Oracle Workflow Training

Oracle workflow training

Introduction of Oracle Workflow Training:

Oracle Workflow Training passes all workflow of the executive’s structure that supports business process based joining. Its advancement empowers illustrating, robotization, and consistent improvement of business shapes, controlling data of any sort as exhibited by client depicted business rules. oracle workflow R12.2 online course exhibits to you the implementations and highlights of Oracle workflow process. In addition, covers the upsides of utilizing Oracle work process in an e-business condition. Global online training furnishes these Oracle workflow with real-time examples of great productivity by industry experts.

What are the prerequisites to take this Course?

  • Brief knowledge of Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server innovation.
  • Brief knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle Workflow Online Training outline:

Program Name: Oracle workflow Training course.

Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).

Mode of training: Online, Classroom, and corporate training.

Timings: According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Oracle Workflow Training. (We will get the soft copy material).

Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Orcale workflow Training Course Content

Oracle workflow training course content

Overview of Oracle workflow Training:

Oracle Workflow Training is an important tool to figure out how to make all the more likely comprehend the Oracle Apps business streams. This tool will give you an advantage over the others in any prospective employee meet-up. In Oracle Fusion, the work processes have changed to BPM undertakings, however in the event that you know the idea of work processes and have taken a shot at it, it is actually simple to get to the Oracle Fusion work process guidelines and setups.

Oracle workflow access level improves the relationship to control data, unequivocal to the portrayed rules by a relationship to complete the task. With the headway of this development, urges a relationship to progress in business frames, information controlling expressly to the business standards and motorization, it satisfies the need of the relationship to join inside and outside the endeavor and coordination between applications. It supports the compromise work process for both ordinary and e-business process. It is a graphical gadget for adjusting, seeing and making work process.

Learn Workflow APIs, R12.2 Implement Oracle Workflow, Workflow Administration, Wizard Overview, Deploying Workflow, Oracle Workflow Components, how to structure the work process forms so as to robotize and streamline business forms, Sending FYI and FYA Notifications, demonstrating, and Workflow Engine., and so forth. You will likewise get an introduction to industry based Real-time extends in different verticals.


Oracle Workflow is the Backbone of Oracle Applications ERP. As of late, Oracle declared that the help for Oracle EBS online training is stretched out till 2030. Additionally, Oracle is intending to discharge new forms of Release 12. That implies the learning we get now on EBS won’t get out of date at any point in the near future.


What is Oracle workflow?

Oracle Workflow is incorporated with Oracle reconciliation interconnect. In this, Oracle workflow is utilized for business process joint efforts crosswise over at least two applications. Business process cooperation is a discussion between at least two applications with regards to a business procedure.


Who should take this Oracle Workflow Training Course?

  • Software Engineers
  • Database heads 
  • SQL and investigation experts 
  • who are trying for a vocation in Oracle PL/SQL

What you will learn in this course?

  • How to Design an Oracle workflow utilizing Oracle Workflow Builder.
  • Define membership based preparing for business occasions.
  • Set up and regulate Oracle Workflow for a site.
  • Must be Able to Develop New Custom Workflows.
  • Must be Able to Customize seeded Workflows. Part of models, Explained in Detail
  • Calling PL-SQL and doing Transition in Workflows.
  • Understanding the Oracle Workflow Tables and looking at beginning there as well.
  • Various Workflow official activities from the Front end and through the substance.
  • Will take a gander at the Seeded work frames in Very detail from Purchasing module and LOT of customization perspectives.
  • Learn to arrange notices in a delightful manner through HTML, seeded PO work process genuine precedent.
  • Will find out about Adhoc jobs and genuine precedents.
  • Will talk about Mailer setups, audience members and so on
  • BONUS Topics in Consideration: Business Events, Admin Scripts, Workflow Translations

Oracle workflow Objectives:

Business Process Definition in Oracle Workflow with Business Event System, Promotes Robotization and Coordination, Creating a Work Process by Using the Oracle Workflow developer, Respond to Notices, Monitoring the Status of a Runtime Work Process, Preparing for Business Situations. Procedure Configuration Highlights, utilizing a particular worklist date-book utilizing flexfields, will hope to set up and control the Oracle Workflow for a site.

  • Explain how Business Process Definition, Mechanization, and Coordination in the Oracle Workflow with Business Event System
  • React to alerts.
  • Monitor the status of the runtime work process.
  • Define enrollment based administration in business circumstances.
  • Program Work Program Configuration Highlights actualized.
  • Make utilization of a particular worklist.
  • Set up and direct the Oracle workflow process for a site.

Oracle workflow R12:

Oracle workflow R12 training gives a review of an e-business condition with the engineering and highlights of Oracle Workflow and the advantages it Aides in structuring the work process procedures to robotize and streamlining business procedures, and how to characterize occasion memberships to achieve handling activated by business occasions. This course will show understudies in reacting to work process notices, direct and observing procedures, also helps in finding the means. Showings and entire practice fortify the central ideas.


Oracle workflow R12.X:

This Oracle workflow R12.X course is perfect for clients running the Oracle E-Business Suite 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. It provides the benefits of using Oracle Workflow’s engineering and highlights and utilizing the Oracle Work in an e-business position. By this course, you will learn how to react to workflow notifications, how to conduct workflow processes and how to monitor the setup steps required in the Oracle Work. Presenting presentations and participating in experimental learning will strengthen new basics to strengthen your learning.


Oracle workflow R12.2:

In this Oracle workflow R12.2 course, you will knowledge on the features of Oracle Workflow and  Oracle Workflow benefits used in the Oracle Work in e-Business State and its architecture. How to process and control business processes and How to recognize how can get membership process work processes, and activate business situations. By this refreshed course we can show signs of improvement see how to successfully react to work process warnings, direct and screen work process forms, and comprehend the setup steps required for Oracle Workflow, with the goal that your association can all the more quickly understand the full estimation of Oracle E-Business Suite.


Oracle Apps Technical Training:

 Oracle Apps Technical is the Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) bundle. It has planned on the base of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP). This Oracle Application has the business programming or else application programming of the Oracle Corporation. It has principle ideas of the subject, for example, AIM archive norms and application engineering, OA database structure and furthermore the best possible utilization of TOAD. There are amazing openings for work for the ideal competitors with the most generously compensated pay run.


Roles in Oracle Apps Technical Training:

There are four essential significant types in which you will probably go over in the Oracle Apps Technical. The four essential significant types are


  • Oracle applications and DBA administrations with extra jobs
  • A technical advisor with stunning jobs
  • A functional advisor with capable jobs
  • Technical and practical expertise with related jobs

 Objectives of Oracle Apps Technical Training:

 With the assistance of information in this Oracle Apps Technical Training, you will probably make an alternate solicitation set, Default types, Value sets, Concurrent Program contradictions.

  • Introduction to ERP and Application Object Library (AOL)
  • Enhances abilities in Application Development and Overview of tables and their relations
  • Acquires information in Interfaces and changes with Flex fields
  • Enhances aptitudes in Module Overview and XML/BI Publishers
  • Leverages learning in work processes and pioneer
  • Development of Objects with constant prerequisites

Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Workflow Training:

Oracle workflow E-Business Suite of an accumulation of big business asset arranging (ERP) PC applications either created by or obtained by Oracle. It is utilized by Oracle from an advertising point of view, Oracle does it makes items and it makes Oracle Cloud ERP Training programming and they offer it inside clients. So when they dispatch it to the client they offer it as a bundle. So this bundle is alluded to as matching suit, so this E-Business suit contains diverse items families.


Oracle Workflow Training Builder:

  • Utilizing the work process Builder one can make and alter all work process objects, including exercises, things types, and messages
  • Whenever can include, expel, or change work process exercises, or up new pre-imperative connections among exercises
  • A route tree structure permits synopsis to see as likewise permits outline as additionally permits growing exercises inside the work process as expected to more noteworthy dimensions subtleties
  • Prophet Workflow Builder can be utilized from a work area from a detached PC.

Conclusion of Oracle Workflow Training:

The Oracle Workflow training the Oracle Workflow’s model and highlights and the benefits used in the Oracle Work on an e-business basis. You can find out how to subscribe to get memberships and prepare how to design and process work process policies to make and process business processes. Oracle Workflow R12.2 online Training makes you a specialist in ideas as api’s ,Workflow Administration, Deploying Workflow, Oracle Workflow Components, Sending FYI&FYA Notifications, and Workflow Engine and so on.

 Our Oracle Workflow training center at Global Online Trainings is all around equipped with the stunning establishment for giving you steady planning information. We moreover give affirmation planning programs in Oracle Workflow. We have viably arranged and offered circumstance to countless understudies in major MNC Companies, after productive fulfillment of the course. We give job support to our understudies. Our Oracle Workflow training is conducted on both weekday and weekends depending on the participant’s requirement. We do offer Fast-Track Oracle Workflow Training. Every topic will be covered in a practical way with real-time examples.


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