Oracle TM Training

Oracle TM Training

Introduction of Oracle TM Training:

Oracle TM Training from Global online Trainings to plan, process and execute organizations business logistics. Oracle TM online Training will helpful to your organizations to overcome their challenges such as a lack of visibility, securing capacity on your vessels, experiencing the inevitability of rising transportation costs and increasing congestion in transit times. With our OTM Training, you can control huge invested transportation system with the help of difficult implementation strategies. Oracle Transportation Management is a leading Transportation Management system in the cloud. For OTM there is no requiring of upfront investment and no need of buying hardware and no software to install. Oracle allows you to overcome traditional challenges to transportation by providing global visibility and expanding the network.

Course Name: Oracle TM Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

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Oracle TM Content


Importance of Oracle TM Training:

The Oracle TM Training will explain about Oracle Transportation Management as well as Oracle Trade Management.

  • The Oracle Transportation Management is best suited tool and that will helps companies for their better manage and being more effective in moving their supply chain anywhere in the world whether those are local deliveries or international.
  • The main benefit is, it can help the organization to reduce their transportation cost and makes the personal more productive thus you can make more effective supply chain.
  • With the help of middle ware Oracle Tuxedo you can handle distribution management.
  • So that you can improve your customer service by getting products to their customers on time and reduce supply chain lead times, reduce inventory.     
  • The new release of OTM I very broad made investments across the entire foot print, with the help of latest version user can make investment enhancements around fleet management.
  • With the help of fleet management companies can operate and dedicate fleets to optimize those assets more effectively for companies to produce their services.
  • In Oracle TM Training you will know a lot of enhancements such as three dimensional load configuration aspects as well as dock appointments scheduling. You will also know about productive integration between Global Trade Management Product and the Oracle E – Business Suite (EBS).
  • The differentiation is about the capabilities of companies to manage all their transportation aspects for local transportation and global transportation with their own fleet helps to manage trade compliance on global basis.
  • So many organizations which are dealing with a lot of money in their business, those companies are uses this OTM global tool which would help their company at a global level.      

In Global Online Trainings our SME will clearly teach about the importance of Oracle TM.


Business Functions in Oracle TM Training:Oracle TM Steps

Oracle Transportation Management consists the following business functions, those are

Order Management

OTM can unify with Order Management to handle transportation demand, this Order Management enlarged up to supply chain to provide information regarding their purchase orders.  

Rate Management

Rate Management is a global computing for business administrator. With the help of transportation management you can handle organizations rates in parcels and loads. For full sell side service providers OTM is perfectly suitable.

Operational Planning

With the help of operational planning in Oracle TM Training you can provide specific business guidelines along with powerful algorithms on the basis of cost and service. The activities planning in OTM has a three dimensional configurations and these are helpful to manage storage efficiency along with advanced capabilities.             


Booking in Oracle TM online Training will be provided through different communication systems such as email, mobile etc. for the planning of service. In transportation management booking is a computerized process and this will support tendering arrangement.

Event Management

The event management will deals about the life cycle of orders and its execution. If an order is confirmed, then the OTM will receive updates from OTM service providers with the help of information system like mail and mobiles etc.

Billing and Payment

In the process of billing and payment in Oracle TM Training you will learn about eliminating unwanted expanses. With the help of actual shipment organizations will track the data and claims for billing and payments for the transportation.

Fleet Management

The fleet management is common for the inside of a network. With the help of fleet management in Oracle Tm Training you can improve the implementations to control the transportation cost. The fleet management will consist of equipment dispatching, tracking, billing and payments.   

Transportation Sourcing

The transportation sourcing in transportation management will use the innovations and intentions for distribute sourcing process. The transportation authority will use old logistics packing information seamlessly for the bidding of Oracle Transportation Management.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence will useful for real time and automatic transportation operations in Oracle TM online Training. By having business intelligence many organizations are avoiding unwanted operational expanse as well as reaching expected goals. 

After joining in Global online Trainings you will know about the key business functions in Oracle TM Training.


Logistics Management in Oracle TM Training:

The Logistics management in Oracle TM Training is a part of supply chain management. The plans, implements and controls the efficient effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods and services.

  • In Oracle Transportation Management online Training you will know about the difference between supply chain and logistics.
  • The Logistics Management related information between the point of origin and the points of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements. Transforming the raw material into products and getting it to customers is known as supply chain, whereas the movement of materials in the supply chain is logistics.
  • The seven R’s in logistics in Oracle TM Training is the most popular concepts of logistics management. It is concerned by getting the right product in the right quantity in the right condition at right place, right time to right customer and at right price.
  • In logistics management the logistics functions will follow the areas of logistics management, providing for a unified management manner inside of SCM (Supply Chain Management).
  • with the help of Oracle PL SQL Training you can write programming code for logistic transaction agreement and its data between two organizations.
  • In transportation there are many transportation modes playing a role in the movement of goods through supply chains via air, rail, road and water. By selecting the most effective combination will improves the value created for customers.
  • If the inventory is not on the move in between the locations the data warehouse is useful. Warehousing is the activities related to receiving, storing and shipping of materials to and from production or distribution locations.
  • In logistics management there are third and fourth party logistics providers available.
  • The third party logistics providers actually perform or manage one or more logistics services and the fourth party providers are logistics specialists and play the role of general contractor by taking entire logistics function for an organization.
  • Reverse logistics is a new way in Oracle TM Training with this you can handle the return, reuse, recycling or disposal of products that make the reverse journey from the customer to the supplier.
  • With the logistic value proposition, organization managers must be able to balance logistics costs against the appropriate level of customer service. In this value proposition, the logistics are usually managed as an integrated effort to achieve customer satisfaction at the lowest total cost.
  • The service and cost minimization are two key elements in logistics value proposition.

Logistics Goals & Strategies in Oracle TM Training:

In OTM Logistics will share the goal of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to reach client requirements, there are number of logistics goals the most experts agree on.

  • In the logistics goals Raid response capability is the one of the important goal, based on this goal organizations will concentrate on the rapid change in the market or customer orders.
  • The second goal in logistics management is minimizing the variances.
  • In logistics service minimizing the inventory is another goal or strategy for organizations, the main purpose of minimum inventory expense is for cost reduction.
  • Another strategy is consolidated shipments of products movement by grouping shipments.
  • Maintaining the high quality and engage in continuous improvement of transportation services.
  • The support product life cycle and the reverse logistics supply chain are also main goals and strategies in OTM.

The effective logistics strategy depends on coordinating functions this is related to transportation management. The integrating supply chain, substituting inventory information, reducing number of partners for an effective minimum number and pooling risks, these are the strategies for logistics.    

Our online trainers will explain in detail about the management, goals and strategies of Transportation Management Logistics.


Information substituting in Oracle TM Training:

In Oracle TM online Training information substituting for inventory is one of the tactics and it is used to design effective logistics strategy. The information substitution requires a series of steps to construct the logistics network.   

  • The first step in information substitution is locating the right countries and identifying all geographical locations and analyzing forward and reverse chains. By checking the different locations the logistics functions could efficient and effective.
  • Another step in information substituting is developing an effective export and import strategy. Determining the volume of freight and units that are imports and exports, deciding the lace of inventory for strategic advantage.
  • Determining the number of warehouses and calculating optimal distance from markets and establishing the most effective placements of warehouses around the world.
  • The Oracle Data Integration is useful for handling the data which contains logistics reports.
  • The mode of transportation will determine the mix of transportation modes and that can connects with suppliers, producers, warehouses, distributors and customers.    
  • Selecting the minimum number of partners, firms, freight forwarders, third and fourth party logistics are useful to handle forward and reverse logistics.
  • Developing the state of the art information system will control the inventory costs by accurately and rapidly tracking demand information and the location of goods.
Information for Inventory in Oracle TM Training:

Information for inventory in Oracle TM online Training is a tactic used to design effective logistic strategy. Here physical inventory can be replaced by better information in the following ways,

  • Improving communications by talking with suppliers regularly and discussing plans with them.
  • Collaborating with suppliers with the help of continuous improvement tools and sharing observations about trends.
  • Track inventory precisely and it could be done by using GPS and bar code systems. By keeping the inventory in transit will reduces the cost like cross docking etc.
  • Using the postponement centers to avoid filling warehouse with the wrong mix of goods setting postponement centers to delay product assembly until an actual order has been received.
  • The mix shipments to match customer needs and match delivers more preciously to customer needs by mixing different SKUs on the same pallet and by mixing pallets from different suppliers.
  • The don’t wait in line at customs will reduce the time spent in customs by clearing freight while still on the water or in the air.       
  • Reducing the supply chain partners to an effective number, the more partners in a chain is more difficult and the managing of chain is more expensive.

After joining in Oracle Transportation Management online training you will get clear idea about Inventory Information and Inventory submission for logistics supply chain management.


Overview of Oracle TM Training:

  • Oracle TM (Transportation Management) contains two big things for organizations supply chain management (SCM).
  • In that first one is expanding supply chain along with global transportation network for new markets.
  • Second one is concentrating on cost of transportation management as a result providing real time solutions and optimizes market trends.
  • Based on the above major things you can reach your organizations or management’s demands as well as performance, scalability.
  • On the basis database the transportation management OTM will deliver extreme transaction processing. This database or Exadata will useful in reducing time of transaction and cost.
  • With this training you can fulfill the functional requirements along with good standards of mission critical system.
  • The engineering system in OTM will contains best hardware and software systems, those are useful for more efficient transportation.

In Oracle TM Training our online exert trainers will clearly explain about transportation management with real time solutions.


Conclusion of Oracle TM Training:

Global online Trainings is a best leading online training platform and providing Oracle TM Training form India. Our exert trainers will explain all modules which are involved with payment management automation. Students who want to become OTM technical or functional consultant after their studies and freshers who are having less knowledge but got job and facing difficulties in their work are also can to take our Oracle Transportation Management online Training.

Register for the best Oracle TM Training from Global online Trainings. Our online trainers will explain about transportation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and MDM (Master Data Management) software. We also provide classroom as well as Corporate Training on client premise in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Noida etc. for best price. To know more information about OTM Training visit our official website, thank you.


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