Oracle Fusion PPM Training

Oracle Fusion PPM Training

Introduction to Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Oracle Fusion PPM Training stands for Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management. Oracle Fusion PPM is nearly twenty-five percent of the gross domestic product and developed nations is spent on projects. Unfortunately a lack of integrated systems and disconnected processes are the new one in project driven organizations. This is why just eleven percent of business executives are confident of their organizations ability to manage critical projects. Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training sets the new standard for project driven enterprises. By providing each stakeholder with exactly the information they need to plans manages and deliver project based work as a business leader.

GOT provides the Best Oracle Fusion PPM Training with online and corporate training from India along with reasonable price. We also provide classroom training at client premises noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle Fusion PPM Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Overview of Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

You must choose the right projects exploit synergies between them and terminate unnecessary projects. With Oracle Fusion PPM Training you can quickly evaluate project performance across organizations. You can quickly see escalating issues by tracking key performance indicators. You can easily drill down to source transactions to take corrective action as the PMO you must broadcast information rapidly to multiple project teams and deliver effortless project plan updates. The challenge is to bring it all together in a cohesive and contextual setting. Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training delivers true project team collaboration. Your project teams can easily establish and manage communities use social media tools securely and organize communications all within the context of a project. Project members no longer have to go looking for their work boosting team productivity.Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training

Finally as a CFO you must ensure those projects are financially sound with Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management. You gain unprecedented financial control over projects. You can proactively identify projects they may be experiencing margin compression. For example the margin percentage is declining in the current quarter costs in Q2 exceeded budgeted costs. While revenue failed to meet expectations with this information you can decide whether to defer any additional costs to a later quarter improve margins.

Oracle Fusion PPM Training integrates seamlessly with Oracle Fusion Applications and coexists with Oracle’s Primavera P6 solutions to provide enterprise project visibility. Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training sets the new standard for project driven enterprises by providing each stakeholder with exactly the information they need to plan mange and deliver project based work. Designed from the ground up using the latest technology advances Oracle Fusion Applications sets a new standard for the way your innovate work and adopt technology. Our real-time senior most top trainers are always available for Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training, corporate training also remote access with latest updates.


Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Training in Cloud:

Overview of Oracle Fusion PPM Cloud Training:
  • Oracle Fusion PPM Cloud Training is very important in now a day. Everything like infrastructure services, products etc moving towards cloud based environment. Cloud means in layman language it is a Database and many customers are going to share same database.
  • Oracle Fusion PPM Training means Fusion is a single product to have all together functionality features which are best in the market in the product and they have incorporated and buildup a product is Fusion. Definitely it is going to have a good in terms of the products and In terms of the user interface, in terms of the performance.
  • There are certain changes in the architecture side compare with the Oracle EBS ERP. We can find drastic change in terms of the enterprise structure and in terms of database architecture. But definitely it is going to be very conveniently and easy product in terms of implementation and maintenance.
  • Oracle Cloud is there are specific project is PPM (Project Portfolio Management). This product it tells as many features and although it’s a cloud so it is integrated with the other application as well. Oracle As a product gives us Oracle Fusion Financial, procurement, Oracle SCM (Supply chain Management) and product value chain, customer experience all these are the different products.
  • Apart from that there is a PPM (Product Portfolio Management) which is tackle integrated with all these products and also keep quit more features has social networking, mobile compatibility to access your application.
  • We can integrate any of the application easily using the middle ware concept. There is the architecture called Middle ware which gives the integration functionality. If customer is already using the Oracle ERP which is the EBS and they are moving to the Fusion they want to use let’s suppose they are using EBS product for the Finance module in the Oracle EBS.
  • But they want to move to the PPM on a Cloud and they want to integrate PPM cloud with the EBS System so it can be easily integrate with the co existence functionality given by Oracle Fusion Product. Global Online Trainings provide best real-time Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training with student flexible hours. We also provide corporate individual batches for many courses.
Project Resource Management Cloud in Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud everyone wins matching right people with right project gives the right results. With a modern easy-to-use staffing tool you can do powerful searches to find the best fit resources for your project assignments. Highest scoring candidates are presented for review based on their match to the skills profile and dates you’re looking for you can shortlist. Your favorite candidates do some what-if analysis to evaluate alternative staffing scenarios or use keywords to search the resource profiles or their resumes. At any time you can compare candidates side by side for more in-depth evaluation. Everything is designed to give you the complete picture. So you can be sure you have exactly the right person every time.

Your resource pools can include both employees and workers from outside your organization need to collaborate with your project managers. That’s easy too with a streamlined staffing flow and social capabilities at your fingertips. Assignments are Swift and simple. The project date or scope changes mass update, mass cancellation features together with quick resource. Assignments make it easy for you to keep those assignments up-to the-minute so everyone’s on the same page. Our real-time expert trainers provide best Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training with along 24/7 online support and reasonable price from India. We also provide job support with live project.


Project Organizations with Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Project Organizations need a complete view of their global talent pool and empowered project resources with a single repository of project resources. That can be based on your human capital management cloud application. You know you have complete visibility to the best project talent across your enterprise. Skills profiles change from day to day and who knows this better than the resources themselves or their managers. As resources roll up their assignments they can update their new qualifications and be confident they’ll be considered that next project. We provide best Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training with latest versions Oracle Fusion PPM 13 and 15.x. Our trainers provide Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Training with corporate training, classroom training at client location as well as job support.


Project Management in Oracle PPM Cloud:

Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Training just too time-consuming developing the plan on getting the right project team on board. We answer these challenges by empowering the project team. Project managers rapidly build out the project tapping into the experience of the organization and the team to hit the ground running developing your project plan shouldn’t be hard. So with project management tasks are easily created just add a new task and flesh out the details later. Enter the name of the task and effort dates and dependencies when you know them.

And tasks can be created either one at a time or in bulk while templates let me exploit the knowledge of the business for faster and more accurate project planning. It’s essential that you get the right people on your project as quickly possible. The team is the project once created your project structure you need to assign the work. So where you know the people simply add them to individual tasks or where you’ve used generic resources replace them on mass and this chamber reflected across the entire plan. And where needed you’ve take advantage of the powerful search tools of project resource management matching skills and availability to find exactly the right resource.

Team member are closest to the actual work so they should be included in the development and refinement of the plan. This often means meeting emails, spreadsheets but there’s a better way powerful project and task management capabilities. Got provide best Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training by industry expert trainers. And in this tutorial, we provide online training for many courses.


Managing a projects a series of steps in Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Project control lets you collect the phases of a project to form a continuous tailored business process bridging the gap between project management and financial control. The core of the project is the project plan. Determining the what, when, and how as you freeze the plan. A budget is automatically generated at the level of detail that finance needs.  Developing the budget has never been simpler or clearer make most changes across a selected set of tasks and resources adjusting the quantities costs or rates by a percentage. You can also edit the budget by tasks or focusing on resources. You’re guided through the steps in the process as you move to finalize the budget with workflow ensuring that project stakeholders understand and approve the commitment.


Oracle Projects with E-Business Suite Applications – Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Oracle E-Business Suite is ERP software from Oracle Corporation also known as Oracle applications. We already know that ERP is a special class of software. That provides end-to-end solution for an enterprise to manage their information technology needs and ERP software are modular. So that a module or more could be used by one department and all these modules are integrated and connected. So that information is shared among the modules. Oracle E-Business Suite consists of groups of modules called Suites. The Oracle Financials as we know is a suite of modules is not a module itself and Oracle Human Resources Management is a group of modules or suite.

Similarly Oracle Project is also a group of modules when we say has implemented oracle financials. They may have implemented one or more modules within Oracle financials. Similarly we say Oracle Projects is being implemented in a company then few modules of Oracle Projects might be in the scope not necessarily all the modules. The high-level objective of Oracle projects Suite is to provide a complete project management solution for an enterprise. When we say a complete project management solution we are talking about managing projects people involved in the project is casuals deliverable and finances. We provide Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training along with online job support and we provide latest industry updates.


Conclusion of Oracle Fusion PPM Training:

Global Online Trainings is offering Oracle Fusion PPM online and corporate training along with related courses like Oracle Cloud PPM Implementation, Oracle Fusion PPM Roles, ERP PPM, Oracle Cloud Project Management Module, Oracle Fusion PPM 13 Training, and Oracle Fusion PPM 15 Training at flexible hours. This course is available for individual and corporate batches as well as we provide job support. Our team will be available 24/7 online support and we will solve any issues related Oracle Fusion PPM Online Training like subject related, training timings, trainers, and etc. They will clarify all your doubts regarding the Oracle Fusion PPM Training.


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