned is so vast that they are classified into tabs and within tabs, multiple zones are displayed based on the micro level information required the user can navigate to that specific tab to retrieve the information.Using the control central main tablet us search by using account ID as the parameter. As the search returned only a single result, the systems take us directly to the account information tab. The information is categorized into zones, let us minimize the zones to see what top-level information is available with respect to the account and its related objects.

Global Online Trainings is a leading online training firm and it is also providing Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training. We are having the best expert trainers and they have years of experience in training on all modules of Oracle Customer Care & Billing Training. In this training, you will understand the complete architecture of Oracle CC&B 2.x software tool it is the new version and with many new features.


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Oracle Customer Care and Billing Training