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Oracle Rms Training

Introduction To Oracle RMS Training Course:

The Oracle Retail Merchandising System in short called as Oracle RMS. The Oracle Rms Training is an market leading integrated merchandising Management solution for retailers of all sizes. This solution enables many of the best retailers in wholesale operations to better manage, control & perform crucial day_to_day merchandising activities with ease. The key benefit is it has proven scalability for some of the oracle Retail Merchandising provides retailers with an complete end_to_end solution with the largest global retailers & is the most comprehensive & integrated solution for global retailing. Global Online Trainings carries the live sessions in an interactive and informative way with industry expert consultants. Register for Oracle RMS Training to know more information about the course by contacting our help desk now .

Oracle Rms Business online training course content

RMS Overview
  • Oracle Retail Footprint
  • high level RMS workflow
  • applications that integrate with RMS
RMS Navigation
  • Navigate through the RMS application and forms
  • Perform a search for information
  • view menu
  • system help
Organizational Hierarchy
  • organizational hierarchy structure in base RMS
  • multi-channels
  • Create a store
  • Add a warehouse to the organizational hierarchy
  • Assign a cost structure to the physical warehouse
  • Add a virtual warehouse to the physical warehouse
  • Set up a virtual warehouse as an internal finisher
  • stores and warehouse workflow
Merchandise Hierarchy
  • structure of the merchandise hierarchy
  • levels of the merchandise hierarchy
  • Identify merchandise hierarchy concepts
  • Explain profit calculation, open to buy and markups
  • Add a department , class & subclass
Merchandisers and Suppliers
  • role of merchandisers
  • create a merchandiser
  • supplier workflow & management
  • Identify supplier characteristics
  • electronic data Interchange
  • adding an item to a supplier
  • return requirements
Partners and Finishers
  • Define & Create a partner
  • Maintain & search for a partner
  • internal & external finishers
  • Define transformation & packing
Value Added Tax
  • Value Added Tax ( VAT)
  • VAT vs. Sales Tax
  • Inclusive & Exclusive VAT
  • Identify VAT regions
Items and Differentiators
  • create 1, 2 and 3-level items with and without diffs
  • Add Level 1, 2 and 3 item detail
  • importance of transaction Levels
  • various types of unit of measure
  • Identify the item status
  • Define key item options & the use of color-coding in the option list
  • Identify the item properties that can be used to group items
Item Types
  • Container, Crate, Contents and Returned items
  • Deposit Items
  • Transformable Orderable and Sellable Items
  • Concession and Consignment Items
  • Catch Weight Items
Pack Lists
  • Identify and describe the types of pack items
  • Create a sellable & simple pack
  • Create an orderable vendor & buyer pack
Item Lists
  • Create & Use an item list
  • Rebuild an item list
  • item properties that can be used to group items
  • Identify item properties inherent to item setup that can be used to group items
  • additional item properties that can be used to group items
  • Establish item/location relationships
  • Set item/location cost
  • Edit item/location information
  • location lists
  • Create & Use a location list
  • Rebuild a location list
System Administration
  • system parameters
  • Audit Trails
  • Dynamic Hierarchies
  • Maintain Batch processes
  • System Integrations
  • Data Conversions
Custom Flex Attributes
  • Oracle Rms Training Attribute Groups and Group Sets
  • Attribute Types
  • Custom Validation Functions
Retail Sales Audit
  • Sales Audit Process
  • System Options
  • Determine Foundation Data
  • totals
  • Audit Rules
  • Compeititors
  • General Ledger
Retail Trade Managemen
  • Landed Costs
  • Country & Zone level expenses
  • Assessments
  • Purchasing, letter of credit, and transportation
  • HTS
  • Obligation
  • Custom Entry & Landed Costs