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Introduction to Oracle SOA training:

Oracle SOA training at Global Online trainings – Oracle SOA is a solution for making two or more systems to talk to each other. Which means it is a middleware solution and would help to integrate different applications within an enterprise which might be built in different technologies or might be running in different platform. It is very important for Oracle SOA developer to be aware about the steps which are required to follow Oracle SOA suite and he also needs to know the significance of each and every step. We have the knowledge of service component architecture and we have the setup of Oracle SOA suite. Global online trainings is best in providing Oracle SOA 12c Training by real time experts.


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Preview of Oracle SOA 12c Training:             

Oracle SOA is used for communication or integration among different applications which are build in different applications or different platforms.


Things you should learn as Oracle SOA developer in Oracle SOA Training:

  • If at all you are planning to develop your career as an Oracle SOA developer or else if you have already started learning Oracle SOA this is the checklist which you need to follow to make sure that you perform well when you start working in real time in Oracle SOA development. The Prerequisite is only XML.
  • There are lot of people who are worried whether we need to learn Java or SQL or  oracle PL/SQL training to get started with Oracle SOA. The answer is No. The only prerequisite to learn Oracle SOA is XML. Within XML training we have multiple things like XSD, WSDL, XPath, XSLT, and Namespaces. You have to be very good with the concept of namespaces to be a good Oracle SOA developer. Once we understand the things we would form the foundation or this would lay the foundation to learn Oracle SOA Suite. If you are interested for certifications, we are good in providing Oracle SOA certification training by experts.
  • The next thing which we need to understand is SCA which stands for Service Component Architecture. This is the architecture on which complete Oracle SOA suite works. Once we understand the SCA we need to understand the steps to install Oracle SOA suite.
  • We need to understand the BPEL; it is basically a service component which is used for orchestration. Within the BPEL we have multiple activities like Assign, Transformed, While, Switch, Flow, FlowN, throw, terminate etc.
  • One must be aware about all these activities which we use in the BPEL, and then we need to talk about the mediator, human task, business rules, spring context. These all are the different service components we have in Oracle SOA suite.
  • And among all these components BPEL is the most important one and it is most widely used component in complete Oracle SOA suite. So we need to thorough with all these components. Once we understand all these topics we need to know about the DVM (Domain Value Map), MDS(Meta Data Service)Fault Handling nothing but error handling.


Learn Components of Oracle SOA Suite in Oracle SOA Training:
  • Fault handling can be done in two ways. One is at the BPEL level and another is we can do it fault policy framework. So these are very important which one needs to know to be a good Oracle SOA developer. Our consultants are highly skilled at Oracle SOA Administration training.
  • Once we understand all these things we need to focus on some advanced topics like How to do the Performance tuning? Which is very important because you have to tune your code so that it can give good performance once it is put into the production environments? If you want to learn more about this course, Global online trainings provide Oracle SOA corporate training at flexible timings.
  • Apart from this you should know about a Dynamic Partner Link at the runtime which service is required to be called. Then we have a feature called Dynamic partner Link which is used. Then we have a concept of correlation which is very important in case of asynchronous process then you have got adapter framework.
  • Adapter framework helps you to basically connect with the legacy applications, we have got DB adapter, file adapter, JMS adapter, AQ adapter. These are the important adapters which one needs to know. If you want to choose your career as best SOA developer, Global online training is rich in providing Oracle SOA Developer training by industry experts. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • You might be wondering, Apart from all these things you should know about deployment techniques. Once you have piece of code ready with you, how to deploy your code? What are the different ways of deploying it and how to move the code from one environment to another and other to know about is config plan in Oracle SOA 12c Training.
  • So once we are aware about all these topics this would basically make you good SOA developer but one thing which is left is you need to know the security policies. If you need to secure your services how can you do that? So you need to know about security policies also to be a good SOA developer. If you are interested in learning, Global online trainings provide Oracle SOA training with live projects.


What is DVM?

  • DVM Stands for Domain Value Map. This is one of the important features that we have in SOA suite. Let’s try to understand this. It is the mapping of values from one domain system to another domain system. Oracle SOA suite is used for integration of different applications. There can be numerous applications which can be integrated using this tool in Oracle SOA 12c Training.
  • So now let’s say there is application A which is supposed to be integrated with application B. Now we know well that each application has its own understanding format. So the request coming from A might not be in the format which B understands so that’s why we use SOA layer in between because SOA layer is smart enough to do the necessary transformations in the format which the target system understands.
  • So there are different ways we have to do the transformation. So let’s think of a scenario where we have two systems. System A and B, System A store the information about a city in the form of citycode and there is a system B which stores the information about the city in the form of city value. Now there is a request which is coming from system A that is required to be pass to system and we have citycode something like cal and city value which is require to be pass Calcutta.
  • I mean to say we have two different notations for representing the same thing but cal cannot be understood by the system B. System B can only understand the full form of the city whereas system A whenever it pass the request it will pass the short forms or we can say citycodes of that particular city. If you want to learn some advance topics in DVM, We provide Oracle SOA training with real time scenarios.
  • So which means if I pass cal as citycode to system B, system B would not identify, it could not understand what exactly does that mean. It means there is a need of some conversion. We have different ways of doing the conversion in Oracle SOA suite like assign, transformation to do this.


What are the Limitations of DVM in Oracle SOA Training?                                                                                 KEY FEATURES OF ORACLE SOA TRAINING
  • The limitation of doing these kinds of activities is whatever conversion has to be done that has to be known at the design time.
  • So I need to say when the request comes from system A like cal so at the design time I must be knowing what would be the format which target system would understand it has Calcutta. If you want to learn more about this course, we are best in providing Oracle SOA training by professionals.
  • Do I have your attention? Let’s say I want to design a more flexible solution where the target value can be decided at the run time. So let’s say today I have a scenario where cal would be mapped with Calcutta but if my business demands that this value should be changed to kolkatta. In that case what would be happen is if I go with these activities I would need to make a code change, there as to be a testing cycle once again then that code as to be go to the higher environments and this complete life cycle would take lot of time.
  • But the business users demand these kinds of changes to be made in no time so that is the place where DVM comes handy. So with DVM what can we do means we can do these kind of conversion from one format to another.

Advantages of DVM in Oracle SOA Training:                                                             

  • The biggest advantage with the DVM is its value can be changed at the runtime using SOA composer. So basically SOA composer is an enterprise application which allows to add, update, and delete the DV at runtime.
  • So with this kind of transformation I do using the DVM, I can change the value which was Calcutta earlier to kolkatta at runtime. That would not require any code change, any re deployment and within some seconds only this change will come into effect.
  • So having this DVM will basically help you to do some conversions which are more likely to changes and you will achieve the desire conversion in no time. You can update these kinds of conversions using SOA composer.
What is MDS in Oracle SOA Training?
  • MDS stands for Metadata store or Metadata services. What exactly is this? It is the central repository which is used to store share artifacts which can be shared among multiple services.
  • When you work with Oracle SOA suite development you end up getting lot of web services because Oracle SOA suite development is about getting different web services like Rest based web services or SOAP based web services.
  • When we do that to create these web services we need some artifacts like xsd ,wsdl files are required. Let us assume a scenario working in a project where I need to get more than 100 web services. Each web service will have its corresponding wsdl file as well. In many scenarios we might need to use same wsdl file in multiple services.
  • So if we don’t use the concept of MDS what do we do is we refer the same dial again and again. Let’s say I am working on 100 services, I would need 100 wsdl files to basically develop those web services. Now there might be scenarios where out of those 100 wsdl files 30 to 40 wsdl files may be repeated files. If you want to learn more about MDS, We provide Oracle SOA training with real time use cases.
  • Let’s say I am developing service A , B, C. It might be the case that same WSDL file is been referred in the service B and C but since I am not using the concept of MDS I am ending up doing the redundancy. The same file is been repeated which is not recommended. IT industry never recommends the duplicity of the code, redundancy of the code.
  • So that’s why Oracle SOA suite architecture has a solution called as MDS. So what do we do in this MDS is here we can dump all those shared artifacts, data required to share among multiple services.
  • What’s the bottom line? So let’s say I find a situation where same wsdl file will be used in a service A and B, what I would do is, I will dump the WSDL file in to MDS and whenever I need that WSDL file instead of maintaining the local copy I would prefer that file from the MDS.

Conclusion of Oracle SOA Training:

Oracle SOA makes it easy to quickly bring together services in to modular and supple business applications. It aspires to arrange procedures or software mechanism as services. These services are planned to be loosely joined to applications so they are only used when required. It is used to manage the use of these services to stay away from security and governance problems. There is a huge demand for Oracle SOA training in the market with sky-scraping packages. So choose this as a wonderful opportunity and start your career with Oracle SOA. Join today in Global online trainings for best Oracle SOA Training. For more information please do contact our help desk.

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