Oracle IExpense Training

Oracle IExpense Training

Introduction of Oracle IExpense Training:

Oracle IExpense Training by Global online Trainings for travel and expense solution and automates travel spend management. Oracle Internet Expense online Training is for basically payable Oracle extension and is mainly used to report and seek reimbursement of expenses paid by employees. Oracle IExpense is providing dramatic and immediate return on investment with direct impact on the bottom line reports. Internet Expenses streamlines will automates the submission, tracking, approval and payment of employee expanses. By using Oracle IExpense employees can submit their expanses through online and track the progress. 

Managers can approve or reject expenses and ask further details from the employee. Many organizations are implementing Oracle IExpense to create genuine reports of an employee.    


Course Name: Oracle IExpense Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


Oracle IExpense online Training Course Content

Oracle IExpense Content


What is Oracle IExpense Training?

The complete form of IExpense in Oracle IExpense online Training is Internet Expense. By using a standard web browser employees can submit expense reports.

  • In Oracle IExpense Course the report submitting will done through a web – enabled mobile device or by importing a complete expense spreadsheet from a configured template.
  • After importing spreadsheet employees can upload a customized template for expense entry and integrates with organizations expenses against various projects.
  • In additional functionality of Oracle Internet Expense Training employees can add credit card transactions to their expense report and classify as business or personal.
  • With the help of Oracle R12 IExpense Training, you can build reports of Oracle payments and screen by screen process flow documents.
  • In Oracle Fusion Expenses, the IExpense will share the powers to the end users to work on General Ledger (GL) for computing the Oracle project expenses as well as isolate expenses.

In Global online Trainings our experts will teach in detail about Oracle IExpense Training.    


Report submission in Oracle IExpense Training:

In Oracle IExpense Training the Report submissions are basically about invoices which representing what amount is due to an employee for business related expenses. By using Oracle Internet Expense employee can enter the expanse information automatically into the system later can transfer to the department.

  • In Report submission, when a navigator select the time and expense responsibility in the home page to create expense report.
  • In Oracle Internet Expense online Training the first step for creating an expense report is filling in the general information. In this name and cost center reimbursement currency comes by default.
  • In the expense template there are three options to select those are business development expenses, employee monthly expenses and service delivery expenses.
  • The Business development expense is used by employees, assignment to develop business sales and pre sales etc. Here employee monthly expenses and service delivery expenses are associated with a specific project.
  • In these Employee monthly expenses, reports are submitted according to date and month allocating to the expenses in the corresponding to cost center or project.
  • The final step is reviewing the information, there is an add option to attach the receipts and make sure that expenses should submit within notice time. Any expense of meeting after completion of notice time the incurred will be rejected.
  • In this rejection case there is another add option to attach the receipt, the expense reports and the Expenses will apply and submit to the work flow. Later an email notification is automatically sent to the corresponding approves.
  • After approving the expense report by the manager a notification mail is sent to the user. This report information is can be saved and can create another expense.

Our online trainers will clearly explain the key activities for report submission in Oracle Internet Expense Course.


IStore in Oracle IExpense Training:

In Oracle IExpense Training, IStore is mainly used to integrate with advanced pricing.  In Oracle Internet Expense online Training, you will know that IStore is the cornerstone and it is offered by Oracle’s vendor e-commerce.

  • The IStore will enables merchants to effectively build, deploy, manage and personalize powerful, scalable Internet storefronts to serve consumers (B2C) and enterprises (B2B) worldwide.
  • Oracle IStore offers an attractive, personalized shopping experience for customers on a global market with multilingual and multi-currency capabilities.
  • IStore provides the flexibility to configure a web store to accept multiple payment methods such as credit cards, purchase orders, and invoices to suit your customers’ needs. Because of its ease of installation and deployment, IStore enables companies to respond quickly to changing sales, marketing and service opportunities.
  • Oracle IStore collects customer data and keeps it in sync with the rest of the enterprise data to ensure a true 360-degree view of customers from a unified customer model across integrated marketing, sales and service channels. Seamlessly integrated with other Oracle E-Business Suite applications, IStore provides a complete e-business solution that supports the entire customer life-cycle.

In Global online Trainings you will completely know about IStore functionalities in Oracle IExpense.


Functionalities in Oracle IExpense Training:Oracle IExpense Functionalities

There are many kinds of functionalities in Internet Expense. Some of those are as follows,


Here employees can import spreadsheet and can upload with a customized template for expanse entry.

Oracle projects integration

By using integration functionality employees can integrate Oracle Internet Expense projects along with different projects.       

Expense allocation

The expense allocations will empowers end users to work on general ledger for accounting of oracle project expense allocations which includes split expenses.

Cash advances management

In Oracle IExpense clients can pay as deposit in the time of expenses entry as well as search on payment data.

Manager Approval
  • Confirming the line expense will depends on the cumulative amounts debited to cost centers. The confirming announcement will show the overall amount to be accepted and the cost of each expense is charged to the area of accept governance.
  • The appropriate approval will ensure the authority to be enforced when expenses are allocated for many different cost centers, projects. When the expenses allocated then the FYI notifications will be made.
Audit Management

In Oracle IExpense online Training you will learn, how the audit expense records are upgraded with tabs which are suitable for examine enterprise movements it includes proving expenses, dealing with policy refusal issues and inspecting other expanses data with drill down efficiency details.

Expense Report Export

Payable can run the Expense Report Expert in Oracle Internet Expense with a concurrent interface program. With our Oracle Internet Expense online Training you can review and allow the payable personnel export result on online and analyze those result quickly.

There are four categories of results list the expense reports for which invoices were created, the expense reports that had prepayments applied, the expense reports placed on hold and the expense reports that were rejected.

In Global online Trainings our expert trainers will clearly explain about all additional functionalities in Oracle Internet Expense.   


Benefits of Oracle IExpense Training:
  • One of the most important benefits is Implementing Oracle Internet Expenses, here the employees will have the ability to enter the expensive boards. You can actually define internet expenses as associate with the front end employees.
  • Here you can find multiple ways of entering and submitting, some of those are manually entering through web based forms, importing through excel spread sheet and entering through manual invoices or quick invoice window.
  • In Oracle IExpense online Training you will have automatic notifications to employees and managers for approvals and payments. When a payment gets processed the functionality then the employee will submit the expense report.

There are many more benefits in Oracle IExpense after joining in Global online Trainings you will know each and every benefit and its use.


Overview of Oracle IExpense Training:

Oracle IExpense Training is basically payable of Oracle extension. Oracle Internet Expense online Training is an Oracle module used to report and seek reimbursement of expenses paid by employees.

  • With our Oracle IExpense online Training you can empowers companies with the help of powerful application to capture data at different stages of expense restitution, it may include expenses submitting, accessing and generating reports etc.
  • The Internet Expenses concept is a prototype for today’s office, with the rapid development of Internet technology.
  • With the development of virtual desktops based on cloud computing technology, employees can also use any kind of device to access their working environment expenses at any time and any place, seamlessly switch between different scenarios, making everywhere easy.
  • The Oracle Internet Expense will integrate with Oracle Fusion Expenses for good looking report.
  • With taxes setup and processing in expense, you can calculate tax for merchant fields and distribute the tax automatically.

There are many elements in Oracle Internet Expense such as product introduction, application integration and approvals etc. these are clearly explained with our SMEs.    


Conclusion of Oracle IExpense Training:

Global online Trainings is a leading online training platform and it is providing Oracle IExpense Training form India through online. Our experienced trainers will explain all modules which are involved with payment management automation. Students who want to become Internet Expense administrator or developer after their studies and beginners who are having less knowledge, got job and facing difficulties in their working are also can to take our Oracle Internet Expense online Training.

Register for the best Oracle IExpense online Training in Global online Trainings. Our online trainers will understand your requirements and your queries and they will provide solution with hundred present accuracy. We also provide classroom as well as Corporate Training on client premise in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Noida etc. for best price. For more details visit our official website, thank you.


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