Oracle EDQ Training

Oracle EDQ Training

Introduction of Oracle EDQ Training:

The Oracle EDQ Training accurate and fit for purpose of data is vital to running your business. But your data doesn’t always stay in one place sometimes you have to move it .for example, you might need to migrate your data to a new system, you might want to regularly copy it from a source system to a target. but how much do you know about the data you are moving have you really  take to understand it and how much your business be impacted if the data you move to your system is GOT provides the Best Data Warehousing training from India with all required aspects and along with live project.

The global online trainings provides related trainings and we have very much better support for live projects.edq use data reference data writing functionality to create a set of reference data from an Oracle EDQ process that can may be used to inform a subsequent EDQ process. This project called learn name gender map now coming into this practice project we have some stage data called mortgage 100k process – now this actually has 90,000 rows despite the name and the key thing about this is its customer data and

What is Oracle EDQ Training:

The Oracle Enterprise Data Quality training or Oracle EDQ Training is the director user interface and there are two main user interfaces for enterprise quality this is one of them directorates used testing the other one is called the server console and that’s used for operations in production environment and well talk about then one later on but we will start with the director user interface so let me tell you about how that works there are four main areas of the detector user interface on the left we have the project browser in the middle we have the projects canvas which is sometimes just know as the canvas on the right we have the tool palette and at the bottom you can see the results browser .

I would like to give you director user interface now then so how do we launch director first of all well we go to web page called the launch pad is the address that you will put in will be slightly different dependency upon which environment you are using the port number for example here is 9002 on the training machine its nine thousand another VM supplied by EDG product and  the product management it will be 9102 ,

There is some difference but each Oracle EDQ Training  has instances will have a launch pad and from the launch pad we can launch the EDQ user interfaces so here is the link for director so it’s a lunch director just hit that link and director will download itself via java web start you can see that happening now and in a little while it will start up so it’s just wait for that to happen you can see the splash screen coming up now and here we are now.

I put in my credentials now the DN admin user logging admin .this  is a super user created install and we used that user for their training so just while that loading your knoll just reposition and resize the interface a little bit there we go that’s better. Now we can project browser on the left of the screen the other three main areas the canvas the tool palette the results browser they are not active yet because to make them active.

 we have to create a the latest project now that leads us to key concept the concept of project  in Oracle EDQ Training. we divide our data quality work into projects and typically for each different kind of data we are dealing with we are going to have a different projects so lets say we are dealing with employee data and also product data and also customer data we probably have three different . Global online trainings provides our senior consultant are also available for Data Quality training from India

How Oracle EDQ Training is useful:

The Oracle EDQ Training it has in it some customer first names in their own field Gordon Christopher Patrick David Katrina Ronald etc. and now what we want to do is to look at this set of staged data, we want to work out based upon this whether each first names is generally a male or a female what’s the relationship between the first names and the gender in other words we are going to do that in a process and the two process are going to populate some reference data for us and the key piece of reference data is this name gender map reference data.

  • How might these data deficiencies shape your users view of the system how will it affect the return on investment that you seen from the target system.
  • Finally ask yourself whether you want to find out about these problems only after you have moved the data oracle enterprise data quality profiling enables you to easily and quickly understand your data. Using Oracle EDQ Training profiling,
  • The Oracle EDQ Training you can look into each of your source system and get to know the data before you move it. You can find out whether it is complete, consistent, accurate, valid, relevant and unique.
  • you can see quick statistics about your data you can drill-down to explore anomalies, assign issues to colleagues, and save problem for easy  access later. 
  • if you need to you can use other Oracle EDQ Training has  modules to build quality health checks, and reduplicate your before moving it by shining a light on your quality,
  • The Oracle EDQ training enables you to achieve your projects goals again use acceptance, and realize the full business value of new system don’t move your data blind.
  • The oracle Enterprise Data Quality Profiling, The Oracle EDQ training full business value of new system. Global online trainings has provides professional experts to guide you on JDBC training at your flexible times.

Advantages of Oracle EDQ Training:

The Oracle EDQ Training has Profiling in real time entity match for the data preparation process to adjust the data fed into a match processor and for this we are going to take as one example real time entity match service.

  • Now  we are running the server console here on the current  task view you can see its running now go to the web service tester and lets just investigate a little bit about how it works so we have not made any changes yet.
  • I will called the entity match services and I have actually input data for a couple of records that we can try matching together so let’s have a look at them here the first record  
  • The CTS match scores are on a scale between 0 and 100 this is a strong match as you can get in CVS and look at the rule its matched on full name exact and address. if you want to have a look at that rule in the match processor with including the two zip codes.
  • Alright lets make a change to one of the record in the first record only here take out remove the secondary element of zip code for that gone.
  • now primary zip code and in the second record we will leave that exactly as it is secondary record will retain both primary and secondary element of the zip code. we now have just that .

Overview of Oracle EDQ Training:

The GOT gives best online JDBC Training at reasonable price. We provide the best online trainings across the globe and we have very good team to train you at corporate level training . the first record and I will just  you through the data put in named entity name that is oracle corporation and then further down address 1 2 3-evil NCI drive , city , admin area : CA , and note the postal code, that is the primary and secondary element of the zip code the 1st five characters being  primary element and the last four characters being the secondary element of the zip code in one record we have moved down both records to that. Exactly same information in the every field that’s populated so again named Oracle Corporation address two three-oh Valencia drive so in both the records we are going to try and match together we have Exactly same zip code both the primary and secondary element of the zip code are there so lets send we should see the results on the right here when we hit send we will hit send now and lets see the what matching .we find very strong match got hundred now.