Oracle Retail Predictive Application Training

Oracle Retail Predictive Application

Introduction To Oracle Retail Predictive Application Training Course:

The Oracle Retail Predictive Solutions are the set of products used for generating the forecasts, developing trading plans, & analyzing the customer behavior. These products use predictive technology to examine the historical data &  to predict future behavior. The Oracle Retail Predictive Solutions run from an common platform called Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) which  includes features such as: multidimensional database, workbooks & worksheets for displaying & manipulating the data, Wizards for creating & formatting  the workbooks & the worksheets. We deliver the training with hands-on experience by expert professionals who have 10 plus years of industry experience. We deliver the live and informative sessions. For more details about the Oracle Retail Predictive Application Training, contact our help desk by enrolling .

Oracle Retail Predictive Application online training course content

RPAS Introduction
  •       Introduction
  •        RPAS Configuration Process
  •        Configuration Manager
  •        Configuration Manager Icons
RPAS Configuration Manager
  •        Purpose & Functionality of the RPAS
  •        Basic Components of the RPAS
  •        Configuration Manager User Interface Features
  •        Project &  Solution Relationships
  •        Project  & Solution Roles in Relation
  •        RPAS Configuration Steps
System Preferences
  •        Domains
  •        Global Domains
  •        Setting Configuration Properties


Style Definition
  •        RPAS
  •        Identify Style Attributes
  •        Style Definition Tool Functionality
  •        Create & Edit Styles


Measures and Components
  •        Measure Component Process
  •        Major and Minor Components
  •        Component Properties
  •        Edit Components
  •        Realize Measures
  •        Sort and Filter Measures
Rule Sets
  •        Explain Rule Sets
  •        Create a Rule Set & Attributes
  •        Edit Properties
  •        Delete Rule Sets
  •        Interaction
  •        Define , Create & Edit  Rules
  •        Apply a Rule Pattern
  •        Purpose
  •        Format a Workbook
  •        Create a Workbook
  •        Participation & Extended  Measures
  •        Rule Group Simulator: Features &  Functionality
Workbook Tabs
  •        Workbook Tab Functions
  •        Create a Workbook Tab
  •        Edit a Workbook Tab
  •        Custom Menu Options
  •        Define a Project
  •        Simple and Global Domains
  •        Create a Project
  •        Open Existing Projects
  •        Saving Projects
  •        Relationships between Projects and Solutions
  •        Define & Create a Solution
  •        Types of Information Stored at the Solution Level
  •        Move Solutions using the Configuration Manager
Hierarchies and Domains
  •        Relationships Between Hiearchies, Dimensions, and Positions
  •        Hiearchy Functions
  •        Create Hierarchies
  •        Specify Hiearchy Properties
  •        Define a Dimension
  •        Edit Dimensions


  •        RPAS
  •        Identify Style Attributes
  •        Style Definition Tool Functionality
  •        Create & Edit Styles
Custom Wizards
  •        Wizard Designer
  •        Creating Custom Wizards
  •        Edit Control Properties
Data Interface Manager
  •        Functionality
  •        Configure Measures
  •        Specify Load Intersections
  •        Edit Load Intersections


Activity Task Flow
  •        Purpose
  •        Navigation
  •        Create Activities, Tasks, Steps, and Tabs
  •        Associate Workbooks and Worksheets
  •        Edit Properties
  •        Taskflow Validation
  •        Generate a Taskflow Configuration Document
Configuring the RDF Forecasting Solutions
  •        Curve Solution
  •        Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF) Solution
  •        Promote Solution
  •        Grade Solution
RPAS Domains
  •        Decision Process
  •        Patching & Building Domains
Miscellaneous Utilities
  •        Configuration Converter
  •        Function Library Manager
  •        Report Generator