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Introduction to Oracle Fusion SCM Training: 

Oracle Fusion SCM Training at Global Online Trainings provided by the best industry experts. We have 15+ years of experience in handling Oracle technology related projects. Our Trainers will teach you the Oracle Fusion SCM  with advanced Fusion technology versions. We have proven skills in online training; we have already trained thousands of students all over the world who have progressed as professionals in the IT industry. We cover all most all SCM and procurement concepts through our Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training. We train well our students subject wise and practical wise also. We are provided on line Training as well as class room Training for Oracle Fusion SCM at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune with most experienced professionals. Come and Join Today!

Oracle Fusion SCM Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Oracle Fusion SCM Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training Course Content


Overview of Oracle Fusion SCM Training: 

In today’s versatile business process, mergers, acquisitions and multi channel customers and the multi-order capture supply chain have become increasingly complex. All these disparate processes and systems complicate the organizational view of orders. This leads to lower accuracy, less profitability, and customer satisfaction. So, we need significant improvement in our business. In this case Oracle Fusion supply chain management comes to place. With Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training we will get know all these things.

Oracle Fusion SCM is usually known as Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management. This Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management implementation training course is specially designed for procurement, order orchestration and product information management. Join in Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training at Global Online Trainings, understand the configuration options and learn how to set up these applications.

Are you looking for Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training? And searching for best platform?  If yes, there are many training institutes offer Oracle Fusion SCM , but training with expert instructors can lead students to get a job at their desired company. Global Online Trainings is the one for providing training for Oracle Fusion SCM  with real time corporate professionals. So, I would prefer you join with us.

Before going to learn about Oracle Fusion SCM Training learn what Oracle Fusion SCM is.


What is Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management? 

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management ensures fast, smooth and successful execution of Oracle Fusion distributed order, Oracle Fusion Global Order optimization and procurement. Oracle Fusion SCM assists you get deep knowledge on all SCM modules configuration options so you can make good decisions in the implementation process. Oracle came up with Oracle Fusion Applications Suite in 2011. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management has achieved a mark in Fusion applications across all Oracle Fusion applications.

Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management is currently leading the supply chain management in the ERP companies. Oracle Cloud has been converted to ERP applications to attract small and midsize companies. The business’s revenue has improved in a big way, with Oracle Fusion being successful in implementing SCM applications.


What is Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud?

Oracle SCM Cloud gives you the ability to innovate, work fast and leverage your value chain. Businesses can quickly implement Oracle’s supply chain management functionality with nominal risk, low cost and great flexibility. With Oracle SCM Cloud, companies don’t have to upgrade to the latest version – they can get the latest, best-in-class functionality through a flexible subscription pricing model. By learning Oracle SCM Cloud Training you will get the visibility, insights and capabilities required to build your own intelligent supply chain.

There are various categories in Oracle SCM Cloud training which are mentioned below: They are: Oracle Inventory Management Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Procurement Cloud, Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud, Oracle Logistics Cloud, Oracle Product Life-cycle Management Cloud, Oracle Product Master Data Management Cloud, Oracle Maintenance Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud.


Learn Oracle Order Management Cloud:

Oracle Order Management Cloud is mainly for capture and completion Cloud solution that integrates seamlessly with the Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. There are some key benefits:

  • Centralized Order Monitoring:

A centralized view of orders allows users to search for orders, view status, view customer, product or supplier exclusions, and drill into the data to see additional details.

  • Manage Order Exceptions:

Early detection of orders that do not meet promised dates and takes corrective action and avoids customer dissatisfaction. Prioritize return orders to increase key fulfillment metrics.

  • Run Against Reduced Order Orchestration Policies:

Business users can define, implement, and manage their own fulfillment orchestration systems without the need to resort to technical programming tools and reduce IT complexity.

  • Change Management:

Centralized Change Order Logic supports consistent handling of order changes and revisions in all orders that reduce order errors and processing costs


Difference b/w Oracle Fusion and Oracle Cloud:

When we come to know about difference between Oracle Cloud and Oracle Fusion, they are actually two different enterprise resource solutions developed by Oracle and introduced to simplify flawless business processes.

Oracle Fusion:

Oracle Fusion applications are a next-generation enterprise of Oracle that provides services in financial management, HCM, CRM, supply chain management, procurement, government and project portfolio management. Such fusion applications are the best in the race mix of features and functionality derived from the Oracle e-Business Suite.

Oracle Cloud:

Oracle Cloud is basically used as a PASS (Platform as a service) to provide servers for networking and storage through global network services, thus building applications in the cloud. Therefore, you can access the cloud for data management, application development, integration, content and experience, business analytics, systems management and security. In addition, the Oracle e-business suite in Oracle Cloud can reduce time, cost for new projects, increase business agility, drive growth and increase the productivity of your global IT workforce.


You want know more information about Oracle Fusion SCM?

Please come and join in our Oracle Fusion SCM Training at Global Online Trainings. Our highly experienced trainers provide real-time online training for all Oracle Fusion applications. We, Global Online Trainings successfully conducted 2000+ corporate trainings across India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Australia and USA. We also provide self-paced videos for online classes at convenient times to suit your needs.

At Global Online Trainings we also provide Oracle Fusion Financial training Online.  Through our Oracle Fusion Financial Training you can each and every element in Fusion Financials like Billing and managing communication services in People Soft, Siebel, Hyperion and net Suite etc. By the end of this training you will become the master in Oracle Fusion Financials.


How to become an expert in Oracle Fusion SCM Training?

Oracle Fusion SCM is the newest solution for Cloud Supply Chain Management for Enterprises and Business Organizations. Oracle Cloud SCM is a whole suite of tools and features that deliver high performance and save time on execution. Supply Chain Cloud (SCM) is a next generation cloud ERP solution. The Fusion SCM Cloud provides scalability by reducing operational costs with high visibility and proficient time consumption. The major advantage of using Oracle Fusion Cloud is that the SCM application does not require physical infrastructure. With the advent of cloud technology there is no restriction on application usage. Security is in top level with no risk because of Cloud backup.

Oracle Fusion SCM  at Global Online Trainings train the students become an expert to assist businesses set up supply chain modules in the cloud according to business needs. By enrolling and learning this  course students will get in-depth knowledge on how to create strategies that offer benefits such as reducing additional costs, streamlining decision-making processes and providing better customer service to achieve higher revenue margins. By the end of the Oracle Fusion SCM Online course, students will learn all Oracle Fusion SCM modules required for functional and technical implementation.


Why we choose Global Online Trainings?

The main focus of Global Online Trainings is to provide the training for students from real-time industry experts. Our trainers at Global Online Trainings are certified in Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM testing. We designed our syllabus to fit the real-world requirements for both beginner levels to advanced level. Once registered, you will have the pleasure of being a professional in the Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud application. So, Global Online Trainings is one of the best Oracle Fusion SCM Training providers globally.

Let’s see why we choose:
  • Our Online training gives you virtual class room learning experience.
  • We trained 1500+ students on Oracle Fusion SCM
  • We provide Training from Industry Experts and Certified Oracle Professionals
  • Our Course content always updated to meet industry standards
  • One-one training for Oracle Fusion SCM Training
  • Provide training according to your Flexible timings and also provide 24×7 support

Conclusion of Oracle Fusion SCM Training:

Today in this Competitive world learning Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training is the best way to save your workday. Global Online Trainings is the best platform to learn Oracle Fusion SCM . At Global Online Trainings our trainers will provide the skills to develop and manage applications using the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud. In this Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training, You’ll learn all the basics of Oracle Fusion SCM, such as Fusion List, Configuration Management, Product Management, and more, through real-time examples and projects to advanced concepts.  Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training at Global Online Trainings is more cost effective.  After completion of Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) Training at Global Online Trainings, you will get to know its relationship with other Oracle applications and increase the return on investment in the business. Don’t miss out this opportunity! Come and Join immediately.


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