Oracle WebCenter Sites Admin

Oracle WebCenter Sites Admin Course Content

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: The Basics
  • About Systems Architecture
  • Overview of WEM Framework
  • Discussing WebCenter Sites Terminology
  • Explaining Content Acquisition Process
Installing Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Installing and Configuring the Database
  • Installing and Configuring the Application Server
  • Installing WebCenter Sites
  • Post-Installation Checks
Understanding the Directory Structure and Database Schema
  • Important Sites Directories
  • System Configuration Files
  • Types of Database Tables
  • Indirect Data Storage
  • Configuring WebCenter Sites Tools and Properties
Using WebCenter Sites Tools
  • Tools that Import and Export: SitesExplorer, CatalogMover
  • Property Editor
  • WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • System Tools
  • Support Tools
  • Discussing Single Sign-on and Identity Management
Post-Install Maintenance
  • About Content Integration and Migration Tools
  • BulkLoader Utility
  • XMLPost Utility
  • Content Integration Platform (CIP)
  • WebCenter Content Connector
  • Backup/Restore Procedure
  • Upgrade Procedure
Managing Users and Security
  • Discussing Native Authentication and Authorization
  • Other Authentication Methods
  • Publishing Delivery Types
  • RealTime Publishing: How it works
  • Troubleshooting Common Publishing Issues
  • Site Capture
Configuring and Tuning Cache
  • Discussing Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Asset Caching
  • Rendering Engine Cache
  • About inCache
  • Describing Cache Management System Tools
Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Functionality
  • About Search Engines
  • Discussing Site Replication
  • About Workflow
  • Discussing Revision Tracking
WebCenter Sites Community-Gadgets
  • Product Architecture
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Administrating Community-Gadgets
Administrating the WebCenter Sites Mobile Delivery Feature
  • How Device Detection Works
  • Managing Devices Using the Device Repository
  • How Device Groups and Suffixes are Used
  • How Site Plans are Used
  • Previewing Pages with Device Assets
  • Configuring Mobility Features