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 Oracle install base training

Oracle Install Base Training Course :

Oracle Install Base is an repository of the product information, location, status, party relationships, configuration, ownership, accounts, & the change history for an customer product,  asset, or the  software license. It offers life-cycle tracking of an item from the time that it is received, in inventory, in WIP, in projects, at customer sites, or during the repair. Register for Oracle Install Base training and learn how the Install Base also records a history of changes to tracked items & does so independently of their ownership, physical location, or accounting the classification. You will also discover how the oracle Install Base is capable of tracking serialized & the non-serialized item instances including the Tangible items such as those are manufactured, purchased & shipped . And that of  Intangible items such as software, services, licenses & agreements. The tangible assets including fixed, movable, & the leased assets also. Register for more details.

Oracle Install Base Online Training Course Content

Day 1:
  • Install Base Overview. 
  • Use of install Base
  • Process flow in install Base
  • Pre and Post 12.2.5 SFM Difference 
  • Creating IB Trackable item.
  • Item Instance creation by inventory transaction such as Misc. Receipt.
Day 2:
  • Install Base Administrator Responsibility-Setup
  • Install Parameter o
  • Transaction Error Form
  • Setup Forms: Transaction Types, Subtypes, Statuses, etc.
  • Setup for Level of Install Base Tracking
Day 3:
  • Install base UI interaction
  • Item instances search and details
  • Search/create/update instances
  • Change owner transaction
  • Exploring other UI options
Day 4:
  • Sales order shipment and RMA flow for serialized item
  • Impact of shipment and RMA on install base
Day 5:
  • Sales order shipment – non serialized item 
  • Impact of shipment non serialized item on install base
Day 6:
  • Reshipment flow
  • Installation details forms
Day 7:
  • Counter in install base
  • Counter template
  • Counter instances
  • Relation between counter templates, counter
  • Instance, item and item instances.
Day 8:
  • Mass update
  • Batches
  • WebADI
Day 9:
  • Open interfaces
  • Debugging/types of error
  • Tables involved
  • Q/A
Day 10:
  • If any flow needs to be repeated (optional)