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Oracle DBA training

Oracle DBA training

ORACLE DBA Training Introduction:

ORACLE DBA Training is it will manage the data which is coming from all the authority in a active manner. ORACLE DBA Training is to design, devising, trouble shooting like that. ORACLE DBA Training will store the data securely. ORACLE DBA system is so large so it requires the DBA for every data base system to admin it. ORACLE DBA Training it will maintain all the server and the data base. It is the RDBMS system. ORACLE DBA Training is to manage, recover the information which are lost. Database must be suitable for the enterprise framework. ORACLE DBA 12c 11g certification Training present by Global Online Trainings. Global online Trainings is the best for ORACLE DBA Online training because the course is given by the best corporate trainers from india. About the latest versions and any thing regarding to this course you can visit our website. Oracle Administrator training material also available and this content is given by experienced trainers.

Prerequisites of ORACLE DBA Training:

  • ORACLE RAC DBA- Exadata should be known for the oracle dba training.
  • Oracle DBA- Exadata should have some basic knowledge on this for the ORACLE DBA Training.
  • Oracle Apps DBA is to be familiar for obtaining the ORACLE DBA Training.
  • Oracle Database Administrator- Database manager acknowledge on this course before training on this course.
  • Oracle cloud Database, Oracle Database also be familiar.

Oracle DBA 10g 11g online training course content

  • What is DBA?
  • Why a Company needs a DBA?
  • Roles & Responsibilities of DBA
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Physical and Logical Phase of Database
  • Types of files (Control file, Redolog file and Datafile)
  • Different types of Datafiles
  • Instance
  • SGA (System Global Area) and Background Process
  • Different Startup Modes
  • Different Shutdown Modes
  • Types of Database Creation
  • Manual Method of Creation
  • Introduction to Table space
  • Types of Table space(BIG & SMALL)
  • Temporary Table space
  • Altering/Renaming a Table space
  • Renaming a data file
  • Temporary Groups
  • Table space Encryption (11g)
  • What are segments?
  • What are extents?
  • What is Blocks?
  • Oracle Blocks
  • Estimation of Extents
  • Dictionary Managed Table space
  • Locally Managed Table space
  • Storage Parameters (Initial, Next, Min Extents, Xtents, Pctincrease)
  • Who are Database Users?
  • Why to create a User?
  • Creation of Users
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Creating and granting Roles
  • Allocating table space Quotas to Users
  • Assigning default table space for the Users
  • Setting Profiles for the Users
  • Levels of Authentication
  • Schema Management (11g)
  • Security (11g)
  • What is Undo?
  • Why Undo required?
  • Pending offline status
  • Brief idea about Rollback segments
  • Flashback Features
  • Flashback Table
  • Flashback query
  • Flashback Version query
  • What is spfile?
  • Difference between spfile and pfile
  • Advantages of spfile
  • What is OMF?
  • Advantages of OMF
  • Files conventions of OMF
  • Introduction to Oracle Networking
  • Network default location
  • Editing Network file
  • Tnsnames.ora
  • Introduction to Database Links
  • Types of Database Links
  • Introduction to Materialized views
  • Advantages of Materialized view
  • Refresh Modes
  • Introduction to redo log
  • Status of Redo logs
  • Multiplexing the Redo log files
  • Re-creation of Control file
  • Renaming the Database
  • Multiplexing the Control file
  • What is a logical backup?
  • Why it is required
  • Export/import Utility
  • Data Pump
  • Difference between Data Pump and Traditional Export/import
  • Impdp/expdp
  • Transportable Table spaces
  • Introduction to Physical backup
  • Types of Physical backup
  • Cold & Hot backup
  • Recovery scenarios
  • RMAN backup
  • RMAN Point in time recovery
  • RMAN 11g new features
  • What is Performance Tuning?
  • Why Tuning required?
  • Types of Tuning
  • Database Tuning
  • Tuning
  • SQL Tuning
  • Memory Tuning
  • Network Tuning
  • Partitioning and Indexes
  • Partitioning Enhancements
  • RAT (Real Application Testing) (11g)
  • SQL Performance Analyses (11g)
  • Row chaining and Row migration
  • Resemble Table spaces

Overview about the ORACLE DBA Training:

ORACLE DBA Training is to manage the data  and are to be keep secure and the it will store the data if any server is lost also data will be recovered. Oracle DBA Training is to install the oracle server and create the database, admit the system user. If any problem are occur it will back up the database. ORACLE DBA 12c 11g certificationTraining will maintain the arrived data on edging. Allot the system storage and planning for the required storage for the database system. ORACLE DBA Training is to observe and develop the database performance. Global Online Trainings will give the best DBA Training with the real time examples. You can enroll with the trainers. ORACLE DBA Training will perform some main operations such as starting up database. DBA will customize the database structure its on basic requirement of application developer. ORACLE DBA Training means any person who is authoritative  for administration, monitoring the oracle database. ORACLE DBA 12c 11g Certification Training will be in the planning and improvement of the database any squeeze are from the users. We will also provide the ORACLE DBA Training materials also and this document is given by our professional trainers.


  • Data is related to any object disregard. But the data could be random. Data of any company, person etc possessed and stored in the system are called database. Data in the database is organized it makes the data management easy. It is not necessary in system readable format usable by a system. Before Oracle DBA Training Trainers will also explain about the Database.
  • DBMS is a collection of details which empower its user to access database, manage the data and helps in the representation of data. It also helps to control the entry to database by various users. The software that provide you to access the database. It will accept the commands in a language called the SQL to create the database structure, store data and retrieve it. DBMS like a full service library. DBMS Training is also main for the ORACLE DBA Corporate training our trainers will say about this dbms also.


ORACLE database contain the logical and physical structure

Physical structure:

Physical structure is resident in the os in database on the operating system when we created database on the physical files in your os may be it be windows, linux etc. Creating the database we will be creating all database in the os those are os related files. For example we can see the data files and control file.

Logical structure:

Logical structure is nothing but we see the structure when the database is on up and running. In oracle terminology they called it as the table spaces. Table spaces can see only whenever the database started up. In table spaces we can see the schema objects. Schema objects is nothing but when we created database we can see the tales, views and sequences.

overview about the oracle dba trainingComponents of ORACLE DATABASE:

  • This is single instance and single database, single instance is the combination of the SGA ( system global area) and also oracle background process and instance is nothing but a simple adopt. When we are creating a database first of all a memory full start up the database.
  • Oracle instance is to access the database of oracle. Instance contains the memory and the history process of the structure. It will open only one database only. Our trainers will trained on the Oracle DBA Training with the real time examples.
  • Shared pool is to store the sql commands which are executed and the mostly used the data definition. It consists of two keys they are the. Oracle 12c Training demo video also available you can see in our website.

 Library cache

Data directory cache

Library cache:

Library cache it will keep the most newly used sql and approve the frequently used the statements and the size of the data will be managed by the shared pool only.

Data directory cache:

Data directory cache able to store the copies of the data blocks that are restore from the data files. When we update and obtain the data we will approve performance gain.

Database writer:

Database writer write when the checkpoints are take place. When there is no buffer which are unpaid available. It will write when the recess occurs.


SQL is the set of the presentations with all the details and the user access data in database. Without using the SQL we can access the database with the oracle tool and the function programs but in some time we must use SQL in user request executing. SQL is the language to communicate with the database. ORACLE SQL CORPORATE TRAINING also available in our global online trainings.

What is Oracle Server:

ORACLE SERVER is an DBMS that provides an open, complete and combined way to the information management. Oracle Server contains the oracle instance and database oracle. Database Administrator Online Training also provided in our GOT enroll for the best trainers regarding this course. Oracle DBA Training with 24/7 server having in our GOT. 


  • ORACLE SOA Training, where oracle providing the software of soa wecan easily download it and it’s a j developer, oracle and weblogic and it is only for the development purpose. Basically Adaptors and the soa components these are the heard of the soa.
  • Soa is an layout pattern which provides the operation functionality as use to the other applications. SOA will not depand on any produce etc. It is self consists of. SOA also consists of other basic uses. In SOA uses the protocol because it will say how they resolve and pass information using the metadata. SOA is mainly for the framing the business applications. SOA provides the enterprise architecture for the connected enterprise applications.
  • We can use it frequently and the soa is flexible, scalable. For sale support we have big applications for example loan application first of all we want to check customer validation and their details and validate their address so if we are providing one module for one developer. Integrated capabilities also the soa have some benefits like messaging xml message etc. SOA have lots of web services.
  • SDO determines the data method which are standards and this SDO is one of the standards of the SOA. Oracle SOA is to be trained on this course it is important for the Oracle DBA Training.
  • WSDL contribute the entry point to the soa complex application. WSDL contributes  the languages for understanding the capabilities of services. Oracle DBA Training with the reasonable price provided you can enroll with the best trainers.

SOA Service Components:

  • BPEL
  • Mediator
  • Business Rule
  • Human task

BPEL:  SOA is an architecture when it comes to business logic we should some language. BPEL provides the process composition and the storage of the identical process.

Mediator: It is between the different component for passing the messages between them.

Business Rule: It permits to design the business decisions based on the rules.

Human Task: It permits workflow modeling that terms the tasks for users to perform end to end business process flow.

Oracle Fusion Middleware:

  • ORACLE Fusion Middleware is the set of the normal based software product terms a spectrum of tools and services based on the java ee.
  • For example consider one country as the fusion middleware and the soa is the part of the fusion middleware. Fusion middleware is an wide picture and it is collection of different tools and services based on the java ee.
  • Basically oracle fusion middleware is wide use but complete development support as the soa is the architecture people define the design we need some framework where our services can run, So that we can deploy, develop and maintain. SOA is state of the fusion middleware. SOA is controlled by the oracle fusion middleware. There is Oracle DBA Training Online available for this people on there demand there will be different sessions. GOT cover all the late data versions of Oracle DBA Training. Our Trainers regarding this Oracle DBA training is best trainers from india.


  • ORACLE WEBLOGIC Training is the java enterprise. The main purpose of this is deploy the web applications as well as the enterprise application .
  • For example if a client want to access the any web applications you just enter the url forwarded the browser it will generate the http request and the request goes to the protocol and the data will describe the protocol. If we request for the browser the request goes to the webserver. Basically we use the webserver to route the request forwarded the application server. We can consider webserver as the router of the request to the different application of the server. Oracle DBA training is important to be known who want to get trained on this Oracle DBA Training GOT is the best for it.
  • Application server are depending on the provider of weblogic server like that. Whatever we access the some set of coding and this coding are packaged into application file.
  • Oracle weblogic server it can deploy the any web application and provides some more services. J2e we are unable to build powerful enterprise solution. If we want basic static bases we want to access the basic static html base with some java script. In that situation we don’t need any application server.
  • Weblogic server is an application server. We want some dynamic mechanism based on the web application.
  • For example we have a bank account and we need to transfer some money to one of person we open our bank account after that we are able access our account that also having same bank account we can transfer the money immediately we no need to change the web page the money will be transferred to that person and this synonym in background side there is a lot of logic is going. So these types of activities which is done by your backend java code as well as the database. GOT cover all the course content Oracle DBA Training.
  • Web server will handle only some problem it will not handle the complete complex problems.
  • Web logic supports the large java enterprise applications. By taking the advantages from the services offered by the application server. Java application don’t have much burden on the jdbc contact , pool and tasks. The developer no needed to worry about this contact, pool and tasks activities , concurrency and also transcational management and security messaging. As a developer if he want to deploy the application on weblogic server so developer no need to worry about how to configure the infrastructure of the transcational messages like that. So everything is configured by the weblogic server but we need to configure the basic value of oracle weblogic server application. Weblogic is important for the Oracle DBA Certification training so you should known about web logic.