Oracle Property Manager Training

oracle property manager training

Oracle Property Manager Training Introduction:

Oracle property manager training is part of the Oracle real estate management solution. Oracle property manager is a property database. It is used for firms with bulky material goods management portfolios. It automates the management and capacity management. It is very helpful in enabling the cleverly manage of real estate collection. Oracle property manager offers a complete solution for reducing costs and identifying new income opportunities whether it is a corporate or commercial or retail or franchise operation.

Global Online Trainings provides R12 Oracle PM online Training. And classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. if you have any queries please contact Global Online Trainings helpline. We provide Oracle Property Manager corporate Training from our experienced trainers. 

Mode of training: Online classes/Corporate Training/Classroom Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

R12 Oracle PM online Training course content

R12 Oracle PM online course content

Overview of Oracle Property Manager Training:

 Oracle property manager corporate training is used to run real estate everyday jobs. In this real estate tasks, property management is one of the fraction. Along with this space allotment and most significantly lease management.Oracle property manager infographic

So this component is generally used by real estate companies, higher buildings, and mall management. It is very useful in maintaining the lease section information and critical real estate managing. In this training, students will learn about the completion of R12 Oracle PM online Training including all the above aspects.

Oracle property manager is also known as R12 oracle property manager. R12 is the present version of a property manager. Our trainer will give u more knowledge on this and classroom training are also available.

Oracle Property manager:

A web-based property management software solution that is really designed to help property managers run their business better. It’s a complete solution with integrated marketing features like automated posting, to the website, online payment processing, property management features like moving tenants in and moving them out is a complete solution. 

 One of the things that happen with this is that really understand that our software touches all parts of a property manager’s business. So providing valuable education is a great way for us to connect with property managers and help them, again, run their business even.

Responsibilities of a property manager:

 A property manager in an Oracle Property Manager corporate Training is a third arbitrator who is hired by a landowner or property depositor to manage the day-to-day operations at the rental property.

Based on the type of property their exact farm duties are varied to an organization. The property manager is responsible for setting the right level to create a center of attention for the users. They understand the market where the property is located and have looked at similar properties in the area.

 Property managers are responsible for satisfying the vacancies. The property manager should have a reliable transmission process. The property manager must keep the property in a secure and livable condition. 

 In the Oracle property manager training, the property manager can deposit their salaries and even fire them because the property manager is responsible for making sure they are liability their job. In the Oracle Property Manager Training, the manager must operate within the set financial plan for the building. The property manager can support and also file taxes for the property.

Oracle applications:

 The combination of application software and business software of the Oracle Corporation is called Oracle applications. The term refers to the nondatabase part. Oracle uses RDBMS as a back-end. These many practical modules are selling by Oracle. Oracle originally launched its application suite with financial software in the late 1980’s. Oracle released Oracle E-business suite Release 12 (R12).

 In the R12 Oracle PM online Training, the Oracle CRM application provides front-office functions which help business to increase customers and their satisfaction. The financial applications are having a financial analyzer and a self-service expenses function. Oracle Human Resource Management System applications help users by giving a real-time view of all Hr activities.

Oracle logistics component allows users to plan, manage, and control the flow and storage of goods and services within a business. Oracle supply chain applications are known as power information ambitious supply chains.

Oracle E-business suite:

 Oracle E-business suite is a part of the Oracle corporation’s main creation lines. These are also known as Oracle EBS. It is an integrated set of business applications for automating customer relationship management, supply chain management processes within organizations.

  These applications can organize on the peak of the seller’s flagship Oracle database software. In this E-business suite, it is a collection of ERP and CRM applications. Oracle E-business suite was designed to help users manage global businesses.

 And it is used to develop choice making, decrease expenses and increase commercial performance. It contains the different modules including customer service management, human capital management along with this financial management and project portfolio management, procurement. Value chain planning and implementation are done in Oracle E-business suite.

Planning and implementation of Oracle Property Manager:

 In the oracle property manager training, the implementation is done by the implementation team. This execution team generates and executes the implementation plan and complete most of the implementation decisions.

 It is used to preparing for conversion and determining the system requirements. From all the concerned teams, the representative’s team should be very broad-based. To head the accomplishment you should also assign one member.

 The implementation team must appreciate deciding how to arrange oracle data property manager, a task within the organization and also act mutually with other financial and operational systems. Along with this organization should support the employees’ requirements. 

  There are several modules that make up the Oracle Projects Suite, which includes; Oracle Project Accounting, Project Resource Management, and Project Management. These additional layers are complementary to the core Project Costing and Project Billing modules.

Plan data conversion:

 From the obtainable systems, data conversion implementation is characteristically the most error-prone area, that execution team should invest considerable time planning. Finally, in Oracle property manager training, the implementation team is decided that legacy data should depend on various data-related factors.

 Those factors may be the size of the property portfolio, and the number and difficulty of leases etc.  Along with this Oracle property manager training is minimizing contractual and financial risk. Oracle property manager training providing the knowledge on data transparency that helps to maximize the value of the real estate.

Key features of Oracle property manager training:

The key features of Oracle property manager training administration, property portfolio management and along with this space management, integration.

Lease administration:

In the Oracle Property Manager Training, Lease administration is also known as lease management. Lease administration is at the center of the real estate executive occupation. Variety of lease management functions are controlled by Oracle property manager. With this Oracle property manager, can amend, edit and track the lease information.

 Setting up milestones, exporting invoices, calculating lease amounts are also done by Oracle property manager. Administrating rent increases based on permanent percentages or specific indexes such as customer price index. Common area operating cost is calculated and collected by this lease administration.

Property portfolio management:

To recognize and describe the lease management property portfolio management is used. This is also used to keep the substantial features and facilities records, and also maintaining the complete records of property related data. Those data are a geographical position, property circumstance, types and parties involved and tenure.

Space management:

 Whether you are a property owner or occupant, must manage space efficiently. Oracle property manager helps to manage space good organization. In this, each employee or customer is assigned the suitable space. 

 And all obtainable space in the most successful manner is possible. If the landowner or tenant managing space efficiently to keep residence rates high, it will give more proper income on the speculation.

 In adding together to this oracle property manager provides interfaces to Computer Assigned Design and Computer Assisted facilities Management applications. These applications are used to make space running tasks in Oracle Property Manager corporate Training. These tasks are office allocation and employee reassign easier.


 Oracle property manager is integrated with other Oracle applications. These applications are oracle general ledger, oracle sub-ledger and oracle payables and receivables along with these E-business tax, human resources, and project benefit management and oracle alert, workflow, and Oracle projects. This integration enables the oracle property manager records as the foundation of payments and billings.

Conclusion of Oracle property manager training:

Global online trainings will provide best Oracle property manager training by corporate trainers. Oracle property manager corporate training is related to real estate management solution. It is very useful in maintaining the lease section information and critical real estate managing. Completely based on the market, that is where the properties are located and have look at similar properties in the area. Global online trainings will give you the in-depth knowledge on R12 Oracle PM online Training. The average package of property manager major government client is 32k per month.


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