Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Introduction of Oracle Fusion Financial Training:

Oracle Fusion Financials is a modernization of productivity and information system for real time business challenges.  Oracle Fusion Financials Training is for you to provide enterprise comprehensive solutions and their Implementations for communication service providers and this Oracle Fusion HCM Training is provided by Global Online Trainings. We have training experts and they explain each and every element in Fusion Financials like Billing and managing communication services in People Soft, Siebel, Hyperion and net Suite etc. By taking training from our trainers you will able to perform financial services on wire line, wireless, broadband etc. In our Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will learn how to analyze revenue and processing audit for high availability of business intelligence. We are also providing Corporate Training on client premise in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad etc.

Course Name: Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Mode of training: Online classes and Corporate Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

What is Oracle Fusion Financials Training?

Oracle Fusion Financials Training generally offers real-time intelligence to end users. The end users who are entering a transaction in ERP system depends on the information. That information needs to be searched. The organizations could end up as much as ten percent of their salary expenses on ineffective searches performed by the users. Oracle Fusion Financials has solved the problem as well as reduced the need for search. The precise information is presented to a user at the right time.

In the Oracle Fusion HCM Training, the dashboards are presented on the same screen that users used to enter the transaction. They are not only configurable but also role based, based on this reason users can see the dashboards relevant to the role they are playing. Dashboards can integrate the information from the different resources.

Exceptions are pushed to the users so that they can take right measures. So these are some important points regarding oracle fusion financials. In this cloud the Oracle Fusion Financials is also hosting Oracle Fusion Training to learn about the process of creating and implementation of project by that you can navigate to the respective setups and convection in Fusion. Global Online Trainings has experience trainers to skilled you on Oracle Fusion Training at flexible hours.

  • In Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will learn seven pillars of fusion. They are financials, projects, procurements, CRM, HCM, Single Chain Management, governance risk and compliance etc.
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Training offers so many things such as general ledger, account payable, account receivable, fixed assets, revenue management, cash management, financial reporting, fusion tax, advanced collection, and sub-ledger accounting.
  • The Oracle Cloud is pleased you to allow its business partner on the web site to go through the proprietary information of online Oracle Fusion HCM Training. It has registered trademark on the other names of trademark of their owners.
  • There are fusions financial data flows such as P2P (Procure to Pay), O2C (Order to Cash), R2R (Record to Report), and A2R (Acquire to Retire). All these topics will cover in this training.
  • The documentation in Oracle Fusion HCM Training is providing the complete overview and new features for Oracle Fusion Applications.
Reporting in Oracle Fusion Financials Training:Oracle Fusion Financials Training Infographics

In Oracle Fusion Financials Training for many organizations offering a different group of users has the different reporting needs.  For example the financial analyst needs to analyze the ledger balance, CFO needs quality financial reports, and other users need to perform ad-hoc queries. Fusion financial addresses the problems by providing a state of the Art reporting platform. Actually in Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will learn that how the platforms will build on the analytical data model. Users can write ad-hoc queries by using common business language which is easy to understand and is not very technical.  

In Oracle Fusion Financials Training the analytical data model will provides for you the single data source to the entire system this will also provides multi-dimensional analysis features to the users. The transactions in Oracle Fusion HCM Training will teach you how to drill down by the users from the single source of data.

Live financial reports and report snap shorts can be accessed by users without the involvement of IT department. This really saves a lot of money to the company as IT department focus on the other tasks than supporting users. Live financial reports and report snap shorts can be access through the secure self-service reporting center. Users can create their own business views in Oracle Fusion Financials by using Oracle Fusion HR Training element. You will learn a lot of things on reporting in our Oracle fusion financials training. Global Online Trainings is also providing Training for Oracle Fusion HR Training from India.

Accounts Payable in Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

Account Payable is a typical procure that you will going to learn in Oracle Fusion Financials Training. The Payables are like to pay consists of a request, source, receive, invoice, and pay etc. There are so many features available in market for Oracle Fusion Financials Accounts Payable. The Oracle Fusion Financials Training contains out-of-box imaging integration for supplier invoice. This is one of the best features which are available in Fusion Financial and that helps end users and account payable users to boost up the invoice processing in account payables.

In Oracle Fusion HCM Training, whenever you sign up for a cloud service, Oracle provides you designated email account where you can provide this email ID to your supplier. This type of image integration generally reduces the transaction processing costs and also helps to diminish the data entry errors with the help of pre-populated invoice data.

  • It will do away with the need for expensive third-party tools that actually requires custom integration. It also helps to increase the productivity of the invoice approvals and audits by being able to access the invoice image through the invoice life cycle.Another feature of account payable in fusion financial is excelling based invoice entry.
  • Oracle provided excel based template to create invoices into the system. These templates generally reduce the training cost and also help to reduce the developing custom solutions to integrate invoice data from the third party system.
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware in Oracle Fusion Financials will extend the architecture instead of replacing investments. Global Online Trainings will give the best Oracle Fusion Middleware Training with all the aspects at reasonable price.
  • In Oracle Fusion Financials Training, there are interactive payable dashboards available in the fusion financial account payables.
  • This configurable dashboards consolidates information from a variety of resources, actively monitor the process and puts exceptions to the users so that you can work only for the task rather working for them.
  • In these dashboards, we can stop payment request can review on dashboards.

You can either release the stop payment or void the payment, depending on the feedback from the bank. There are another feature i.e. payables to general ledger reconciliation. With this, we can easily investigate the differences in balances with drill downs. We can ensure the activity of payables is properly captured and recollected in the financial results.

Accounts receivables in Oracle Fusion Financials Training:Oracle Fusion Financials Elements

In Oracle Fusion Financials Training the Accounts Receivables continues to support auto lockbox but it has enhanced to apply receipts automatically using Smart Receipt. The Smart Receipts in Oracle Fusion Financials is functionally extended to the receipts that are created manually or uploaded through excel based. The smart receipts in Oracle Fusion Financials Trainings will uses payment information to apply receipts and that will recommends best potential matches for exceptions.

  • The Account receivables are also recommending prioritized invoices which are displayed to user defined matching rules etc. In Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will use calculated score, with calculated score users can quickly decide which payments to apply and which exception recommendations to use.
  • In Oracle Fusion Financials all the calculating scores and matching rules are being setups configuring your Fusion receivables.
  • By selecting auto apply and auto match rule sets based on the configuration the invoices are listed down with the calculated score.
  • The Auto Match rule set contains mainly four major components, those are customer recommendation threshold, minimum weighted threshold, combined weighted threshold and days of closed invoices threshold.
  • The first component is customer recommendation threshold in Oracle Fusion Financials Training. This is the threshold defined in terms of percentage where auto apply process add the customer information at receipt.
  • The combined weighted threshold is where auto apply process applies the receipt to the transactions automatically.         
Excel based Receipt entry in Oracle Fusion Financials Training:
  • In Oracle Fusion Financials Training, Excel based Receipt entry the name itself will indicates what this new feature will does and how this feature is useful to Account Receivable users.
  • By using excel based you can create and update customer receipts quickly and you can also increase users ability to process and payments remittance data.
  • The excel in Oracle Fusion Financials Training is a common tool which is being used by any financial user. So user can leverage excel functionality and there is no special training to learn and understand how to use excel.
  • The main thing that you need to open excels and the columns in the template are self exploratory may be user need to spend few minutes to understand and they can prepare and upload the file into the system.
  • The Excel receipts and spreadsheets will be useful as review purpose and for approval purpose so user can use those for future purpose also.
General Ledger in Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

For General Ledger (GL) in Oracle Fusion Financials Training you are going to learn plenty of key product features. When we have key product features that are there in fusion general ledger and we can enter generals into spread sheet. The Oracle cloud is completely designed as a complete financial solution and existing financial portfolio.

Oracle Fusion HCM management solution and includes General Ledger (GL) to help customers to increase business agility and standardize business processes. This will navigate to the financial reporting and this will allows broad room ready reports for you to put live reports or published reports etc. Oracle CRM Training in Oracle Fusion Financials will provide sales enable ledger to use data and that will help to predict for your next customer. We have the best trainers for Oracle Fusion CRM Training, they will provide training on your working project also.

In Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will learn through the General Ledger reporting and summarizing years and with different percents etc. by drilling down to account inspector or detail balances in account. With General Ledger you can drag and drop to show pivot table information and you can summarize the detail cost center for further analysis. The details balances in general ledger for the various accounting period and company account cost canter and you can look at the period activity and drill down into more additional information.

Advantages of Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

The following are the some of the advantages of Oracle Fusion Financials Training.

  • With the Oracle Fusion Financials Training you can define your charts of accounts structure, segments, segment labels and value sets.
  • You can reuse the same chart of accounts structure to create different charts of accounts structure instances that will fit your enterprise needs.
  • In Oracle Fusion Financials you will learn about so many key product features available in general ledger of Oracle fusion financials cloud. You will have extensive spreadsheets for entering the journals.
  • We can also correct the journal import errors and we can have the multi-currency journals for you to make a copy of the journal.
  • In this training you will have a robust wizard like allocation with the calculation manager. Calculation manager is nothing but a Hyperion tool in that you can perform several types of allocations such as formula based or rule-based.
  • You will have the greater collaboration with the Oracle social network integration. Oracle social network integration is a built-in application to check and compare with other accounts.

Overview of Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

  • In Oracle Fusion Financials Training we will cover all modules in Fusion Financials and the terminology changes in between EBS and earlier versions of Oracle Fusion Financials and terminology etc.
  • From Oracle Fusion Financials you will learn about Fusion security and how this security works in Fusion Financials for Oracle cloud and we will cover various sections such as functional setup manager and setup and maintenance work area for where we will configure the application in creating the application.
  • With our Oracle Fusion HCM Training you will get hands on experience that will helpful for you to get job and in your professional work. Our senior Trainers are always available for Oracle Fusion DBA Training from India.
  • From our Oracle Fusion Financials Training you will be trained in how to do project implementations and configure the General Ledger (GL) and everything.
  • People who are from EBS can easily understand some of the bigger positions were like people soft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Hyperion etc.
  • With our Oracle Fusion HCM Training you will work on fusion applications by bringing the best features from all the acquired products and came up with fusion functions and you can implement the middleware, database, virtual machine operating system storage and servers.     

Conclusion of Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

Oracle Fusion Financials Training is provided by the most leading and dominant online training cloud for many software courses Global Online Training. We have a team of most experienced technical trainers and they will give training in all required aspects as per your job point of view. With the help of our trainers training you can build price plan, you can also able to take care of account management in the aim of maximizing customer values.

We are providing Oracle Fusion Financials Training through online from India for low cost and for your flexible time slots with our trainers. We are also providing classroom and Corporate Training in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad etc. on client premise. Fresher who just got job and students who are willing to get job in Oracle Fusion Financials both can take this training through online. For more details please visit our official website thank you.



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