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Oracle Exadata Training

Oracle exadata training

Introduction to Oracle Exadata Training:

 Oracle Exadata Training is Data appliance. Oracle Exadata is pre configured cluster data sever. The first version of Oracle Exadata created in 2008.It was collaboration between Oracle Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Oracle Exadata is world’s fastest Database machine.Oracle Exadata is best platform for all database workloads. Oracle Exadata Training Eliminates long-standing trade-off between Scalability, Availability, and Cost. The Exadata machine created by oracle and software by sun. Exadata 12c DBA Online Training is a best platform for All database workloads. Exadata is a fully managed service. We can also build a lot of applications without writing any code. Global Online Trainings gives Oracle Exadata Training by best Trainers. 

Prerequisites of Oracle EXADATA Training:

  • Familiar with the Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c.
  • OracleCloud – laas DBaas, Rac knowledge should be there for getting training on the oracle Exadata training.
  • Linux, Unix, Oracle and Windows 2k/ XP should their basic knowledge on this.
  • GoldenGate, ASm acknowledged should be there for Oracle Exadata 12c Online Training.

Oracle Exadata online Training Course Content

Oracle exadata training course content

Overview of Oracle Exadata Training:

  • Oracle Exadata Training provide Maximum Reliability environment for oracle database machine.
  • Oracle Exadata Training machine is periodically refreshed with new configuration and new components like more cores, more memory and X2-8.
  • Encrypt and decrypt acceleration in database nodes and storage servers in exadata.
  • Exadata software reducing CPU workload of database server.
  • For more data storage additional racks also added as per requirement to Oracle Exadata Training. Oracle Exadata training online in GOT, there will be different sessions people on there demand.
  • Exadata is provide cloud services also without compromising.
  • Oracle Exadata Training remove OLTP operations of mixed workload involvements.
  • Global Online Trainings provide Best Oracle Exadata 12c DBA Corporate Training with good material and videos.
  • If you are doing job in other country somewhere, you have to complete your project in time but you don’t know about that. Don’t worry virtual job support provide project support to you not only project also give job support. VJS are expert in giving Exadata job support by professional trainers. For experience also we provide job/project support services. Our consultants provide 24/7 services to you at any time you can contact our consultant.

Features of Oracle Exadata Training:

Below are the some essential features of Oracle Exadata Training:

Smart Analytics:

  • In this queries are moved to storage but not moved storage to quires.
  • Automatically unload and correspondence quires across all storage servers.
  • Using the above two features it works 100 times faster in Oracle Exadata Training.
  • Unload scans on encrypted data with FIPS compliance..

Smart Storage: using hybrid columnar Compression we can reduce the space occupied by data tables by 10 times of normal occupying data tables. In Oracle Exadata Training the hybrid columnar Compression is used for organizing data in Exadata smart machine.

Smart OLTP: we can reduce the complication in OLTP (Online Transaction processing) workloads by Exadata using managing mixed workloads. InfiniBand protocol empowers the maximum speed and minimum latency Of Online transaction processing. The InfiniBand is used in computer networks to increase the performance of speed and reduce the latency in between computer servers in Oracle Exadata training. 

Using Flash logging algorithms we can increase the speed of ultra –fast transaction process.

Smart Consolidation: Using Oracle Exadata training we can designate the important workload of an input/output issues. Exadata can increase 4 times more databases in same hardware.

Smart availability: Storage index is existing state on again balanced. Database servers having two times hard drive option. Software updates are 2.5 times faster. Eliminate the failures of false drive.

Smart Licensing:In Exadata disable the unnecessary cores to reduce the cost of license using capacity-on-demand.

overview of exadata trainingConfigurations of Oracle Exadata Training:

Different configurations those are available in Oracle Exadata.

  • Full Rack
  • Half Rack
  • Quarter Rack

Full Rack: Full Rack contains 8 Database Servers and 14 storage servers. We can get the three racks in same tower. In full rack it will be full from top to bottom. It is before configured for best, effective performance. Redundant power distributions Unit (PDU) are available in this full rack.

Half Rack: Half rack consists of 4 Database Servers and 7 storage servers. In half rack the half will be empty. It is also before configured and for good performance. In This also PDUs is available.

Quarter Rack: Quarter Rack consists of 2 Database Servers and 3 storage servers. In Quarter rack the will be getting quarter of the half rack will be full rack. It is also configured before for effective performance. Redundant power distributions Unit (PDU) are available in this rack also.

Optimal Configuration in Oracle Exadata Training:
  • Memory is maxing out in database nodes for system global area(SGA).
  • InfiniBand provides maximum bandwidth for data transfer from storage server.
  • Multiple disk implement parallel operations done in Exadata.
  • CPU processing on storage server.
Balanced Configuration in Oracle Exadata Training:
  • Expansion includes increased resources throughout data path.
  • CPU on database nodes allow for scalable processing and input or output.
  • Memory on each node allow for increased caching in Exadata.
  • CPUs, Flash and disks on each storage cell increase input/output as cells are added.
  • InfiniBand interconnect allows for scaling across multiple racks.

Important things of Oracle Exadata Database:

Database Cluster: Database clusters runs in the Intel based Database Servers on Oracle Linux or Solaris11 and Oracle Database 11g.

Storage Grid: Storage Grid runs on Intel based storage servers, 504 terabytes of raw disk and 5.3 terabytes of flash storage.Global Online Trainings provides Oracle Exadata Administration material also.

InfiniBand Network: It is one of the most critical networks to the oracle Exadata training machine. And internal 40 GB/sec network. So Communication between internal components of database machine is leaving part. Infiniband network is unified server and storage network.Virtual job support provides best Exadata job support from India by expert trainers at reasonable price.

Oracle Exadata Training Built-In Hardware Redundancy:

Redundant Database Server: In Oracle Exadata Highly available clusters servers and hot swappable power supplies and fans in active configuration. And also redundant power distribution units like fans are available. Oracle database certification training also available in our GOT and trainers will trained very well.

Redundant Storage Grid: Data influenced across storage servers redundant and non-blocking IO paths. You’re not compromising of multiple workloads of exadata machine.

Redundant Network: Every network component on the exadata machine access is using HA bonded configurations.

Exadata Storage Index: In Oracle Exadata Training Storage machine each part is divided into equal parts. This each part is considered as 1 mega byte (1MB) called region. Every region is named as index.

  • The Exadata Storage Indexes having information of data in memory of each table.
  • These Exadata Storage Indexes are storing minimum and maximum values
  • If Minimum value and maximum value does not match with query it eliminates disk input/output value.

The Exadata indexes are completely easy to perceive and automatic.

Oracle Exadata Training Cloud Services:

Oracle Exadata is ideal database service which is fully managing priority. It is Oracle Exadata 12c dba Online Training and includes lot of development tools. And it’s conveniently priced. Ideal use case for Exadata is small and medium size production databases and also used for development and test databases. Exadata is a fully managed service. We can also build a lot of applications without writing any code using application express frame work which is part of Exadata express. Using this exadata training we can build web applications, web based mobile applications and also web sheet application without write any code. And also get prebuilt applications for free. If we want to deploy a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and also simple departmental survey are available.We provide best Oracle exadata training with real time experts. Our trainers skilled you on the Exadata online project support at flexible hours

 Advantages of Oracle Exadata Cloud Services:
  • One database services for all workloads on exadata.
  • No need to use different services based on workloads.
  • Run any infrastructure component in any location.
  • Every application runs without change.


  • ORACLE SOA Training, where oracle providing the software of soa we can easily download it and it’s a j developer, oracle and weblogic and it is only for the development purpose. Basically Adapters and the soa components these are the heard of the soa.
  • Soa is an layout pattern which provides the operation functionality as use to the other applications. SOA will not depend on any produce etc. It is self consists of. SOA also consists of other basic uses. In SOA uses the protocol because it will say how they resolve and pass information using the metadata. SOA is mainly for the framing the business applications.
  • SOA provides the enterprise architecture for the connected enterprise applications. Oracle EXADATA 12c DBA Online Training provide by best trainers of global online trainings.
  • We can use it frequently and the soa is flexible, scalable. For sale support we have big applications for example loan application first of all we want to check customer validation and their details and validate their address so if we are providing one module for one developer. Integrated capabilities also the soa have some benefits like messaging xml message etc. SOA have lots of web services.
  • SDO determines the data method which are standards and this SDO is one of the standards of the SOA. Global Online Trainings offers best Oracle Exadata Training with the reasonable price.
  • WSDL contribute the entry point to the soa complex application. WSDL contributes  the languages for understanding the capabilities of services.
SOA Service Components:
  • BPEL
  • Mediator
  • Business Rule
  • Human task

BPEL:  SOA is an architecture when it comes to business logic we should some language. BPEL provides the process composition and the storage of the identical process.

Mediator: It is between the different component for passing the messages between them.

Business Rule: It permits to design the business decisions based on the rules.

Human Task: It permits workflow modeling that terms the tasks for users to perform end to end business process flow.

Oracle Fusion Middleware:
  • ORACLE Fusion Middle ware is the set of the normal based software product terms a spectrum of tools and services based on the java EE.
  • For example consider one country as the fusion middle ware and the soa is the part of the fusion middle ware. Fusion middle ware is an wide picture and it is collection of different tools and services based on the java ee.
  • Basically oracle fusion middleware is wide use but complete development support as the soa is the architecture people define the design we need some framework where our services can run, So that we can deploy, develop and maintain. SOA is state of the fusion middleware. SOA is controlled by the oracle fusion middleware.
  • Oracle SOA Training is to be learn for the Oracle EXADATA training we should know about the Oracle soa its very important for the Oracle EXADATA 12c dba Online Training.

 WEBLOGIC Training:

  •  WEBLOGIC Training is the java enterprise. The main purpose of this is deploy the web applications as well as the enterprise application.
  • For example if a client want to access the any web applications you just enter the URL forwarded the browser it will generate the HTTP request and the request goes to the protocol and the data will describe the protocol. If we request for the browser the request goes to the webserver. Basically we use the webserver to route the request forwarded the application server. We can consider webserver as the router of the request to the different application of the server.
  • Oracle Weblogic server it can deploy the any web application and provides some more services. J2e we are unable to build powerful enterprise solution. If we want basic static bases we want to access the basic static HTML base with some java script. In that situation we don’t need any application server.
  • Application server are depending on the provider of WebLogic server like that. Whatever we access the some set of coding and this coding are packaged into application file.
  • Weblogic server is an application server. We want some dynamic mechanism based on the web application.
  • For example we have a bank account and we need to transfer some money to one of person we open our bank account after that we are able access our account that also having same bank account we can transfer the money immediately we no need to change the web page the money will be transferred to that person and this synonym in background side there is a lot of logic is going. So these types of activities which is done by your backend java code as well as the database.
  • Web server will handle only some problem it will not handle the complete complex problems. Weblogic Training is essential for the Oracle EXADATA Training we provide this oracle Weblogic course also with the real-time examples.

Exalogic vs Exadata:

A quick comparison between Exalogic and Exadata:
  • Oracle Exalogic Training is positioned by Oracle Corporation as a pre-configured, clustered, and application server.
  • Oracle Exadata Training is positioned as pre-configured, clustered and data server.
    Application Supported:
  • There are other appliances as well in the market from vendors but most of them are geared towards the OLAP environment and something different about Oracle Exadata is that it could be used for OLAP as well as or OLTP.
  • initially, oracle targeted or collected data for OLAP and now it is positioned for either OLTP or OLAP.
  • OLTP stands for Online Transaction Processing. The system is optimized to do lots of inserts on the database because in OLTP system transactions are happening, so business activities are happening and lots of activity is going on in the database to capture the business events.
  • OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. The system is used to query, and OLTP the focus on updating the system quickly and capturing all that is happening in the business. in OLAP the audience is the management and owners and they’re doing the equalities and trend analysis.
  • Two different systems one has to be optimized for fast insert and one has to be optimized to process heavy-duty queries.

Oracle Exadata Hardware:

  • The Database Machine is a single box with vast amounts of CPU memory an astronomical amount of disk space and all the network bandwidth you might need. if the facilities of one machine are not enough for you, you can chain several together.
  • The hardware is designed so that it can withstand the failure of virtually every component, virtually any components, and your database will remain open, one user should not know any different. Oracle Exadata Training is particularly important to mention here that generally speaking, the machine is designed to continue operating at the same performance levels even if a component fails.
  • There is redundancy at virtually every point. there are one or two single points of failure. then you would need two database machines and typically use data guard to replicate between them, important to mention is a balance configuration.
  • Oracle is going to a lot of trouble to make sure that all the components work together. you are not allowed to install any other hardware in the machine. the old machine could if you link it up to My Oracle support is pretty good.
  • if there are grid control modules by the way if using grid control there are grid control plug-ins for all the versions components. now, that is all very well but it is hardly unique. there are other boxes of similar capacity and it is worth mentioning at this point the Database Appliance.
  • The Database Appliance is a similarly powerful and similarly well-balanced machine. the database machine from anything else is the software that you run on it.

Oracle Exadata X6:

Exadata actually the version is able to provide the dramatically better platform for all the database workloads. it has three big components the hardware, the software and full-stack integration.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Full-stack integration

The Oracle Exadata Training is made up of ideal database hardware because it has a scale out, the database optimized compute, networking and storage for fastest performance and lowest cost. that also had lots of smarts in the system storage software are which include specialized algorithms, that vastly improve all aspects of the database processing which you choose for LTP, analytics, and configuration. in addition Exadata offers full-stack integers. All the way from the database to disk optimized, testing, automation, patching, and support to reduce operational costs.

Global Online Trainings gives best online Oracle Exadata Training with all the aspects at a reasonable price by top most expert trainers. Our senior trainers are always available for best Oracle courses like cloud, administration, 12C, DBA, and DBM also we provide corporate training and job support with latest updates.

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