Oracle Weblogic Server Training

Oracle Weblogic Server Training

Introduction to Oracle Weblogic Server Training:

Oracle Weblogic Server Training at Global Online trainings -The first thing  you are going to start with obviously is this weblogic server so what happens when you download and install the weblogic server? You are going to  create a domain. What is a Domain? Well, a Domain is just a cluster of  weblogic software pieces that are grouped together to make logically easy for you to administer. Global Online trainings is rich in providing Oracle Weblogic Server 11g Training, corporate training by the industry experts.

Mode of Training: Oracle Weblogic Server Online Training/Oracle Weblogic Server Corporate Training/Oracle Weblogic Server Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement)..

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Oracle Weblogic Server training. 

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.

Who should take this Oracle Weblogic Server 11g Training?

  • Developers, Administrators and even architects who really want to gain a better understanding of what weblogic is and how to get a web logic environment up and running can go for Oracle Weblogic Server Training.
  • From the developer perspective you may want to establish a web logic server to deploy your code against. If you are a system administrator you need to understand how to install,maintain and administer a web logic environment and if you are an architect maybe you need to understand what the product can do and how its deployed so you can design and it’s an architect solutions around the product. We also provide indepth knowledge about Oracle Weblogic Server 11g Training by real time experts.
  • Oracle Weblogic Server Training at GOT-With that said you don’t need to be a seasoned developer or a system administrator but some basic understanding of technologies and application servers or systems administration will certainly go a long way in understanding some of the fundamentals through out this Oracle Weblogic Server Training.

Overview of Oracle Weblogic Server Training:

  • When you install weblogic server one of the first things that will ask you to do is Do you want to create a base domain? Every domain has to have something called an administration server. So OS always have the admin server that’s part of your domain. You could have a simple domain that just as an admin server and nothing else. Global Online Trainings provide online and corporate training for Oracle Weblogic Server Training.
  • Oracle Weblogic Server Training at GOT-The whole point of having a weblogic server is that you want to serve up some kind of application whether they are web based applications or server applications or things that use the service bus or stuff that uses you know some of the legacy tools from Oracle lie portal or forms or reports something like that so you could have a domain that just has nothing more than an admin server .
  • In Oracle Weblogic Server Training, a managed server is something that lives inside a domain that has like we said every domain has to have an admin server in there and then you will have some other server that makes up part of this domain that could be let’s say  the SOA server or it could be Oracle service bus or it could be a domain that has multiple manage servers put together .
  • You can think of a domain like I said it’s just kind of a  way of grouping together a whole bunch of a different software in Oracle Weblogic Server Training. So when you first install the weblogic server and if you create the space domain or all you are really creating is a simple domain that has an admin server and it doesn’t really do  anything else.
  • Lets take  the SOA suite as an example so you download the SOA suite and as part of the installation of SOA suite it will say ok do you want to create a new domain so at this point if you have installed weblogic server. Let’s say you have done this first and you have created some base domain that like I said OS has an administrative part and that’s really what you are getting from the weblogic server PCO, the administration part that goes along with this domain.
Oracle Weblogic Server Training Architecture :

When we talk about architecture of Oracle Weblogic Server Training, we are just basically talking about how the  web logic software is organised on your system. The first thing we are going to do if you are installing weblogic because you probably go to the Oracle download page and under downloads you will see they have this link here for Fusion middleware 11g release1 and if you click on that you have the ability to download the Oracle web logic server 11g release 1 which of course still has the internal versioning of 10.3.5 and then you have all these other things that you can download like SOA suite is available here, the service bus portal a bunch of other things that you can download. Global online trainings is good in providing Oracle WebLogic 12c Administration training as well by senior consultants at an affordable price.

  • Download the managed server and go through the installation of that. Now I have 2 options I can either create a new domain that as my SOA pieces in it Or I can go to an existing domain and say I want to install that managed server in the existing domain. So I can do it either way right? So  I can either extend this base domain and you don’t have to call it base domain you can call it has some XYZ or You can call anything you want but just as an example I can extend this base domain and say okay.
  • Now I have installed my managed server pieces that I want to install so into this guy that’s one option and the other option is to say I want to create a whole new domain. What happens when I create a new domain? Well, maybe I create this domain called SOA domain and again you  call anything you want. Our consultants are highly skilled at Oracle Weblogic Server Training.
  • Two things happen right? As soon as I create the domain Oracle takes the weblogic server training software and it takes the admin piece out of here and it clones it right? So it’s going to clone the admin pieces out of my weblogic server software and it’s going to create new SOA domain and it’s going to put the admin piece in here for me so that’s step one  and then step two is that it’s going to create all SOA server pieces as part of this domain and I have brand new domain so now I download some other managed server.
  • Oracle Weblogic Server Training at Global Online Trainings-In a domain with only a single WebLogic Server instance,it functions both as administration and Managed Server, In Weblogic Administration Training we are going to see how to deploy EAR that is enterprise archive files as well as how to deploy WAR that is web archive files.
  • So in order to demonstrate we have to create few of the projects. So using Eclipse tool developers develop the application. So there are two types of application we can deploy on the web logic first is called as the web application and the other is called as the Enterprise application or we can have the web services as well. We provide best Oracle Weblogic Server Training by industry experts at flexible timings.
  • In order to create web application the developers will go to File, new and  inside new they have the dynamic web project, click on next and click finish so this will create a web project. And in that web project the developers will do some custom development. We also give a brief idea on Weblogic admin Training in Oracle Weblogic Server Training.
  • Now how to create WAR file? In order to create a WAR file You have to go to the dynamic web project right click and there is export button and click on the WAR so it will create WAR project. If you want to create EAR file  just do right click on the EAR file or enterprise application file and finish. This will create files for us.GOT provides classroom training at client premises noida Bangalore Gurgaon hyderabad Mumbai Delhi Pune for Oracle Weblogic Server Training.
Conclusion of Oracle Weblogic Server Training:

Global online trainings provide Oracle Weblogic Server Training by senior consultants at an affordable cost.Oracle Weblogic Server Training achieves system-level details so that we can focus on business logic and presentation.There is a huge demand for the Oracle Weblogic Server and expert professionals.There are plenty of oppurtunities for Oracle Weblogic Server certifications.In order to create an enterprise project go to file, new and then go to the enterprise application project and just click finish. So it will create an enterprise project. By looking at the logo of the application you can see what are the dynamic projects and Ear projects. So it is very easy to understand the projects in the Eclipse tool.


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