Oracle Process Execution Training

OPM Process Execution-online-training

Introduction To OPM Training Course:

Oracle Process Manufacturing in short called as OPM. It  is considered as one of the most flexible Manufacturing ERP systems ever created & used by most of the industries for their ERP requirements.  The OPM Training Course covers all the main areas of Oracle Manufacturing which include Oracle Inventory, Bill of Material (BOM), Oracle Purchasing, Work in Process (WIP) , Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and much more.  The Oracle Process manufacturing training provides an overview of each of the functional areas within the Oracle Manufacturing. This Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) as a module is designed exclusively for all the process & discrete manufacturing industries. Business belonging to these  industry vertical either produce physically similar products in bulk or customize every individual product as per the customer requirement. Contact now for more details.

OPM Process Execution Online Training Course Content

Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution
  • Advantages of Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Process Execution
  • Identify tasks &  responsibilities
  • Understand the process flow
Setting Up OPM Process Execution
  • Understand the inventory organization structure
  • Prameters & profile options in Process Execution
  • Responsibilities & security profiles
Process Execution Workbench
  • Navigate OPM Process Execution
  • workbench
  • custom views
Creating Firm Planned Orders & Batches
  • Firm planned orders (FPOs)
  • Differentiate between FPOs & batches
  • Convert an FPO to a batch
  • Create FPOs & batches
Considering the Stages of Batch Processing
  • Release &  unrelease a batch
  • Cancel, reschedule, & reroute a batch
  • Complete a batch & revert a batch to WIP
  • Close & reopen a batch
  • Terminate a batch
  • Process Execution & MES are integrated
Understanding Material Reservations & Transactions
  • Create high and detailed level reservations
  • Process of material movement on the shop floor
  • Transactions & exceptions
  • Orders & pending product lots
  • View inventory shortages
Scaling a Batch & Firm Planned Order
  • Scale a batch or FPO
  • Contribute to Yield indicator
Creating Phantom Batches
  • Explain phantoms
  • Automatically & manually exploding a phantom item
  • Create a phantom batch
Batch Steps
  • Batch step control
  • View batch step activities, resources, and resource transactions
  • Explain item step associations and batch step dependencies
  • Explain charges, activity factors, and process parameters
Using the Ingredient Picking Workbench
  • Explain the ingredient picking process
  • Explain how ingredient picking is integrated with Oracle Warehouse Management
  • Pick release a batch
Using the Production Scheduler Workbench
  • Describe the Production Scheduler Workbench
  • Describe the Navigator and Gantt chart
  • View object properties
  • Reschedule batches, FPOs, and steps
Backflush a Batch
  • Incremental backflushing
  • Consumption and yield type
  • Actual quantities are calculated through backflushing
  • Perform incremental backflushing
Process Loss & Scrap
  • Process loss and scrap
  • Setup process for process loss & scrap percentages
  • Process loss & scrap factor calculations
Process Execution Reports & Inquiries
  • Identify Process Execution reports & inquiries
  • Run & view reports
  • Initiate inquiries
  • Run concurrent programs
E-Records & E-Signatures
  • Process Execution e-record & e-signature events
  • creation & approval of events