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Oracle DBA training

Oracle DBA Training

Introduction of Oracle DBA Training:

Oracle DBA Training is provided by top most online Training platform known as Global Online Training. In this online training you will understand the three primary components regarding to storage and the way of Oracle DBA will work to make use of these three components and processes such as making, division, monitoring, trouble shooting and securing all server database along with high available infrastructure. We have technical trainers team and they will each and every component in Oracle Database Administration Training lost information recovering and keeping it securely etc. Our online training team has came up with user friendly qualities for your convince so that you can freely ask your doubts and get clarification with answers. With our Oracle Database Administration Training you will become as responsible for recovery of data base if data base crashes by using with other machines.

Course Name: Oracle DBA Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Oracle DBA Training Course Content

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What is Oracle DBA Training?

The term Oracle DBA is referred as Database Administration in Oracle Database Administration Training. In this database, data means whatever information we are having we called it as data and base is the one which help or facilitate to keep our data in some operating system either in our computer or in any server  or in other different server.

  • Those systems are called as physically based systems, that means whatever information we are getting from end users that means if any application user is doing transaction from the front end at that point of time the data has to be stored in some place, that place is called as base, in that place where we are physically storing the data.
  • In Oracle DBA Training you will learn data is the one which is specifically have some part of information and that information will be storing or physically keeping in the base.
  • To take Oracle DBA Training people should have minimum idea about Basic SQL (Structured Query Language) and Basic knowledge on Linux. For web based rad environment Oracle APEX Training will useful for rapid application development and to build data eccentric acronym for other frameworks. Our senior Trainers are always available for Oracle Apex Training from India.
  • In Oracle DBA Training, Oracle Data Base Administrator is a highly privileged person and that person is only going to look after the entire Oracle Database Administration Training means administrator will see entire activities of database server.
  • Without database administrator there is no organization will be functioning. Because Data Base Administrator is the key person for running off smooth operations. The main activity of Oracle Database Administrator is user management, User management is one of the key parts of DBA.

Data Base in Oracle Cloud:Oracle DBA Training Infographics

Data is related to any object disregard. But the data could be random. Data of any company, person etc possessed and stored in the system are called database. Data in the database is organized it makes the data management easy. It is not necessary in system readable format usable by a system. Before Oracle DBA Training Trainers will also explain about the Database. DBMS is a collection of details which empower its user to access database, manage the data and helps in the representation of data. It also helps to control the entry to database by various users.

The software that provide you to access the database. It will accept the commands in a language called the SQL to create the database structure, store data and retrieve it. DBMS like a full service library. DBMS Training is also main for the ORACLE Database Administration Training Corporate training our trainers will say about this DBMS also. Oracle Apps DBA Training will useful in Database Administration to store in permanent way. Global Online Trainings will give the best Oracle Apps DBA Training with all the aspects at reasonable price.

Responsibilities of Oracle DBA :
  • In Oracle DBA Training, the first role will be installation of Oracle software. This will be primary role of a database administrator it means, whenever the system requires Oracle Software it is a responsibility of Oracle Database Administration Training to install Oracle Software as per the market trends and client requirements.
  • The second responsibility of Oracle DBA Training is user management it is a most important job in Oracle DBA. If a moment a new project is assigned to a company according to client requirement. It is a responsibility of database administrator to create number of users. In the user management activity, the Database structure will be creating users assigning some resources as allocation of passwords, specifying password expiry dates and dropping of users etc.
  • Third responsibility is taking backups, this can be a day vise backup or weekly backup or monthly backup, that means it is not going to take up manually for taking backup for some automated scripts. By using those automated scripts the DBA will take backup.
  • Monitoring database instances, periodically this is one of the most important jobs of Data Base Administrators to monitor database instances, whether it is working out properly or not.
  • Instance recovery or crash recovery, If anything goes wrong like system failure, database down etc. In such cases the administrator must be able to perform crash recovery.
  • Creation of data guard, it is a part of high availability in architecture category of Oracle DBA Training. In case of single database failures then the admin will be having a standby database. The data guard includes configuration creation, implementation and maintaining are comes to data guard mechanism.
  • Applying patches, when ever bugs are occurred in order to rectify in database level Oracle DBA Training will be helpful.
  • Installation of clients, it is way of communicating between client and server.
  • Up gradation, this is a process of upgrading a database from lower version to higher version.
  • Creating data base links, it is nothing but a communication path in between two different databases.
  • Monitoring alert log files, it contains complete information of a database. It means whenever a redo log files are filled so all the diagnostic information is stored in alert log file.
  • Schema refreshment, it is a process of moving a data from one system to another system such as test system, development system etc.
  • Global Online Trainings has experience trainers to skilled you on Oracle BPM Training at flexible hours.
Oracle DBA Architecture:Oracle DBA Elements

In this Oracle DBA Training you will understand complete architecture of Oracle Database Administration Training. Oracle DBA is an three tier architecture, in this first one is client system or client tier, second one is middle ware and third one is database layer or DB tier. In client tier is developed by using front – end technologies like HTML, JavaScript and VB Script etc.

In middleware is normally designed by using middleware languages such as Servlet, JSP and some other dot net applications. In third tier that is data base tier or DB tier, the database server is going too committed with normal developers and it is going to be managed by DBA in Oracle Database Administration Training. Oracle BPM Training will supports different types of gateways in Oracle Database Administration Training such as Exclusive, Inclusive, Complex and Parallel gateways etc. In order to communicate with the database server we must have proper privilege and proper authentication.

In Oracle DBA only authenticated users are allowed to communicate with the database server system. To use Oracle DBA 11g/12c system authentication is required, the user must be authenticated. Whenever proper authentication occurred then only we are able to communicate with the Oracle Database server. It means, at the time of communicating with database server we can notice that what kind of user we are like normal user or Data Base Administrator. Oracle EBS Training will help how to providing specific information or data to Database Administrator. Normal user means the person who develop middle ware application and who interacts with database server frequently. We have the best trainers for Oracle EBS Training, they will provide training on your working project also.

  • For any system where database is installed , that is a particular structure. In Oracle DBA Training, for a single database server, in that the database is architecture in  structure for it there is a process of how the data flows and how the data processed etc.
  • The complete database server is a information management system, with that we can manage saved data. The architecture basically two components first one is Oracle instance and second one is Oracle Database.
  • In Oracle DBA Training, Oracle server is the key to information management. In general, an Oracle server must reliably manage a large amount of data in a multi user environment. So that many users can concurrently access the same data. In Oracle DBA Training, an Oracle server must also prevent unauthorized access and provide efficient solutions for failure recovery.
Networking in Oracle DBA Training:
  • Networking in Oracle DBA Training is in between server and client. To have completely networking you have to get access from the client side data base, then only we can perform and maintain networking from server side and client side DBA.
  • At the beginning we have to set IP address and host name for server side and as same for client side. By using click and view command we can check IP address and host names and by using net MGR (Manager) we can create list of note file.
  • In the three tier architecture where Oracle, Middle ware and client systems are there,  when the developer needs to communicate with Oracle server then he needs server information like IP address, service name, port number and host name etc. all these information will be in listener.ora file.
  • In Oracle DBA Training, whenever a client’s request is coming it is the responsibility of listener file to read incoming request. After handing over of client request the data base, the middleware system will display the service name which is available in listener.ora file.
  • The tnsnames.ora file contains service name, IP number and port number and these will match with listener.ora file information. These two files are playing major role in networking process in Oracle DBA Training.
  • When you start instances  automatically the listener will be started with default data base name, for any reason if listener is not started then forcefully we can start the listener by using some listener control commands.

Overview of Oracle DBA Training:

In Today market many users are using Oracle DBA to design and maintain the data. It has running with latest version of 11g/12c. Oracle DBA Training you will learn completely self driven data base, it is totally automated data base with a lot of tasks and human intervention is not required. Oracle database will self tune itself, if performance tuning is not performing well then the client will come back to DBA and ask between the data base, then the data base will perform good.

Oracle DBA is slightly related to Oracle RDBMS (Rational Data Base Management System), it is also software which we use in our system. For business relationship management Oracle BRM Training will useful for Oracle Database Administration Training. Whenever we created database, then we store the data into it and when we retrieve the data. Global Online Trainings is also providing Training for Oracle BRM Training from India.

  • In Oracle DBA Training, data base could be of two types one is stand alone and another one is cluster database. Stand alone as the name says the data base stands alone, it is not at all related to any other database it is one data base running on one server.
  • Cluster data base means when we combine two or more servers and resources into one and that is called as cluster data base. Whenever we are running data base in a server then it is called as cluster database.
  • The RAC (Real Application Clustering) in Oracle DBA Training is when there is two or more servers would be there and there is something called instance in Oracle, so all those instances will access the same database.
  • In Oracle DBA Training we are going to get performance benefit from RAC while executing a task in its standalone database and the same task executing in a cluster database then we will have some differences. That is the minimum requirement is two servers so two server’s hardware will be combined.   
DBA Physical Structure:
  • Oracle DBA has the data physical in nature like data file, a file which is resulting in operating system is called as Physical structure of Oracle DBA. Those physical files we can see in operating system
DBA Logical Structure:
  •  Oracle Database is a logical thing or logical structure, in that we will have tables, different users and schema with all we cannot see because they are logical in nature. Then does not reside in the operating system.
  • In Oracle DBA Training the database everything you will see in two parts those are either physical or logical structure.

Conclusion of Oracle DBA Training:

Oracle DBA Training is provided by leading online training cloud Global Online Trainings from India. We are having the best trainers and they have years of experience in training on all modules of Oracle Data Base Administration Training. Students who are looking to get positions in IT field in Oracle Data Base Administration Training and fresher who are got job with less skills and knowledge are also can take our online training.

Global Online Trainings is also providing Corporate Trainings for Oracle Apex, OBIEE, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle BPM, Oracle EBS, and Oracle BRM etc. In this training our trainers will provide valuable information and important tips and those are pretty helpful to got job in interviews. For more details and contact information visit our official website thank you.  



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