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Oracle inventory management training

Introduction To Oracle Inventory Management Training Course:

Oracle Inventory Management is the part of  Oracle Value Chain Execution solution & it integrates seamlessly with other Supply Chain Management applications, such Oracle Warehouse Management, Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications, Oracle Order_Management, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Discrete Manufacturing, Oracle Process Manufacturing, & Oracle Cost Management. Register for Oracle Inventory Management Training With and learn it can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels & control inventory operations. You will also discover how all your material in each line of business & stage of the inventory lifecycle can be tracked in an single system. Increased transparency will reduce the need for local buffer stocks, &  inventory will be located where it previously wasn’t known to exist. 

Oracle Inventory Management Online Training Course Content

Oracle Inventory
  • Receiving & Transferring Inventory
  • On-hand &  Availability
  • Issuing Inventory
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Application Integration
Inventory Organizations
  • Inventory Structure
  • Setting Inventory Organization Structure
  • Organization Parameters
  • Sub inventories and Locators
Units of Measure
  • Units of Measure
Defining & Maintaining Items
  • Items Process
  • Using Item Templates
  • Assigning Items to Organizations
  • Categories, Category Sets, & Catalogs
  • Deleting Items
Lot & Serial Control
  • Setting Lot Control
  • Maintaining Serial Information & Lot Serial Genealogy
Transaction Setup
  • Transaction Types
  • Picking Rules
  • Account Aliases
  • Opening & Closing Accounting Periods
  • Setting up Move Orders
  • Material Shortage Alerts & Notifications
Issuing & Transferring Material
  • Managing Receipts
  • Performing Transactions & Move Orders
  • Mobile Transactions
  • Managing Shipments
On-hand & Availability
  • Material Workbench
  • Creating Available to Promise Rules
  • Managing Reservations
Material Status Control
  • Material Status Setup
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Replenishment
  • Inventory Forecasting Methods
  • Replenishment Counting
  • Kanban
Inventory Accuracy Fundamentals
  • counting
  • ABC Analysis
  • The Cycle Counting
  • The Physical Inventory
Table Information
  • Accessing the Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM)