Oracle Eam Training

Introduction of Oracle eAM Training:

Oracle eAM stands for Oracle Enterprise Asset Management. Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) is related to Oracle’s E-Business Suite. In organizations  Oracle eAM plays a important role because Oracle eAM can manage assets like HVAC systems and also rotable inventory items. Asset level is used to measure the performance and also used to optimize the maintenance operations and the cost of the maintenance is recorded at asset level. With the help of eAM, companies can track, depreciate and manage their fixed assets. Global Online Trainings provides the best Oracle eAM Corporate Training by our trained professors. Here you can get the detailed knowledge from the basic to advanced level. At Global Online Trainings you can get quality knowledge at a reasonable price. At the end of the training you will get the complete knowledge on Oracle eAM from the basic level to advanced level. Come on join today!

Prerequisites for Oracle eAM Training:

To get trained in Oracle eAM Training or want to make a career in Oracle eAM the person should have minimum knowledge on

  • MDM Fundamentals
  • CCB Fundamentals
Oracle eAM Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle eAM Training

Mode of Training: We provide online Training and also Corporate Training

Duration of Course: 25 Hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, we provide materials.

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings one of our coordinator will assist you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Timings: We provide training according to client feasibility.

Batch Type: We provide all types of trainings like regular, weekends and fast track.


Overview of Oracle eAM Training:

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management(eAM) has different setups for every organization. Before processing the Enterprise Asset Management the user should have knowledge on the structure of organizations. Oracle eAM Training helps the organizations in providing the tools and these tools helps to develop and implement the maintenance procedures.


What are the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management (eAM)?

Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) is very important in organization and some of the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) are

  • Maintenance strategy is developed by Enterprise Asset Management (eAM).
  • Availability of resources.
  • Efficiency of resources.
  • Integrating with Oracle’s E-Business Suite.
What are Capital Assets?

One of the product of economic value is Capital asset and this capital asset is owned by corporation. It is held for the use of business.

Rebuildable Inventory:

Rebuildable items are defined as the items that can be installed, removed and refurbished. These items can  either be serialized or it may non-serialized.


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How many types of maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management (eAM)?

There are two types of maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management (eAM). They are Reactive and Proactive.


Some of the small organizations do not have maintenance planners, so these organizations uses reactive maintenance. When the equipment fails, work orders are generated and crews are assigned.

Proactive is again divided into two types. They are Preventive and Predictive.


Preventive maintenance is very important on asset performance and availability in an organizations. For long term and short term requirements in an organization there   will be maintenance planners. The maintenance planners will plan for   resources and materials for an organization. In an organization to maintain the regular basis and also to decrease the risk of failure they use a plan known as robust preventive.


Predictive maintenance practices are used by the organizations that uses heavy production demands. The behavior of assets as well as behavior of assets are taken into consideration based on capabilities like capacity, engineered and also based on maintenance strategies and rates of failure. To generate a Reliability Centered Maintenance practice of an organization, they employ group of people’s. These group of people works on asset’s performance and they are also use to capture data.

What are eAM Capabilities?

eAM creates productivity through the following

  • Internet based user-interface and this is used for maintenance and operational personnel.
  • To maximize the resource availability we use a strategy known as preventive maintenance.
  • MRO materials are procured through i Procurement or B2B.
  • Depending on the design, demand and maintenance strategy the asset runs.
  • Resources can be identified effectively and materials can be managed.
What are asset management?

To increase the visibility and ownership of an asset throughout an entire organization, eAM eliminates the requirement for point solutions that offer a limited, “flat” view of an asset.

The asset can be described in several ways.  They are

  • Fixed asset is related to an accounting department.
  • Leased asset is related to facilities management.
  • Inventory item is related to materials management.
  • Maintainable asset is related to mechanical engineers.
Many types of assets are addressed by the flexibility provided by the eAM by the following definition.
  • Asset groups and their attributes.
  • Asset is linked to the enterprise.
  • Asset costs and their work history.
  • Asset activities and their meters.
What is Hierarchy?

A hierarchy is an asset known as Capital Asset or Rebuildable Inventory and this is related to the relationship of parent and child. To track the genealogy and parent or child meter readings automatically we re-installed the asset if the components are deleted.

What is work management?

eAM is supported by strategies known as Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. For both assets and inventory items Preventive is based on either Day or Run time intervals.  By the combination of strategies an organization can be established. With the help of Oracle eAM we can monitor reliability and predict the requirement of maintenance.


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What is Executing Work?

To maintain the organizations we require Work order. By using work order only we can decide the resources and the items needed to conduct work. With the help of work order they can created automatically. These work orders are examined and transferred with operations to create an estimated schedule. eAM is connected with Oracle quality.

What is Maintenance Budgeting?

Maintenance Budgeting is divided into three types. They are

  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Project Funding
  • Project Cost Tracking
Oracle General Ledger:

To maintain the budgeting we use Oracle General Ledger. This oracle General Ledger helps to measure the budgeted costs against costs charged to maintenance. Work Orders are related to account code combinations.

Project Funding:

We can estimate the project budget by using Project Funding that means we can estimate the costs and compare it with the actual costs incurred.

Project Cost Tracking:

To estimate the capture costs of a project, the organizations use Project Cost Tracking.


What is the planning in eAM?

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management uses Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling and Oracle Material Requirements Planning to ensure cost savings and work management efficiencies In Oracle eAM, to generate predictive work activities we use Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling and Oracle Material Requirements. These work activities use a process known as planning process to balance the work load.

In eAM, the planning is divided into two types. They are

  • Resource Availability
  • Maintenance Activity
Along with Oracle eAM Training learn about Oracle R12 Training:

Oracle R12 consists of group of oracle applications. Oracle R12 applications uses HR Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain Management etc. To store the data in diverse, EBS R12 uses a software known as RDBMS system software as a back-end. Oracle Financials is one of the part of Global Business Release. Oracle Apps R12 Financials is one of the product from the Oracle Corporation. Organizations can get the detailed transaction data, With the help of Oracle Financial applications.

This is just the basics of Oracle R12 Training, you can get detailed knowledge on Oracle R12 Training along with Oracle eAM Training.

Learn Oracle EBS Training along with Oracle eAM Training:

Oracle EBS stands for Oracle E-Business Suite and this is one of the Oracle product. Oracle EBS consists of ERP, CRM and SCM.

Benefits of Oracle EBS :

Some of the benefits of Oracle EBS are as follows.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite is created in such a way that the client can maintain any higly complex and technical process of global business environment.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite provides public cloud solutions.
  • It is a system that manages the time automatically.

Global Online Trainings provide Oracle EBS Training along with Oracle eAM Training.


Conclusion of Oracle eAM Training:

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management is used to estimate the sufficient resources, equipment and materials required for maintenance tasks. Any organization can estimate period of time and also organization can collect all maintenance work for that planning time frame. This helps the organization to process each item of work into a planned work order. Every organization requires trained employees on Oracle eAM. So there is a huge demand on Oracle eAM in the market and the organizations are ready to pay high salaries for Oracle eAM trained candidates.


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Global Online Trainings provide Oracle eAM training by experienced trainers at reasonable cost. Here you can gain the practical knowledge on Oracle eAM Corporate Training. We provide online training as well as corporate training according to client requirement. If you want more information regarding our training you can register with Global Online Trainings than one of our coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.