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Oracle EBS Training

Oracle EBS Training

Introduction of Oracle EBS Training:

Oracle EBS training has been built by Global Online trainings for taking an example of a real business scenario. Oracle EBS stands for E-Business suite which is the marketing and packaging terminology used by Oracle from a marketing perspective. This E-Business suite contains different product families such as CRM product family, financial product family, procurement and inventory product etc and within each product family, we have individual products or modules. Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training is also called as Oracle apps ERP which is software created by Oracle Corporation in a category of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to facilitate the big businesses. The Oracle EBS training will help you in easy understanding of technical ERP components and further help in aligning the usage of E-business suite solution with business process requirements faced by large enterprises.  

Prerequisites of Oracle EBS Training:

  • Familiar to this Oracle Advanced Procurement and Oracle Application Database can join in this training.
  • Basic knowledge should be there on Oracle DBA and Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • RAC and WebLogic should also be known for this course.

Oracle EBS Training Course Content:

Oracle EBS Training Course Content

Oracle EBS Training Architecture:

The Oracle EBS Training tells that EBS is based on three-tier architecture. It has the client tier with the web browser, the application tier also called as the middle tier and the database tier. The Client tier where users are accessing and application and database tier are logical convention group of some applications or services. The application and database tier can be on the different machine or on the same machine. The machine could be the physical or virtual operating system machine. Oracle EBS Training Overview

  • The Database tier is extremely important because it will always be Oracle database. It means you cannot have other databases with EBS system of Oracle EBS Training.
  • The application tier is consists of business logic and it runs on the top of Oracle fusion middleware and it has web services on it which is a web listener. It also has form services, java services, and concurrent processing server.
  • The user from client tier will be accessing the data via the middle tier and the application tier will connect to the database.

So in a three-tier architecture of, the users are in the client tier, the business logic and underlying technology sit in the application tier through which the connection will be established for database and the actual data stores in the database which will be used for any operation in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos.

  • Oracle E-business system suite of Oracle EBS Training is a matured ERP system that helps the businesses and large organizations to integrate and automate their business processes and application systems.
  • This result in a lower risk, higher savings and higher long-term results with a closed loop system. The ERP is a special class of software that provides the end-to-end solution for an enterprise to manage their information technology needs.
  • They are modular so that a module could be used by one department and all these modules are integrated and connected so that information is shared among the modules. Oracle EBS suite consists of groups of modules called suites
  • The Manual Testing Training by Global Online Trainings will give the ability to find defects and ensure that software or process is working according to the business requirements.
  • If you don’t have technical skills on Oracle EBS, virtual job support understand your problem and improve your skills. We have set of technically talented trainers having years of practice, who will help you in resolving your technical problems at any time. Virtual Job Support team is ready to offer technical support services for Oracle EBS Job Support to help you out from problems come out in the tasks given by your company. We are experts in complete the projects at clients deadline with full accuracy and confidentiality and provide best and quality job support for Oracle EBS.

Oracle EBS Training with ERP:

Companies often seek out ERP software for improving operational efficiencies and achieving financial aspects. The companies also demanding for managing and reorganizing their operational activities, increasing the product efficiency, shortening management series and improve information system by the ability of better accessing the data. Oracle EBS Training gave a name to its ERP software and called it as E-business suite.Oracle EBS ERP Training

  • The EBS uses the powerful Oracle database to store the data and this ERP solution has high scalability, availability, and flexibility.
  • The ERP software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is an organization’s management system uses a software application to incorporate all facets of the business need.
  • The ERP of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos, automate and facilitate the flow of data between critical back-office functions which may include financing, distribution, accounting, inventory management, sales, marketing, planning, human resources, manufacturing and other operating units.

Now there is a need for Oracle database administrator to manage the database on which EBS is running. The administrator of Oracle EBS Training is not only looking after the organization’s database but also manages the database for EBS. The Oracle app’s DBA also has the responsibility to patch and maintain Oracle applications EBS, manage users, check the system security and monitor the Oracle applications by Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos.

Oracle EBS Training with projects:

The high-level objective of Oracle project suite by Oracle EBS Training is to provide a complete project management solution for an enterprise. From a very high-level perspective, the functionality that Oracle projects offer is to perform collection and coordination of corporate resources. These resources could be peoples, money, and assets that are involved in the project. By collecting and coordinating resources it lets you accomplish a predefined scope of work within a scheduled time and planned budget.

Usually, projects could be divided into two types which are internal projects and external projects.

  • The example of internal projects would be marketing campaigns, Infrastructure build-out programs etc.
  • The example for external projects would be a company’s offering services to its clients and it involves billing because the company is billing to the client for those services.
  • The internal projects can be carried out by any kind of company whether it is a service-oriented company or it is a manufacturing firm. The external projects are usually associated with these service-oriented companies. VJS provides best oracle EBS project support at reasonable price.

The Oracle projects of Oracle EBS Training enable the project managers to efficiently watch over their projects. The progress could be assessed aligned with milestones and budgets. It allows the managers to place appropriate talent in the right place in the project and wide range of reports are available for different purposes such as the managers can view the project and can make decisions. So Oracle projects of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos help the project team for effectively collaborating, communicating and finishing project related tasks.

Oracle EBS Training in the Cloud:

Oracle cloud infrastructure of Oracle EBS Training is the best place to run E-business suite. It is built for many things but among them is to make it a great place to run enterprise applications. It is the versatile cloud because it is not only for enterprise app but it is for cloud-native apps with incredibly high-performance workloads. It is optimized and customized for Oracle database and OCI is the only cloud out there that supports Oracle RAC and Exadata.

  • Oracle cloud infrastructure is the foundation or the base platform on which our core infrastructure, platform, and Saas services will run.
  • It is optimized to run Oracle database and applications but it is also an open platform with a broad ecosystem that supports third-party applications, tools, and frameworks.
  • The customers who want to run these exact same services behind a corporate firewall can leverage cloud at a customer which has symmetry with this cloud infrastructure of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos.

There are so many classes of services in Oracle EBS Training which are available on the cloud platform:

  • The Identity and access management services will helps you set up users, administrators, and groups, and specify their permissions as to what they can do in the cloud.
  • The Audit service will help to track activities in the environment.
  • The Networking services help to setup software defined versions of a traditional physical network.
  • The Compute service as the name implies helps to provision and manage compute instances.
  • The Block storage services which goes with the Compute services helps to dynamically provision and manage block storage volumes which are used by the Compute instances.
  • The Object storage service helps you manage data as objects that are accessed over the internet.
  • The Load balancing service enables to create load balancer within the virtual network which could be for scalability or high availability.
  • The Database service helps to provision and manage Oracle databases.

There are three foundation themes of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Oracle EBS Training:

  • The Lift and Shift theme allows the Oracle workloads to integrate with the cloud and the customers can run their Oracle apps Like EBS on OCI. It also extended to run non-oracle workloads such as VMware and SAP.
  • The second theme is Infrastructure heavy workload that requires very high scale and good presentation with best hardware and price. These are workloads like HPC and Big data workload.
  • The final core theme is the Cloud native workload where customers can write modern applications using open-source DevOps tools and run these apps on OCI. Virtual job support provides Oracle ESBS online job support from India.

Oracle EBS Training R12i Order Management:

The Order management of Oracle EBS Training is an order to cash solution that provides the capabilities for customers, partners, and employees to select the right product and services. It also allows negotiating the best prices and ensuring timely fulfillment. The oracle order management and shipping execution give the solution for creating an integrated seamless order to cash process across three steps. These steps are done by providing the accurate capture of customer orders across multiple channels, streamline, and orchestration of order details for seamless fulfillment execution, communication of order status, and information to customers throughout the order lifecycle and efficient shipping planning in confirmation.

The order management architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos provides an end-to-end cycle for the entire order to cash process flow. The order to cash lifecycle starts from the quotation on words and it can be a subset of a code to cache lifecycle.

  • The code to cash lifecycle basically consists of two process areas which are order to cash and credit to cash.
  • When a customer approaches accompany the first thing that the supplier organization provides is something called as a code to the customer which is a legal document.
  • Then based on the code, the customer negotiates with the supplier organization and once a code has been received the whole of the order to cash lifecycle starts.
  • The process flow that starts from the order to ship confirm is basically a part of auto management. Then the flow starts from receivables to GL is comes under the credit to cash process flow.
  • The whole process flow from inter order to the GL can be called in order to cash lifecycle.

Oracle EBS vs. Oracle Fusion Applications:

The database is still driven by Oracle technologies by Oracle EBS Training. The Oracle database 10g was used for the Oracle e-business suite whereas oracle fusion applications out-of-the-box use Oracle Database 11g and the new version in the future. The application server uses Oracle application server 10.1.2 with 10.2.3 technologies as a part of the e-business suite. In another hand, the Oracle WebLogic Training with the application server technology will be the foundation of all Oracle middleware products moving forward. So the fusion applications of Oracle EBS Training start using Oracle WebLogic as the application server. This is intended to make things easier for end users to upgrade to Oracle Fusion applications in the future.

  • The main user interface of Oracle EBS Training for e-business suite is oracle forms along with some java server pages. In the fusion apps, a technology called Oracle ADF and Oracle ADF JavaServer faces is used.
  • We also provide Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos.
  • The portal is used by the Oracle EBS and the portals are very important because they end users the ability to customize the way they see the information.
  • The portal component has changed in the fusion applications from oracle portal to a new technology called Oracle WebCenter. This WebCenter is also integrated with the development environment Oracle JDeveloper and this gives developers a very easy way of creating portals.
  • The Data Model of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Online Training with training materials and course videos moves from the Oracle e-business suite data model to a data model that incorporates the technologies such as Siebel data model pieces PeopleSoft data model pieces became part of the Oracle Fusion applications.
  • To handle attachment and imaging, Oracle EBS Training moves from BLOBs which are binary large objects to a new technology called Stellant.
  • The workflows and approvals originally were coded inside of PL/SQL of Oracle EBS whereas Oracle fusion applications use a technology that associated with service-oriented architecture called BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). The BPEL is an XML-based language that allows linking together various web services inside your organization.
  • In Oracle EBS Training, reports used to be a combination of the discoverer and 11i reports from the oracle reports product. The fusion application uses a new technology called BI Publisher.
  • The Discoverer was used as a part of the e-business suite whereas a much more robust technology called Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition is used as a part of the fusion applications.
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