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Oracle PeopleSoft Training at Global Online Trainings – PeopleSoft is currently promoted by Oracle. Ken Morris and Dave Duffield founded the PeopleSoft in 1988. The different features, modules involved in PeopleSoft will be covered during the Oracle PeopleSoft Training.

Global Online Trainings offers a best Oracle PeopleSoft Admin Online Training at reasonable cost by experienced Trainers. Oracle PeopleSoft Online Training helps you to gain knowledge on financial processes. It also provides you confidence to handle the tasks on single platform. All sessions are arranged on interactive virtual platform for giving a feel of regular classroom.

Prerequisites for Oracle PeopleSoft Training:

To learn Oracle PeopleSoft Training at Global Online Trainings, it is better to have knowledge on:

  • Oracle DBA
  • People Soft HRMS
  • PeopleSoft CRM
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 
  • PeopleSoft HCM Upgrades
  • PeopleSoft Administrator
  • PeopleSoft Database – Oracle PeopleSoft Training


Oracle Peoplesoft Online Training course content

Overview of Oracle PeopleSoft Training:

The Oracle Peoplesoft Training at Global Online Trainings provides you a great knowledge on many modules in Peoplesoft. 

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF):

PTF is a new record and test automation tool designed to work with the PeopleSoft application. A record and playback tool automates a test in two basic phases. During the record phase, you need to interact with your application. So the PTF tool watches or records your actions and then saves to a special type of people tools object called a test. During playback, PTF repeats the same sequence of actions against your application.

For example after taking an upgrade or incident bundle to make sure that the application still behaves as expected. To demonstrate the idea we need to record and then playback a simple test against a people tools component a test. To verify that a certain user profile PTF admin has the role of PTF administrator.

  • Recording a test is very simple.
  • In the PTF client, just open the test and activate the record toolbar. Then select a browser that points to the application.
  • We need to test it and then click record. So that the recorder will capture every step that we take in the application.
  • First we need to login and then we have to navigate to our component.
  • We can notice the PTF which captures an action against any object that can be clicked, set or validated.
  • There you need to click the objects links and at the search page click the search button to find our user profile. Then it gives more results than expected.
  • So we must be more explicit and enter the user profile. So, when we enter the value into the user ID field, we can notice that PTF can capture an action of setting a value.
  • When you click on roles page, you can find that PTF can also verify a value on the page. In order to do that, we need to go up to the record toolbar and need to click the validate icon.
  • Then drag it on to the field that we want to validate and PTF captures that step into the test.
  • Finally we need to save our page and then stop the recorder.
  • Once we stop recording, we can go back to the PTF client.
  • Now we can find that our test is populated with the steps that we recorded.
  • PTF user interface is very simple. Our test steps are organized into a grid. And we have a row for every discrete step that we took such as clicking a button or verifying a text field.
  • We can also find a column for each piece of syntax in our test.
  • In between recordings and playing back a test, you must probably review your steps to make sure that the test is only what you wanted it to do.
  • Now just save the test and play it back. To save the test, click Save and to play back, we need to click the play back button.
  • Later, we can notice that the tool repeats every step that we considered during the recording. The test can be executed manually.
  • When the execution is done then PTF will display a log with execution results for your test.

PeopleSoft Financials – Oracle PeopleSoft Training

In Oracle PeopleSoft Training, It is explained about Peoplesoft Financials also. When we log into PeopleSoft financials, we can find the new PeopleSoft fluid home pages. Those home pages will help you to navigate around the system in an easy way. The tabs that are available to you will depend on the access that you have in PeopleSoft financials. In order to return to the previous navigation of the system, we need to click on classic home, which can be done either in the navigation bar present at the right side of the screen or on the clock at home tab. In the classic menu, we can navigate just like the prior version of PeopleSoft financials. We can also select the home button to return to the fluid home page. From home the fluid tab allow you to conventionally access menus related to a particular role.

In Oracle PeopleSoft Training – For example, expense reporting allows you to quickly navigate to add an expense report. Then you can return to home. From the home you can use magnifying glass. To use the new elastic search feature, you can search on expenses or projects to find information quickly without going to PeopleSoft group. For example, select projects and then enter a responsibility and you can quickly filter the key value on the left side of the screen. You can find the new home page intuitive and easy to use.

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