Oracle Rpm Business Training

Oracle RPM training

Introduction To Oracle RPM Business Training Course:

Oracle Retail Price Management in short called as Oracle RPM.  One of the key challenges in retail is to centralize, consolidate &  maximize th multi_language & Multi_currency value of the vast amount of information available. The retailers need to make the security Controls connections between the items, locations & suppliers, track purchase orders, monitor. The EDI deal income, manage replenishment settings, execute pricing decisions, and  order Management aggregate transaction information into stock ledger reporting levels. The central robust cost & deal management source of all information, merchandising solutions provide organizations with an replenishment accurate view of the  perpetual inventory & financial performance. The Oracle Retail Price Management Training course provides participants with an better understanding of how the RPM was designed & constructed to produce an powerful &timely price management tool for retailers.

Oracle Rpm Business online training course content

Application Overview
  • price management
  • overview of the application
  • Map the application in the Retail
  • integration points with other Retail applications
  • important features of the application
Foundation Data
  • foundation data for pricing decisions
  • pricing attributes
  • Reason Codes
  • Link code type price changes
Price Change
  • price change needs & rules
  • regular price change
  • vendor-funded price change
  • Apply price changes
  • Clearance classifications
  • Create & apply regular & vendor-funded clearance
  • Provide an overview of the clearance workflow
  • Identify the components
  • Provide an overview
  • Types of promotions
Pricing Strategy
  • Create Calendars & Rules
  • Create & apply pricing strategies
  • Maintain aggregation levels
  • Identify the various pricing strategies
User Administration
  • Maintain users
  • Manage the role administration