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Oracle RMS Training

Oracle RMS Training

Introduction of Oracle RMS Training:

Oracle RMS Training stands for Oracle Retail Merchandising System. The complex world of commerce retailer is facing many challenges. Merchandising issues related to systems integration is one of the most complexes to alleviate but also one of the most beneficial once resolved. The retailer needs to manage large volumes of data all coming from different sources. These sources could be individual systems such as EDI or spreadsheets as well as from different people such as supplier’s buyers’ planning, and analysts.

Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training data often has many attributes that are only relevant to those specific systems or people but need to be managed and maintained all in one place. Global Online Trainings is offering Oracle RMS online training along corporate training at participant flexible hours.

Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training Course Details:

Course Name: Oracle RMS Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (ClassRoom Training at client location)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 8 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Oracle RMS Online Training Course Content

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Overview of Oracle RMS Training: 

Oracle RMS V16 Training:

The Oracle RMS Training version 16 can solve problem item induction is one of the first and most important steps in the lifecycle of an item. The usually many people are involved in step and lots of data needs to be entered the Oracle RMS version supports retailers with a flexible integration of item data. Oracle RMS Online Training also provides workflow management capabilities with the help of the notification framework and dashboard reports.


RMS Online TrainingOracle RMS Training V16 Item Induction:

In this, data steward dashboard RMS makes it easy to track progress all in one place. Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training is the data steward cans all items and the corresponding level of completeness. Item induction department is two items that have all the required data entered by the responsible parties and one item. It is halfway complete in this example the seasons and v80 attributes are the ones that are required for an item to be considered complete which attributes need to be entered for an item to be considered 100% complete is highly configurable. Each retailer is different and will have different requirements when it comes to basic templates are provided to make uploading data very easy.

Oracle RMS Training envision one of your buyers has made selections for items to be carried and has all of the corresponding data entered into one of the template spreadsheets. Buyer sends the spreadsheet to the data steward for uploading into RMS. Once the data has been uploaded to RMS, it needs to be uploaded from the staging tables. The new items added to the incomplete items report it is clear that all of these new items are 50% complete by looking at the half filled in circle to the left of each item. You can attribute are all filled in because that information was entered into the spreadsheet.

You uploaded but none of the season’s attributes are a notification will be sent to the buyer, in this case, letting them know new items have been added and their attention is required. Notifications can be configured to users know when a specific action has taken place. Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training can signal the need for responsibilities to be handed to another person or simply as the courtesy to let them know action took place. Oracle RMS Training will switch to the buyer’s profile and you can the notifications that let the user know something requires their attention. It is time to make other edits such as changing the description of the item.  


Dashboard functionality of Oracle RMS V16:

Oracle RMS Training Version 16 has the improved benefit of utilizing role-based dashboards to easy the many challenges of the end-user. The different dashboards organize tasks and information in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Dashboards will help the end user find the data they are looking for the interpret and the data more quickly for timely decisions and increased results. Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training is built-in dashboard functionality for the buyer data steward and inventory analyst. Buyer dashboard is based on the buyer role which is focused on managing sales and margin performance to plan.

Within Oracle RMS users key areas of responsibility include monitoring sales and open-to-buy and pre-approval. There are four reports included with dashboard sales early and late shipments open to buy and the orders pending approval. The sales report shows the top 10 items based on either sales value or margin for the day based on the criteria entered in the filter. Oracle RMS Training dashboard provides the buyers with the ability to have a quick view of sales for the day when opening RMS to begin work. It is ordered pending approval report highlight orders that need to be reviewed by the buyer for approval and meet the filter criteria entered. We have a technical team of expert real-time trainers for Oracle Retail Merchandising System training as well as job support from India with latest industry updates.


Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training Retail Software:

 If you have a Windows XP or similar you may find the program within all programs and then within Microsoft retail management. If you have windows 7 or equivalent you just need to type part of the name into the search box to the bottom and you should find it very quickly.

  • To start the program click on the link, you then have to enter your username and password. Then you are in the same way you can proceed for this to operations point-of-sale system. Again enter username and password.
  • To close the point of sales program you have to finish your transaction and then you click on the red escape button, confirm the closure of the program by clicking.
  • To close the manager program you can either click on the close icon. You don’t have a backup it will be very costly for you to restore your sales data. GOT give best online Oracle RMS Training at a reasonable price.
How to create kit and assembly items?

Assembly item is essentially a bill of material that consists of existing inventory items bundled into the package and sold under a separate item lookup code. There are two main differences between a kit item and an assembly item, the sale or return of a kit does not increment or decrement the quantity of the individual component. The kit item has an own quantity on hand information when a customer buys as assembly items to operations is updating the stock on hand information.

The second difference is a cashier rings up an assembly item they can modify the quantity or price for each item component. For demonstration purposes to create first an assembly item and afterward a kit item using the same components. The assembly item to put a basic fish tank set together containing the acquire a heater and a filter. The database items are new items and assembly items. Global Online Trainings gives best online Oracle RMS Training with all the aspects at 24/7 online support by top expert faculty.


Conclusion of Oracle Retail Merchandising System Training:

Global Online Trainings gives best Oracle RMS Training with online and corporate training from our industry real-time experts. Our senior trainers are always available for best Oracle courses like RMS, PBCS, BICS, CPQ, OBIA, DBA, DBM, and etc. And also we provide Oracle RMS Training individual batches for corporate training as well as job support at a reasonable price. Our trainer’s team can support you for very much for your career and we will provide a valuable presentation and some extra benefits for training. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. Global Online Trainings provide best online and corporate training for many courses. The GOT team will be available in 24/7 online support.


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