Oracle Tuxedo Administration

Oracle Tuxedo Administration Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Tuxedo
  • What is Oracle Tuxedo?
  • The History of Oracle Tuxedo
Installation and Deployment
  • Tuxedo Product Installation
  • Deploying a Test Application
Architecture Overview
  • Application Server Architecture (n-Tier)
  • What is Oracle Tuxedo?
  • Components of a Tuxedo Application
  • Message Paradigms
Tuxedo Application Configuration
  • Tuxedo Configuration File Basics
  • Tuxedo Application Deployment Basics
  • Additional *MACHINES Section Parameters
  • Additional *SERVERS Section Parameters
  • Using *SERVICES Section Parameters
Monitor and Maintain Tuxedo Applications
  • Application Monitoring Tools
  • The tmadmin Command Line Utility
  • Starting and Stopping Tuxedo Servers
  • The Tuxedo System Event Broker
  • Tuxedo Java Servers
Tuxedo Remote Clients: Configuration and Administration
  • The /WS Subsystem
  • o Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT)
  • o Jolt
Tuxedo Security Configuration and Administration
  • Tuxedo Security Configurations
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Link-Level Encryption (LLE)
  • Additional Security Features
  • Extended Authentication and Authorizationa
Distributed Application Configuration and Administration
  • Basic MP Model Configuration
  • Additional Configuration and Administration
Advanced Server Group Configuration
  • Data-Dependent Routing (DDR)
  • Server Group Migration
Distributed Transaction Configuration and Administration
  • Transactions Overview
  • Configuring Tuxedo for Transaction Support
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Use Case
Tuxedo Queuing Configuration and Administration
  • /Q Subsystem Overview
  • Configuring Tuxedo for /Q Support
  • Configuring Tuxedo Message Queue
  • MQ Adapter
Domain Gateway Configuration and Administration
  • Basic Domain Gateway Configuration
  • Advanced Domain Gateway Enhancements
  • The WebLogic-Tuxedo Connector (WTC)
Accessing the Tuxedo Management Information Base (MIB)
  • SNMP and MIBs
  • Using the Tuxedo Admin API
Monitor, Tune, and Troubleshoot Performance
  • IPC Resource Requirements
  • Runtime and Configuration Performance Options
Using Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor (TSAM)
  • Installing TSAM
  • TSAM Architecture
  • Configuring and Using TSAM
  • TSAM Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager
Exalogic Optimizations for Tuxedo
  • Exalogic Overview
  • Tuxedo on Exalogic
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Self-Tuning SPINCOUNT
  • Shared Memory Queues
  • Configuring Tuxedo to use InfiniBand
  • BRIDGE Bypass Using RDMA
  • Shared APPDIR