Oracle Service Activation

Oracle Service Activation Course Content

ASAP Introduction
  • Important Terms in Activation
  • Flow-Through Activation in the ASAP Environment
  • ASAP Within the Oracle Communications Suite
ASAP Components & Translation Model
  • ASAP Convergent Activation
  • ASAP Database Components
  • Overview of ASAP Translation
Service Request Processor
  • Types of SRPs
  • Sample SRP Translation Process
  • SRP Entity Relationship Example
Service Activation Request Manager
  • Work Order Types
  • Configuring the CSDL Commands
  • Configuring the ASDL Commands
  • Service Activation Deployment Tool
  • Managing the Rollback Transactions
  • Network Interface Configuration
Network Element Processor
  • NEP Architecture
  • Managing the NEP Sessions
Translation Examples
  • ASAP Translation Sample in Mobile Domain
  • SO-to-CSDL Translation
  • CSDL-to-ASDL Translation
ASAP Control
  • ASAP Starting & Stopping Process
  • Diagnostic Overview
  • Web Logic
ASAP Graphical User Interface
  • ASAP User Interface
ASAP Testing
  • ASAP Testing Overview: Loopback Modes
ASAP Fallout Management
  • Order Control Application
  • Events Management
  • New Work Order
  • Functions in OCA
ASAP System Administration
  • ASAP Database Components
  • ASAP Environment Files
ASAP Configuration Overview
  • ASAP Configuration Concepts
  • Configuration Tool
  • Insert Scripts
Defining Service Translations Using Stored Procedures
  • Defining the Services
  • Defining the CSDLs
  • Defining the ASDLs
  • Using the Work Order Template
Defining Service Translations Using XML
  • Service Action Deployment Tools
  • SADT Components
  • Service Model XML File
  • SAR Directory Structure
  • SAR File Deploying
Network Element Interface Configuration
  • NEP Architecture
  • NE Interface Configuration Tables
NE Interface Configuration Using Stored Procedures
  • Define the Devices
  • Defining the Remote to Host NE Routing
  • Defining the Host-NE-to-NEP Relationship
  • Defining the Communication Parameters
Adding a New NEP to an ASAP System
  • NEP Configuration Tables
  • Define the NEP
  • Defining a NEP in the SARM Database
NE Interface Configuration Using XML
  • Service Activation Configuration Tool
  • Structure of Resources
  • SAR Directory Structure
ASAP Maintenance
  • Managing the Configuration Parameters
  • Configuration Parameters Types
  • Parameters Related to SRP-to-SARM Connectivity
  • System File Backup
  • Alarm Procedures
  • Web Logic User Control