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Oracle Flexcube Training Introduction:

Oracle Flexcube Training empower the customer representative of the bank with a complete uninterrupted summary of a customer’s conversation with the bank for seamless continuity. Oracle flexcube training suite of best of breed pre-integrated solutions has empowered zig bank with the agility to drive its digital strategy. Now able to define the digital ecosystem in partnership with fintechs as well as other banks and successfully participate in an integrated global economy the result simplified banking. The click to chat features ensure that the customer can reach out for assistance while it is transacting. This product application and processing workflow can be configured by the bank through oracle flexcube to define hubs, checks and escalation making the entire processing management workflow a seamless, centrally, controlled, flexible approach. Global online trainings provide best Oracle Flexcube 12.x online training by top trainers.


Overview Of Oracle FLEXCUBE Training:

Flexcube Banking:

In the world of banking, the role of a branch has changed significantly. Earlier Bank branches were the hub of all processing activity, branches assisted customers in applying for product took decisions on the cross or upsell to a customer. Oracle Flexcube Training based on their knowledge of the customer profile processed product application handled verification of applications and undertook disbursements.

Oracle flexcube online training

  • The times have changed the day a customer’s profile is multifaceted with his relationship spanning multiple banks and products. Moreover, with the advent of multi-channel banking and technology advancements, the customer expectations and demand for experience have changed drastically.
  • To get a broader share of the customer portfolio banks to have to use the brief touch point with their customers on any channel to rightly position and bundle multiple products that suit the customer profile.
  • The branches have transitioned from being the product processors of yesterday to customer-facing and delivery entities of today while product processing verification and risk management are handled centrally. The application and final disbursements are handled by the branch.
  • A customer application has to be processed centrally with increased operating efficiency better risk rating and centralized tracking, as opposed to the delays tracking errors and inconsistencies of yesterday.
  • Banking involves data-centrist document-oriented multi-stage, multi participants review and involvement through rule-driven processes these require multi-level approvals and have touch points with multiple systems both internal and external.
  • The banks require a centralized but flexible workflow, they can completely define or alter the touch points necessary for processing verification risk management and hubs for collection and delivery.
  • Moreover, a rule-based system has to have the flexibility to define rules for scoring and pricing of applications and products for Auto decision and auto escalation at key decision points. The banks also need the flexibility to bundle products on different channels as per the need of the customer.

Centralized Product Origination of Oracle Flexcube Training:

Oracle flexcube Training offers a seamless centralized and flexible solution, that meets these new age requirements of the bank. It architecture offers the capability to have origination triggered from any banking channel used by the customer. Banks can also be predefined a tie-up of related products in its system. For offering the customer a bundled product portfolio right at the time of a new application. For instance, a retrial customer using a mobile banking application can apply for a loan product would trigger an origination in flexcube. If the bank has configured a tie-up of credit card and insurance products to the specific loan product in its flexcube system.The customer would be made an offer on the card and insurance products when he applies for the loan. The pricing of either or all the products based on the customers’ relationship with the bank can be configured into the workflow by the bank. If the customer agrees to apply for either or all of the additional products can do so through a single application. During processing, the knowledge worker in the bank can trigger a KYC process anywhere in the workflow of the bundled application. The need arises scoring based on credit scores from internal and external systems can be auto-populated into the system for the instant decision. Moreover, the bank has a complete flexibility to define and configure limits at a central level across all products for each product individually or for each customer in its system.

Open Development Tools:

Open Development tools give banks agility in customizing mobile banking:

The mobile banking upset which is introduced another state of thinking. Each bank is outfitting to embrace the future and offer complete mobile banking. The key challenges faced by banks offering mobile banking are agility, deployment and time to market. The abundance of devices in the mobile market how completes a bank guarantee uniform accessibility of its banking applications on every device in the market. additionally banks likewise confront the issue of including new functionality or responding quickly to business changes on the mobile platform. Banks must also duplicate changes in moves up to every single mobile users and inspire them to download, and utilize the most latest version of the application. The banks try to actualize or upgrade the usefulness of mobile banking they should figure with an expanded turnaround time basically. Banks require deftness being developed and arrangement on both the mobile platform and mobile devices.

Mobile Banking of Oracle Flexcube Training:

Flexcube Mobile Banking offers a wide range of highlights and capabilities. Utilizing flexcube banks can give their clients a full range of banking administrations driving client loyalty and improving charge based income. The application gives end-to-end banking administrations crosswise over record data. 360-degree relationship knowledge complete set of transaction and online help combined with custom offers and coupons. The flexcube training is development workbench for immediate and mobile banking is a solution designed to address the bank’s requirement for deftness. Design for mobile devices it gives banks the adaptability for an extensible biological system that is natural and quickly tends to business changes. Flexcube offers a consistent advancement condition for banks to rapidly upgrade or arrange changes in functionality.

Oracle Flexcube 12.x training:

Oracle flexcube 12.x online training has a seamless intuitive answer that provides the inbuilt intelligence that gives the necessary tools and insights for all real time business decisions. Flexcube intuitively assists in timely action thus impacting business turnaround. oracle flexcube training is role based dashboards offer role-specific insighta and tools for enhanced productivity. It is also available to the branch manager who gets to all the customers eligible for such offers. The dashboard will alert the relationship manager immediately to take corrective action.

Private Banking of Oracle Flexcube Training:

The banks have to put in a dedicated effort in building customer trust and loyalty. They have to provide more options for self service powered with relevant accurate and meaningful information. They have to enable decision support and seamless easy accessibility. The emerging digital channels through smartphones and tablets provides an opportunity to the bank’s to be able to connect with our customers and enhance the overall customer experience. The oracle flexcube training private banking delivers a powerful framework to evaluate customer needs and aspirations as well as risk appetite. It helps engineer strategies that enable a wealth customer to meet financial goals. Flexcube online training gives wealth providers the power to offer private banking with their existing core and internet banking platforms and with a range of services across multiple segments. Moreover, investment firms offering different products through their different groups and entities.


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