Oracle RAC 11g Training

Oracle RAC 11g Training

Oracle RAC 11g Training Introduction:

Oracle RAC 11g Training especially R2 is to provide high availability for are very critical or mission-critical database applications. Oracle RAC Training is the only one that helps you scale without any application code changes. A RAC environment is designed to have high availability with minimal or zero downtime. The idea is that we would have multiple database instances or multiple database nodes sharing a common set of disk drives.

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Oracle RAC 11g Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle RAC 11g Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client preferred location).

Duration Of Training: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Do you provide Materials: Yes, after registration with Global Online Trainings we will provide materials?

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings, one of our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Timings: According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: Regular, Weekends and Fast track


Overview of Oracle RAC 11g Training:

In today’s 24/7 environment organizations must keep critical data accessible all the time. As a DBA it’s your job to protect databases from planned and unplanned downtime. This includes most common cause of failure that is human error.

Oracle RAC 11g Training course completely designed to make you a RCA DBA. This tutorial will help you to build strong foundation in Oracle’s great software. By the end of the this course you would be able to explain Oracle RAC architecture, install oracle grid on VirtualBox consider two low-drag with shade storage, setup public and private networks, administer oracle ASM and ASM disks, perform multi node database administration and much more. Designed this course for DBS who are very good at single database administration would like to have fun with multi instance Oracle RCA technology.

Oracle RAC 11g Training is a portable cluster management solution. That is integrated with Oracle Database. Oracle Cluster ware is also a required component for using Oracle RAC. In addition, Oracle Cluster ware enables both single-instance Oracle databases and Oracle RAC databases to use the Oracle high-availability infrastructure. Oracle RAC 11g Training is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with the latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online Oracle RAC 11g & 12c training’s and its details.


What is Oracle RCA


What is Oracle RCA Training?

Oracle RCA Stands for Real Application Cluster. The main objective of Oracle Real Application Cluster training is to provide performance scalability and resilience. RCA is one of the database options that are available to extend the functionality of Oracle Database.

In this you have various options that you can add to the Oracle database to extend the functionality.

Oracle Edition: Rack option is included in standard edition of Oracle database and it comes with extra cost for Enterprise Edition.  

System: So here is a typical scenario you have one or more applications talking over the network to Oracle Relational database management system (Oracle RDBMS).

RDBMS: You can break database management system into two main components instance and database. So, technically the term database is referring to the files that are stored on the database. And it’s not referring to the processes or the actual software however generally speaking this term in day to day language is used for our DBMS as well. 

Files: The database files consist of the data files holding the actual data control files and the redo log file. So these are three different types of files that will fall under the files.

Processes: Component all the software consists of various processes some of them are managing the memory some of them are meaning the input/output. Because these processes are writing data to the files and data is temporarily hold in the memory. And it is written at a certain point to the files and the processes are also maintaining the Oracle software as a whole and they are going some other tasks as. So processes are running in the memory.

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In this, you will understand how an Oracle Real Application Cluster works:

In this I’m going to introduce you to the concept of Oracle RAC or Oracle Real Application Clusters. An RAC instance works in a standalone database we know there is a memory component called as an instance which connects to the database. So we have a collection of files data files, control file, reader log file. And there is an instance created with an SGA and background process through which the users are able to connect and work.

So if you had any application, it will connect to the instance and work. Now what if this computer goes down the instance is gone and your application loses connectivity

  • Where we are talking about high availability in other words called as a HA. So in case mind node in which instance is goes down, my operating system goes down, network connectivity goes down or if my instance crashes, my application loses connectivity to the database.
  • Let’s say you want to increase the load on the application you know there are going to be more users. A new application being added and it is going to connect.
  • Obviously it wants the instance now to do more word which is scalability. In order to make scalability happen you have one choice where you can do vertical scaling. You buy a new computer which has more processors more memory so that it can take care of it.
  • Or you can do horizontal scalability. You bring in one or more instances. Obviously you cannot have two instances for the same database running on the same box. One instance is more than enough. Register for our website, for more information about Oracle RAC Training.

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Oracle RAC 11g Training with R2:

Define user Equivalence?

Oracle RAC 11gR2 environment user equivalents stage is very important. Especially it pertains to the install and RAC environment the whole point of installing the RAC environment. It is that we install our software from one centralized location. Then that can push it out to all the other nodes within the RAC.

What’s referred to as our Primary node? – Not necessarily the primary node is just the note that we install the software from.

This is just the basic of the Oracle Real Application Cluster primary node. Our global online training provides best Oracle RAC 11g Training. If you want to learn in detail about Oracle RAC 11g Online Course join us at Global Online Training. We provide best Oracle RAC Online Training from India with latest industry updates.


Learn on how to RAC Potential issues:

  • In any sort of Oracle RAC online training environment is network connectivity and network addressing. The other thing that you could run into an RAC environment would be the network time stamp.
  • A lot of organizations that use a RAC environment will use a network time server because each individual node within the RAC environment must be on the exact same time.
  • If they are off as little as five seconds a node eviction could occur. The first thing that we’re going to take a look at would be our etsy host file and our network addressing.
  • We can use DHCP. However if we are using DHCP we do need to identify at least a static subnet. We also provide deep knowledge about DHCP. So more details for call today or join today.
  • There are two things, we really run into problems in RAC environment. First of all we do not have the right network mapping or the network binding. Second of all we are not mapping to the appropriate subnets.
  • Oracle RAC 11g course training with Database Administrate and 12c by highly subject knowledge corporate trainers and we provide online classes with reasonable price.

Oracle RAC 12c Training new features:

I will be talking about Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c release two new features. In case you want to reach out to us our have all our information. The real application clusters 12c release – so we’re going to talk about these three aspects Oracle RAC 12c Training

  • Better Scalability
  • Better Availability (Error Availability)
  • Efficiency and Management
Better Scalability:

Again some of these specific features help for both. For example it could be for better scalability and availability.

  • Cache Fusion Algorithms
  • Optimized Singleton Workload Scaling
  • Service-Oriented Buffer Cache
  • Pluggable Database and Service Isolation
  • LMS CR Slaves
  • UNDO Hash tables
Better Availability:

Let’s look at what are the features for better availability.

  • Recovery Buddy
  • Read only instances on Reader Nodes
  • ASM Database Oriented Storage Management
  • Cluster Domain Architecture
  • Hang Manger
Efficiency and Management:

Let’s talk about the third aspect which is essentially the Efficiency and Management of a pool of clusters.

  • Rapid Home Provisioning
  • Autonomous Health Framework

If you want to learn in detail about Oracle RAC 12c specific features (Better Scalability, Better Availability, Efficiency and Management) join us at Global Online Training.

Conclusion of Oracle RAC 11g Training:

Designed this course for DBS who are very good at single database administration would like to have fun with multi instance Oracle RCA technology. Global Online Trainings have the best and real-time experienced trainers for Oracle RAC 11g Training. Our Oracle RAC Online Training experts will explain in detail at your flexible timings. You can boost your career and get a high quality education by our institute. We also provide best Oracle RAC 11g Training with classroom training at client location and also individual corporate batches. We also provide Oracle related courses. We provide highly skilled consultants where one can learn new things ask queries and clear your doubts and our team is available 24/7 online support you.


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