Oracle Reports Training

Oracle Reports Training

Introduction of Oracle Reports Training:

Oracle Reports Training by Global online Trainings to provide development information for organizations with Oracle forms. The Oracle Report designer is a graphical tool and which helps to prepare sophisticated forms quickly. The main concept of Oracle Reports Developer online Training is for form designing and here you can concentrate on the architecture of an Oracle forms and reports. The objectives of an Oracle Report system will explain about the various components of an oracle report form, different properties of window and layout editor. The Oracle Report builder or developer tool will allows designing form used to capture and validate the data with minimum code.


Course Name: Oracle Reports Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


Oracle Reports Course Content

Oracle Reports Content


Report Form components in Oracle Reports Training:

In Oracle Reports Training, there are three important report components useful to develop a report. Those are Report designing, Report generating and Run Report form.

  • The designing Report form is a component used by programmers to create a report form. It allows user to design the layout of data entry screens and write code that may be required for data manipulation and validation.
  • with the help of Oracle HRMS you can handle Oracle Business applications and its information reports.
  • The Report form generator component in Oracle Reports Training is required to compile the file created in form designer and create an executable binary file.
  • The Run Report form component is used to run the compiled code created by form generator.

In Global online Trainings you will learn clearly about the form components of Oracle Reports.


Application development in Oracle Reports Training:

In Oracle Reports Developer online Training, the applications are developed by using Oracle Reports. It contains a combination of the components from form module, menu modules, report object and database library.

  • In Oracle Reports 10G, the form module is simply a collection of objects such as windows, locks and event based PL SQL code blocks are called as triggers.
  • The menu module is a collection of objects such as menu items, sub menu items and triggers. The PL SQL library is a collection of PL SQL program units, whose code can be referenced and called from other modules.
  • In Oracle Reports Training, the object library is a collection of objects related to inform development.

The following are a brief explanation of a few Oracle Report components.


Form Module

The form module consists with the components of blocks, items, canvas view and PL SQL code.   

  • The block is a container that holds a related group of objects like text items, lists and buttons. The blogs do not have a physical representation rather the items contained in a block are visible in the report application interface.
  • Blocks are also having properties and those can be created, copied and modified. The blocks provide a mechanism for grouping related items into a functional unit for storing, displaying and manipulating records.
  • For Reports there is no practical limit to the number of blocks that can be defined in a form but a report form must at least one block.
Object Navigator

The Object Navigator component in Oracle Report Training will teach you about the hierarchical display of the objects in all open modules.

  • In Object Navigator, the objects are grouped under the appropriate node and the top level nodes in the object navigator includes forms, menus, libraries, object libraries built in packages and database objects.
  • For reports all the other nodes and the objects are intended to indicate that they belong to higher level nodes.
  • In object navigator each object is displayed with a special icon that indicates its type.
Property Window

In Oracle Reports Developer Training, property window is an easy way to customize any report form being created according to predefined properties. Property Window is recommended to use comments property to add comments about the object for the future reference.

Layout Editor

Layout editor is a graphical report design facility for creating and arranging interface items. The title bar in layout architecture will displays context information such as report name and name of current block. The canvas is the work place to place various items being used in the form.

Global online Trainings will teach completely in detail about the application development components for Oracle Reports Developer.


Wizards in Oracle Reports Training:Oracle Reports Elements

In Oracle Reports, there are lot of wizards will be useful to design a data model for web layout or paper layout.    

  • The report wizard is useful to build data model for reports and report block wizard is used to block specific web page or existed HTML document, the report block tool in wizard is palette.
  • The data wizard is for quick definition of a query and multi user query report. By using data wizard you can modify the view of data or default view.
  • By using Oracle Process Execution you can integrate report development applications.
  • The data wizard in Oracle Reports Training is also useful to build additional queries, to modify or edit the layout view.
  • The graph wizard for Oracle Reports 10G is providing a wide range of graphs for JSP (Java Server ages) based and paper based web reports. In the graphs the information will specify renders at the run time.
  • In graphs you can have 3dEffect check box to specify the depth of appearance. With Oracle Reports 10G you can edit XML pages also.

Our online expert trainers will explain in detail about the wizards which are used for report developing.


Data model objects in Oracle Reports:

In Oracle Reports Developer, Data model objects are provided by queries wizards or query tools to access data.

  • The single query reports in data model objects are a well-known format for tabular and break group. In this the data will be displayed for other formats also, this is helpful for relationships between different queries.
  • To automate reports building process Oracle Workflow is best for enterprise business.
  • Multi-query reports system is to produce unrelated and related query parts and it is easy to maintain for complex query embedded systems. The unrelated part is known as master query part and related part is called as child query part.
  • The groups in data model objects will useful for funnel the query data and the data into sets. There are mainly three groups are useful for data model those are Break group, Cross – product group and group filter.
  • The database columns will represent the data value for automatic data building. The main use of database column is summarizing the database to create reports.

Overview of Oracle Reports Training:

A Report for an organization is a document format that may include graphical or tabular formats. The Oracle Reports Training there is mainly two methods are useful to create the reports, those are BI (Business Intelligence) and OTBI (Oracle Transnational Business Intelligence) reports.

  • Oracle Reports Online Training is based on fusion middle ware tool that provides all levels of information of an enterprise along with scalable and secure environment.
  • It has powerful declarative multi tier architecture to build reports on paper or web.
  • Generally the Oracle Reports tool uses Java based servlet technology to build web based reports.
  • Basically reports creating for an organization are very expensive but Oracle Reports has the better implementations that making it easy for developer to build reports.
  • There are various kinds of Report objective in Oracle Reports Developer 10G and Global online Trainings will provide step – by – step explanation along with GUI (Graphic User Interface) features for each report develop module.
  • Using Oracle Reports you can develop or deploy reports and deliver to HTML or XML reports.

Conclusion of Oracle Reports Training:

The leading online training cloud Global online Trainings is providing Oracle Reports Training from India. Students who are willing to work as reports developer and employees who are just got position with no prior knowledge about reports are also eligible to take our Oracle Reports Developer online Training.

Register for the best Oracle Reports Developer online Training. GOT is providing class room training as well as Corporate Training with best SMEs on client premise in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. for an affordable cost. To know more details visit our website, thank you.


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