Introduction of Oracle HRMS training:

Oracle HRMS Training stands for Human Resource Management System. The human resource is just one module in EBS it’s one of the modules in ABS. The HR vision enterprise if you are implementing it for general electric then it will be called human resources general electric aviation division or motor division. You will have different segregation of responsibilities. The human resource responsibility you will always find a people menu enter and maintain. Those are Oracle payroll, oracle learning management, Oracle human resources (HR), Oracle SSHR, OTL, Oracle advanced benefits and HRMS intelligence. Human Resource Management System training is an open source platform. Human Resource Management System does everything on the web and an employee can log in and can check the expected salary of this month, how many leaves are left or they can request for the leaves. Oracle HRMS Training at the Global online training which is the leading online training provider.

Prerequisites of Oracle HRMS training:

The Prerequisites of the Oracle HRMS Training includes the following:

  • Oracle HRMS Payroll
  • SSHR
  • iRecruitment
  • Oracle Apps
  • PL / SQL.

Oracle HRMS online Course outline:

  • Program Name: Oracle HRMS Training course.
  • Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of training:Online, Classroom, and corporate training.
  • Timings:According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Oracle HRMS online Training. (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements:Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you


Oracle HRMS online Training Course Content

Oracle HRMS Training Course Content

Overview of Oracle HRMS Training:

Oracle HRMS Training is mostly end act this particular setups are done by the HR analysts. The Human Resource Management System Training modules are Company Branch profile, User role authorizations Employee profile, Dashboard, General masters and settings, Loan management, Leave management, Time and attendance, Roaster management, Payroll Management, Full and final settlement, Employee self server, Recruitment, Performance evaluations, Documents management, Equipmenes management and Etc.The company selection page here you can create multiple companies or branches from the page. In authorization, left side menu bar have two options there are

HRMS Online Training

  • create or alter company
  • authorization
Create or alter company:

Create and alter company you can create a new company or alter any details of any safe company.


Authorization have three options

  • Roll Master: Authorization is basically used to give permissions to the user that which page they can assess. From here you can first create a role either it is HR member or any other role.
  • Click on role page mapping: From here you just select the rule for which company you want and click on search. After it you will get all the pages of application, you just click and create modify or view any details for which page. Then submit after it you just create your users. After user creation you just give username and password, user ID and the role which you have already created here.
  • Dashboard of the application: You are getting all the concluded result of different modules such as your total employees, employee left in last 30 days, and if you for attendance. If you want to access this total employee from dashboard. You can check that in HR you have employees with this much amount in IT.

The options of masters you can create different masters from administration like currency optional fields any document group GL account, loan, holiday type, email credentials if you want to give then training master, alerts, and you can create all the masters. Similarly you have some more masters in general settings like country, city, bank, insurance, designations, departments you can create all your masters from these two options administration and general setting.


In setup, you just create earning and deduction masters like what type of earning and deduction you will give to your employees such as have created here basic any HRA, OT you just create all them from setup. After it have another option for expression builder you can make your expression for OT calculation or any other calculation.

What is oracle HRMS?

HRMS refers to a suite of software that organizations use to manage internal HR functions. HRMS software helps HR professionals manage the modern workforce. It also called a human resources information system. Oracle HRMS is an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects of the HR function.

Who should attend the oracle HRMS?

  • Oracle Database Admins
  • Oracle Advanced Developers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • ERP students and consultants
  • Functional Implementer
  • Data Modelers
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • Aspirants looking for a career in this field.

What are the course objectives of Oracle HRMS Training?

After the completion of Oracle HRMS training at globalonlinetrainings, you will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge on Core HR and Self-Service Human Resource capabilities.
  • Identify key features in iRecruitment.
  • Enhance knowledge in Oracle Learning Management and enrollment policies.
  • Gain Knowledge in catalogue management, resources, resource booking and content management.
  • Recognize the process for collecting time data for validation and approval.
  • Recognize how Oracle Payroll integrates with other products in the HRMS family.
  • Describe how to configure and extend Oracle HRMS to meet enterprise solutions.

Learn Oracle EBS In Oracle HRMS training:

EBS is nothing but E-business suite. Oracle E-business suite is one of the major products of the Oracle Corporation. Oracle E-business suite is an integrated business application. With the help of the Oracle EBS, we can automate the customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and also Enterprise resource planning within the company. Oracle EBS was released in 2001. This is the Oracle’s first package of the CRM and ERP applications. Now, what is ERP? ERP means an enterprise resource planning. We can integrate all the functions of the enterprise.

Learn Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Basics in Oracle HRMS Training:

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a software solution that takes the process view to meet organizational goals, tightly integrating all functions of the enterprise. It basically indicates the different verticals of the company such as at finance department their Human Resource. Their manufacturing, customer relationship are the different business verticals the company and it will try to use this software to meet all these different requirements. That is necessary for a company so ERP facilitates integration of company-wide information systems. You can basically share the information of one company across a different company.

Creation of Oracle HRMS Training:

Oracle HRMS Online Training

Setting up HRSETUP user:

Setup the HR user but normally what happens is that the DBAs or assess admin is create the user for the business analysts. And that’s what definitely use for its no setting up all the features. In this case our user that to create is going to be called HR setup. The user that people use for our HRMS module setups for creating the user. If your logged in admin or DBAs whoever is creating the user account for the business analyst and the Oracle system administrator, security, responsibilities define.

Create customer responsibility:

This is a responsibility name and the application is Human Resources of all the responsibility key. It has to be you know in sync with the responsibility name. The more meaningfully key you give it’s easier for you. You have to make it available from the Oracle Applications if it is completely a browser-based application. The application is Human Resources and the menu of the US super autonomous manager responsibility.

Oracle Payroll in Oracle HRMS Training:

Oracle payroll is one of the modules of the Oracle human resource management system. You will see some core HR setups in the Oracle HRMS training. The oracle payroll provides the integrated system. This integrated system helps in sharing the information between payroll and HR generalist. It is completely rules-based management solution. Oracle hr payroll has efficient and extensible administration features. It is more secure and trusted accuracy. These two are highly maintained in the Oracle Payroll. Oracle payroll generally maintains only one single repository so we can easily remove the duplication. We will discuss payroll concept in Oracle HRMS training. 

By using Oracle payroll, we can track and monitor all the details regarding employee labor cost. In a single day, we can process so many payrolls easily and quickly. This is the main feature of the Oracle Payroll. We can see and check the payments of any employees at any time in the Oracle Payroll. Without any coding, we can easily create the complex calculation rules. Oracle payroll gives you the fast and accurate payroll processing. We will teach you all the fundamentals of payroll, in Oracle HRMS training. 

Oracle SSHR in Oracle HRMS Training:  

SSHR means Self Service Human Resource. There are so many features in Oracle SSHR. To access the information, any self-service will use a web browser. Oracle SSHR is highly secure and it has direct access to systems. Oracle SSHR automates the process. The main feature of the Oracle self-service human resource is it reduces the operating cost. There is a workflow engine in the Oracle SSHR and this will manage the process flow. By using workflow engine monitor, we can track and monitor the status of the process. We will discuss briefly in Oracle HRMS training. 

Learn Self Service opportunities in Oracle HRMS training:

There are more self-service opportunities in Human Resource Management System. You can change the professional and personal information. By using Self-service, you can do job applications, employee appraisals. Suppose if you want to hire someone from the huge database job applicants, you can search for the suitable person and also you can do the recruitment process. You can also change the employee condition like you can the salary of an employee. There are more concepts in Self service, we will discuss all in Oracle HRMS training. 

 Types of Self Service in HR:

  • There are two types of self-service in HR. They are employee self-service and manager self-service.
  • Manager self-service authorizes the manager to perform the tasks such as terminate, change pay and change job etc. These are the key changes that the manager does.
  • Employee self-service authorizes the employee to perform some updates on his own personal records such as add dependencies, change marital status, update the address etc. You will learn all the concepts in Oracle HRMS training. Learn all the HR concepts in Oracle HRMS training.

Oracle Fusion:

In Oracle HRMS Training, fusion applications and fusion middle-ware are the two different software of the Oracle Corporation. The fusion middle-ware is sat on the bottom of the fusion application. Oracle fusion application is a business application suite. It is Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is an open standard technology. Fusion Middle-ware is also ERP software. Middle-ware lets systems to talk to each other. In other words, it facilitates an environment to create the business applications. The main feature of the Oracle Fusion application is that it can also use SOA. SOA is nothing but service-oriented architecture. There are some developer tools by oracle fusion middleware. Those tools are JDeveloper, ADF. This can be used to develop the business applications in the organization. We do provide best Oracle HRMS Training with related courses oracle fusion training.  

There are so many modules in the Oracle fusion. Those modules are Oracle fusion financials, Oracle procurement, Oracle fusion sales and marketing, Oracle fusion human capital management, Oracle fusion governance risk and compliance, oracle fusion project portfolio management, Oracle fusion supply chain management. We provide the Oracle fusion financials training. Oracle Fusion is built on a set of guiding principles. Some of those principles are

  • Oracle HRMS Training is built on best practice business process like e-business suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, people soft.
  • It is a role-based user interface, pervasive collaboration, and embedded decision support.
  • Oracle Fusion made ready for the cloud. It may be a private or public cloud.
  • Oracle fusion designed jointly with Oracle’s partner and Oracle’s customer.
  • Secure fusion middleware and configurable and also industry leading modern platform.
  • Re-invent the user experience.

Oracle SAAS:

Oracle SAAS applications are divided into 7 components. They are customer experience, supply chain management, human capital management, enterprise performance management, enterprise resource planning, analytics and social. If you want to buy financial or procurement then they are providing it under Enterprise Resource planning and under this ERP, we have revenue management, financials, accounting hub reporting, project management, project financial management, procurement and risk management. Oracle SAAS is providing some inbuilt social network to communicate with the team members. This is a very nice thing that oracle fusion offered. The only difference is; on-premise provides the back end access, but oracle SAAS does not provide the back-end access. We will teach you SAAS basics in Oracle HRMS training. 

Features of Oracle Fusion in Oracle HRMS Training:

Oracle fusion is so famous because of its unique features

  • You can build your own reports. You can just drag and drop your chat up accounts and segments into rows and columns. There are different scenarios to build a report. This is all live reporting. You don’t need to push the data to anywhere. That is why Oracle fusion is embedding multi-dimensional platform for reporting.
  • We can push the issues and also work with users. Here the dashboards are role-based dashboards.
  • There is a lot of intelligence that is built in a product and here oracle fusion provides the embedded transactional intelligence and this will guide the user’s decisions.
  • When you receive an invoice from the supplier, it has to be entered into the system and you need to track for the particular invoice. In the Oracle fusion, we have an option that is, we can do image integration for the supplier’s voice.
  • There is extensive spreadsheet integration across all the financial functions in the Oracle Fusion applications. global online trainings provide best online and corporate training as well as job support with 24/7 support by best faculty. 

Benefits of the Oracle Fusion:

  • Unlike the Oracle EBS, you need not push and pull out the data from a database. You have real-time access to live financial data in the oracle fusion.
  • You can have multiple account standards in the Oracle fusion. It complies with the multiple legislative and geography or industry requirements.
  • By using Oracle fusion, we can improve the decision making and increase the accuracy of the transactional entry.
  • We can reduce the data entry errors and also the transaction processing is very less. That means it reduces the transaction processing cost.
  • Software, hardware, and processes engineered to work together efficiently. 

Conclusion to Oracle HRMS Training:

Oracle Human Resource Management System Training is a cloud-based solution that supports the company’s HR functions. This includes HR, Payroll, Self Service and Performance Management. In addition, it includes budget reports, employee development and performance data management, salary trends, gaps, and so on. And the payroll feature allows you to manage salary and compensation payments

Oracle HRMS training by Global online training. In this program, Candidate can also go on weekends or weekdays session. We do help in preparing a resume and also help you out in interviews. We provide a server for every particular course. We provide 24/7 support and also provide many courses. Global Team will solve any kind of issues regarding training, trainer or server within hours. We are providing the best Oracle HRMS online and corporate training as well as job support. We have real-time expert trainers for Oracle Human Resource Management System Training.



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