Oracle Policy Automation for Siebel

Oracle Policy Automation for Siebel Course Content

Understanding the OPA Connector for Siebel
  • Using the OPA connector
  • Examining the OPA architecture
  • Examining the OPA connector for Siebel
  • Reviewing the installation of the OPA connector
Understanding OPA rulebases
  • Understanding rules
  • Editing rulebases
  • Debugging rulebases
  • Deploying rulebases
Integrating Siebel applications with OPA
  • Creating business object mappings
  • Creating integration object mappings
  • Invoking OPA Web Determinations (OWD)
  • Storing data collected by OWD in Siebel base tables
  • Invoking OPA Determinations Server (ODS) from Siebel
  • Storing outcomes returned from ODS
Decision reports
  • Understanding decision reports
  • Enabling decision reports
  • Adding a view that displays a decision report