Oracle EDI Training

Oracle EDI training

Introduction to Oracle EDI Training:

Oracle EDI Training- The main part of the oracle applications is that it gives the option to the users to operate the business electronically among the trading partners. This operation depends on the Electronic Commerce standards and methodology.  There are many Electronic Commerce among them EDI is one of the famous Electronic Commerce. Here EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. Global Online Trainings is one of the best online trainings from India. Because we provide quality education by our well experienced trainers at a reasonable cost. Register with us and join today!

Prerequisites for Oracle EDI Training:

If the candidate has basic knowledge on Oracle applications it will be become an advantage, X12 and EDIFACT is must.


Oracle EDI Training Course Details:

Name of the course: Oracle EDI Training

Mode of training: Both Online training and also corporate training

Course Duration: 30 Hrs (Can be optimized as per requirement)

Do you provide materials: Yes, after completion of registration we will provide materials.

Course Fee: 12 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: We provide all types of batches like regular, weekends and also fast track.


Overview of Oracle EDI Training:

In Oracle EDI, EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it is one of the electronic commerce that helps the users to perform business electronically. Global online training is one of the famous online training from India. We not only provide online trainings but also provide corporate trainings at industrial standards by our well trained trainers according to student flexibility.

What are the functions of Oracle EDI Online Training?

Some of the important functions of the Oracle EDI are as follows.

  • We can identify the groups and locations of trading partners.
  • We can also do the transactions for trading partners.
  • It not only gives location code but also gives general code. Location code is used for communication between the trading partner location codes and also codes in Oracle Applications.
  • Application data is interfaced with EDI translators.

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Oracle EDI Training
What is the architecture of Oracle EDI Online Training?

The architecture of Oracle EDI is that of the translation and the electronic transmission service. There are no limits for Oracle Applications and Oracle EDI. There are two components for Oracle EDI. They are

  • BEA Web logic Adapter for power enterprise.
  • Web logic integration.
Features of architecture of Oracle EDI Training:

The features of architecture of Oracle EDI Training for outbound and inbound EDI are as follows.


Trading Partner:

It is not only used for inbound transactions but it also used for outbound transactions. These connections are used for defining the trading partner locations.           

  • It allows EDI transactions.
  • It gives connection to the locations.
  • We can also connect to the location in the oracle applications.
What are the advantages of Oracle EDI Training?

The main advantages of Oracle EDI are as follows.

  • The EDI system is designed in a way that we can create and transmit the orders, automatic billing etc.
  • The data is transferred fast between the computers. Without any involvement of human beings. The processing of orders like picking, packing, shipping billing etc is done very fast.
  • The data is exchanged without the involvement of human beings but it deletes the data entry errors.
  • When we compared electronic documents with cost of postage it is very reasonable.
What are the uses of Oracle EDI Online Training?

The main uses of Oracle EDI are as follows.

  • We have to create the directories in which the data files related to inbound transactions and also outbound transactions are saved.
  • Trading partner group is connected to trading partner location. The basic information of trading partner is connected to the trading partner location. This helps to integrate Oracle applications and EDI translator software.
  • The trading partner and the standard codes are translated to Oracle Application codes with the help of Oracle EDI.
What is code conversion?

With the help of Oracle EDI code conversion function we can translate the trading partner codes to the codes that are used in Oracle Applications.

Functions of Code Conversion:

The code conversion functions are as follows.

  • We can store the trading partner’s external data which almost equal to application data.
  • It can store and transfer the different types of data like unit of measure, location codes etc.
  • From EDI translator to inbound transactions we can save and read the key information.
  • This data is translated to the meaningful information to the EDI translator for the outbound transactions.
  • At the customer, it is used to recognize the genuine conversion codes.
Learn Oracle B2B Training along with Oracle EDI Training:

Oracle B2B stands for Oracle Business to Business. This Oracle B2B is related to E-commerce.  E commerce is the platform where we can buy and sell the products on the online with the help of internet. It requires tracking, visibility and auditing. In the type of transactions, the sender should enter the contact details for packing and to transfer the item to the customer.        

Features of Oracle B2B:

Some of the important features of Oracle B2B

  • Authentication
  • Identity assertion and management
  • Authorization

These are just the basics of Oracle B2B. You can get the detail knowledge on Oracle B2B Training along with Oracle EDI Training.


Along with Oracle EDI Training learn BizTalk:

BizTalk server came into the market by Microsoft. The main reason to introduce BizTalk Server is to control the business environment. Because days are going on the business environment is becoming complicated.

BizTalk Server advantages:

The main advantages of BizTalk Server are as follows.

  • BizTalk Server plays an important role in any organization because it integrates, automates and also in handling the business deals in both internally as well as externally.
  • It is very easy to maintain and also we can enter the data into the BizTalk Server.
  • BizTalk Server consists of ESB. Here ESB stands for Enterprise Service Bus and it is a toolkit where tools are placed. So we can handle the service interaction.
  • By using the BizTalk Server we can give the link to LOB. Here LOB stands for Line Of Business with the help of adapter.
Features of BizTalk Server:

The important features of BizTalk Server are as follows.

  • It supports the applications in deploying and also in monitoring.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The opportunities of the Business Activity Monitoring are developed.

These are just the basics of BizTalk Server and you can get the detail knowledge on BizTalk Server Training along with Oracle EDI Training.

Learn Oracle R12 Training along with Oracle EDI Training:

Oracle R12 is also related to Oracle applications. For HR Finance and Accounting, CRM, SCM etc we use Oracle R12 EBS applications. It is also used to maintain the business process efficiency. In Oracle R12, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is also called as Business Management Software. Here the information or data is saved in the form of tables as rows and columns.

Advantages of Oracle R12 Training:

Some of the advantages of Oracle R12 are as follows.

  • Oracle R12 helps in leverage on the existing technology.
  • Elimination of the disparate systems.
  • We can transfer the data from one particular application to other applications without any integration cost.
  • The main advantage of Oracle R12 is that we can use any number of modules either a single module or several modules.
  • It is available in many languages in many languages.

These are just the basics of Oracle R12. You can get the detail knowledge on Oracle R12 Training along with Oracle EDI Training.


Conclusion to Oracle EDI Training:

Oracle EDI is one of the most important course in the present market. There are huge openings on Oracle EDI and many organizations are looking for the candidates who are having good communication skills and also practical knowledge on Oracle EDI. They are ready to pay good salaries for the right candidates. On an average a candidate can get the salary of 4 Lakhs per annum. The candidate role plays a major role because that candidate has to look over the development and industries best practices. So they select the candidates very carefully. According to the industries requirement we will provide training by our experienced professors.

If you have any doubts regarding the training, feel free to contact us.


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