Oracle Retail Allocation Training

Oracle retail allocation training

Introduction To Oracle Retail Allocation Training Course:

Oracle Retail Allocation enables retailers to deliver their promise of getting product in the right place at the right time with an powerful, easy to use & accurate method of allocating merchandise. The retailers create allocations within the configurable, user-centric workflow for maximum efficiency. Allocations can be done in advance of an order arrival or at the last minute to leverage real time sales &  inventory information. Register for  Oracle Retail Allocation Training and learn how the incoming orders &warehouse stock can be allocated on the same allocation to optimize the merchandise flow & the collection quantities in the store. And you will also discover how multiple parameters related to items, locations & rules control the final allocation results. you will also learn how the tool determines store need based on the metrics that fit the product.

Oracle Retail Allocation Online Training Course Content

  • Allocation
  • Differentiating Between Allocation & Replenishment
  • Benefits of Allocation
  • Integration of Allocation with Other Systems
  • Allocation Business Process
  • Allocation Work Flow & Navigation
Allocation Features & Functions
  • Personalizing Allocation Home Page
  • Selecting Source & Items for Allocation
  • Reviewing Items
  • Selecting Locations
  • Selecting Allocation Rules &  Rule Modifiers
  • Reviewing System Calculated Allocation Quantity
  • Taking Action on the Allocation
What If Allocations
  • Benefits of What If Allocation
  • What If Allocation Process Flow
  • Types of What If POs
  • Creating & Updating What If POs
  • Creating Pre Packs
Allocation Scheduler
  • Differentiating Between Parent and Child Allocations
  • Creating a Scheduled Allocation
  • Identifying Scheduled Allocation Statuses
  • Allocation Scheduler Dependencies
  • Parent & Child Allocation System Validations